Kevin Barrett

Several recent prophecies from Kevin Barrett

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Aug 14th, 2017

My chosen ones, I come to you this day with exciting news.  A mighty move of My Spirit is coming.  Therefore, you’re all on the verge of the greatest breakthroughs you have ever encountered.  Doors of all sorts will now begin to open.  Doors to ministries, doors to finances, doors to long-awaited fulfilled promises, doors to renewed health, doors to restored relationships, and most importantly, doors to a greater and most intense fellowship with Me.

Does this not excite you, My beloved ones? For this truly excites Me.  I am working within and among a people whom I have chosen to carry My glory to a lost and dying world.  Think not of your past failures or frailty of the flesh.  For this work of My glory in you will not be done by any working of your own power or might, but by My Spirit alone as you walk in agreement with Me and spend time with Me in your prayer closets.

I love each and every one of you so deeply.  More than you can possibly imagine.  And so, even though darkness and chaos may ensue upon the land, you shall not be overcome by it, yet you shall be overcome by My Spirit instead.  And the joy of gladness shall be mightily upon each of you.  Therefore, I encourage you to seek Me in this season and drink of Me.  Drink in all of My Spirit, light, and revelation, which I will give you.  Receive all of Me as I pour out My Spirit upon each of you.

Now listen intently to what I would say to you about this great move of My Spirit.  Many will not fully understand and think they have “arrived” so-to-speak.  Yet, I give you this warning.  This outpouring of My Spirit is for you to seek Me with even greater intensity and to be purged and purified by the baptism of My fire.  All of this is for the purification of My people and to prepare you for greater days of darkness that shall soon cover the earth.  For MANY, I tell you, shall fall away in these last days.  Yes, there is a revival coming like never before.  Yet, even so, afterward there shall also be a great falling away.

My people, study the scriptures that speak of the days in which I walked the earth.  Many sought to follow Me.  However, I made it too difficult for the vast majority of believers in those days.  And what started out as huge crowds, in the end, was but a few.  Take this to heart.  For I tell you, up until this time, the truth of the narrow path has not been taught in the fullness of its reality.  And many wrongfully think that following Me is an easy thing to grasp.  But I tell you now that it is not.  If you do not lay everything down, even your own lives, you will not endure to the end.  For the enemy is coming with great deception to deceive even the elect.  And many, I say MANY will fall to his schemes.

Therefore, take this warning of Mine this day and prepare your hearts to receive of Me and allow Me to purge, purify and strengthen your inner man as I hide you in My Spirit.  For it will only be as you are hidden in Me shall you be protected from all that is coming upon the world.  And only those looking through the eyes of My Spirit will not be deceived by the great deceptions that are coming.  For those who think they have the wisdom to know the difference between light and darkness, or truth and error, yet still discern through their natural understanding, shall be deceived.

I do not desire this for you, My chosen ones.  Therefore, I give you this warning this day.  Redeem the time that you now have and seek Me in your prayer closets often and receive of My Spirit daily.  Learn to walk by My Spirit and not by your own natural understanding.  And as you do this, I shall teach you to be guided by My Spirit in ALL things, even down to the smallest of details.  And as you continuously walk in this, never again shall you be deceived by the enemy of your soul.  And your light shall shine brightly to a lost and dying world.  And as they marvel at the fact that you are not shaken by the things coming upon the world, you shall be a living witness and testimony of Me and My kingdom reigning in the earth realm.

Oh, how this excites Me.  Does this not excite each of you?  I tell you now, you do not yet fully comprehend the magnitude of My glory that shall be revealed in each of you if you so choose to take this path with Me.  So then, prepare your hearts to receive of My Spirit this day.  Surely, you shall not be disappointed…

July 15th 2017

My people, listen to your heavenly Father this day.  I love you all with an everlasting love.  However, I must address this issue with many of you.  Do you not understand that you are in the last of the last days of this dispensation?  Are you not aware of all the destructions, chaos, disease, famine and war that is coming?

My people, please understand, you are on the verge of one of the greatest revivals of all time.  Howbeit, many of My people are lax and not prepared for this revival.  For many still follow the false doctrines of man with teachings of self-centeredness, ease and prosperity.  Oh, it’s true that I’m bringing prosperity to many of My people in this season.  However, this shall only be for those who are obedient and will follow My will and be a good steward of My kingdom finances.  I AM NOT going to financially bless those who will just consume it upon their fleshly lusts.

Therefore, I exhort you, My children, to earnestly seek Me in what My will is for you during this coming harvest.  For some, I will ask you to open your homes and places of business.  For others, I will prepare you to go out into the highways and byways to bid the lost to come into My house.  And yet for others, I have called you as end-time Jospehs to earn, store, and distribute.

Howbeit, know that even though this will be a time of great harvest, it will also be a time of great conflict and unrest.  For I am still shaking all that can be shaken, and it will only intensify as time grows closer to the end.  And know this also, that calamities will only become greater in intensity and frequency.  Thus, there will be many who are baffled and lost seeking understanding to what is going on.  These, My children, will be the ones ripe for picking.  As they realize just how fragile this world is becoming, they will be seeking a firm foundation to put their hope in.  And that foundation is My Son, Jesus.

Therefore, I cry out to you, My beloved.  Prepare your hearts before Me and seek Me in what My will is for you in this last days harvest.  I will need many hands and feet in this matter.  Are you willing to lay everything down to be used by Me, or will you refuse My call?

Time is short and I have much to be done in the earth realm.  There’s no longer any time to live selfish lives unto yourselves.  Either you are for Me or against Me.  There is no in-between.

Oh, My dearest ones, how I love you all so intently.  And it is My desire to bless you all beyond what you can imagine.  And for some of you, your rewards shall be great.  But I give this warning; many of My people are still holding on to dead religion and doctrines of demons.  You MUST let go of these things, My people.  For this new wine that I have in these last days will not be held by old wineskins. You must let go of all that you think you know and receive of My Spirit.

Does My word not say that My Spirit will teach you all things? Then why do many of you still sit in the churches of man listening to man’s interpretation of My word and My will?  Oh, I am not telling you ALL to come out of the churches of man yet.  For I am going to use many of your churches in this great revival.  But be warned; if you turn My new converts into twice a child of hell, which many are with their false doctrines, I shall deal harshly with you.

I do not say this to be cruel; yet it is because of My intense love for this generation in the end-times.  For I have great plans to establish My living temple in these days.  And My Spirit will not strive with man forever, but I shall build My house out of lively stones without the working of man’s hands, and no one shall hinder this work of Mine in these last days.

Oh, My children, what glorious days you live in.  For I am setting the stage for My church to shine the brightest in these dark times.  And the world will marvel at the work of My hands.  And I will NOT have a church made after the doctrines and commandments of man or man’s agenda.

Many of My people are still holding onto the false hope that they will be raptured out of the earth and not partake in the greatest testing to come upon this world. Oh, what foolishness.  For those still holding onto this nonsense, I counsel you to buy from Me gold tried in the fire that you may cover your nakedness and shame with garments of My TRUE salvation.  Not the whimsy salvation taught by man, but My true salvation of righteousness and holiness in Me.  In this, My people, you shall be kept from the hour of testing to come upon the world.  For do you not understand that I must shake everything that can be shaken so that what cannot be shaken shall remain?  So then, those who will be kept (protected) from the great hour of testing will be those abiding in My unshaken kingdom that will be manifested in the earth in these last days.

Hear Me now.  Soon the shakings will intensify, and when you see disasters and chaos commence, be alert and prepared to be called by Me into the harvest fields.  This does not mean that I will send you all out of your cities.  No, for many, the harvest will be right in your own community.  However, you must prepare for this now.  Get alone with Me in your prayer closets and do this often.  My Son shall lead you by My Spirit in how you shall prepare yourselves for this great harvest; if you would be willing to listen to My still small voice and obey.

I love you, My people, and it thrills My heart for what is coming.  Many shall come into My kingdom in these last days.  But it is not the end yet.  For as I said, I SHALL have My house.  And for this to happen, I must tear down the churches of man that I may build up My house upon a firm foundation and by My Spirit alone. And NO MAN shall receive glory in this.  Every high thing shall be brought low and no longer shall there be great names of man exalted among My people.  But there shall only be one name exalted among My people in these last days and that is the name of My Son, Jesus.

So, take heed to this, My people, and cry out to Me in what My will is for you in this coming harvest.  Do not leave this for your pastors and leaders to do alone, for I shall use all who are willing to obey My Spirit.  And I shall move mightily through many who are willing to be used by Me.  Miracles shall be common place in this great harvest.   And many shall yield to My Son and come into My house in these last days.  Therefore, again I exhort you all to prepare to be used by Me in this, if you are willing.

I love you all with an everlasting love.  The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Are you willing to answer this call, My children?

January 24th 2017

Judgment In The House Of God Has Already Begun

My people, listen to what I would say to you this day.

Many of you have heard the prophetic words circulating regarding My reprieve on the United States and the new season you have entered with My favor and a great moving of My Spirit. And I tell you, this much is true. However, I will also tell you of those things which many prophetic voices will not speak forth.

Does My word not declare that judgment must begin at My house? So then, I tell you, judgment in My house has already begun. Yet, few can discern this.

Therefore, My little ones, I wish to both warn and exhort you regarding My judgment. For just as I shall use your new president of the United States to cleanse your nation of its corruption, so likewise, shall I cleanse My house.

Yet, know that my mercy triumphs over judgment. Therefore, if you each would repent and judge yourselves, then I shall not need to bring judgment upon you.

However, I already know that many of you will not. Therefore, you will soon witness My judgment within my house beginning with those in authority and leadership. You shall witness some put to shame as they are exposed and you will even witness others lose their lives.

But even so, it does not have to be this way. For I shall give each person a chance to repent before My judgment must come. Likewise, I shall give each one in My house, from the greatest to the least, a chance to repent. It will only be when one refuses to repent when My judgment must come. For My house WILL be cleansed…..

So then, My dearest little ones; seek Me now in this and allow Me to search your hearts and shine My light in the areas in which you need to repent. You cannot do this on your own, for the heart of man is desperately wicked and deceives even its own self. Therefore, you each need Me to search your heart and reveal to you the areas in which you need to repent. And if you would do this, then I shall not judge you openly for all to see.

I love you all with an everlasting love and do not desire to bring judgment upon any of you. Yet, the day is at hand in which My church must walk in My Spirit and truth, even from the most inward parts. And in this, My kingdom shall be established in the earth realm.

Oh, little ones, does this not excite you? For I tell you the truth; spending just one day arrayed in true holiness and my My presence is far greater than a thousand days elsewhere.

So then, I exhort you all to seek Me in this and allow Me to reveal to you your hidden sins. Yet, if you do not, and you refuse to heed My warnings to repent, then you can be sure that My judgment shall come upon you, and it will not be pleasant.

On the other hand, if you would judge yourself, then my healing and grace shall rest upon you and as far as you will allow, and continue in this cleansing with Me, you shall be conformed into the image of My Son.

Take advantage of this opportunity to judge yourself now so that you will not be judged. I love you all, therefore I plead with you to heed this warning before it is too late and I must then judge you due to your own failure to judge yourself.

December 9th 2016

A Wave Of God’s Spirit Is Coming

My people, you are on the threshold of a new era. So many things are about to suddenly change, in both your nation and your individual lives.

For I am preparing and setting the stage for My end-time events. Some of you will be greatly used in these events and My kingdom ministries, yet many others shall only be dismayed. Yet, I tell you now; it does not have to be this way.   For if you would render your hearts unto Me, and lay down your lives at My feet, then I shall do a quick work within you.

However, for those who refuse to lay everything down, I give you this warning; soon My Spirit will flood the earth like a huge ocean wave. And if you are not walking in My will, your life as you know it shall come crashing down.

Howbeit, for those walking in My will, this coming wave of My Spirit shall lift you up and carry you to the fullness of your destiny in Christ, so long as you continue walking with Me and endure to the end.

So then, listen well to Me this day when I say repent and repent quickly. For if you are walking in sin and rebellion when this wave comes, it may be your demise when it hits you. Oh, it is not I who shall do this to you, yet you will be snared by your own doings.

But for those walking in obedience when this wave comes; I say get ready to be swept off your feet and into My Spirit. For I shall carry you far above the woes of this world.

Now, this does not mean that you shall be without trials and testings. Yet, My peace which passes all understanding shall carry you. And I shall always make a way for you to fulfill My will and purposes in the earth realm.

Oh, My dearest little ones, My heart is thrilled regarding the days that are ahead. For even though there will be many calamities and woes, there shall also be the greatest move of My Spirit this world has ever experienced. And many souls shall enter into My kingdom in these last days.

So then, prepare your hearts before Me and allow My Spirit to make the right adjustments in your attitudes and thinking. And if you give all to Me and allow Me to do this work in you, you shall be thrilled beyond what you have ever imagined.

Oh, how I love you all with an everlasting love. And it thrills Me to thrill the hearts of My people.

So then, lay everything at My feet and seek Me in your prayer closets. Surely, I will answer you, for I am waiting……..

“And it shall come to pass in the last days, said God, I will pour out of my Spirit on all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: And I will show wonders in the heaven above, And signs on the earth beneath; Blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke: The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come: And it shall come to pass, that whoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”  Acts 2:17-21 AKJV

“And every one that hears these sayings of mine, and does them not, shall be likened to a foolish man, which built his house on the sand: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.”  Matthew 7:26-27 

Received by Kevin Barrett

A Counterfeit Revival Is Coming

In my prayer time with the Lord today, He said these words to me:  Son, tell my people that I hear their prayers.

Word of the Lord:

Oh My people, listen to Me this day.  Is there anything in the earth realm that I am not aware of?  My people, I hear your cries as they go up before Me.  I am not a God that is afar off, but I am near, even as the Word in your mouth and heart.

Do not fret at the circumstances you find yourself in.  Did I not say that judgment shall begin at My house?  Then why do many of you find yourself perplexed at the trials and testings that have come upon you?

Hear Me this day.  I am doing a new thing in the earth and the old wine skins cannot hold this new move of My Spirit.  I must do away with your old ways, My people.  You MUST get into My word and know My truth and My ways.  For not one jot or tittle of My word shall go unfulfilled in these last days.  The trial that you find yourself in is the testing of My word in you.  Yes, My children, I am testing each of you to see if you will stand in and on My word in ALL of your circumstances, even to the smallest of consequence.  For My people shall walk uprightly before me and worship Me in Spirit AND in truth.

Do not be surprised at this, My little ones.  For I tell you, the false shepherds and prophets have lied to you.  They have not prepared My people for My TRUE coming.  For I am not coming to take a lukewarm, backslidden church out of the earth in what many of you know as a rapture.  For My bride shall be adorned in My righteousness and shine forth with My glory.  And for this to happen, I must take My chosen ones through the fires of My choosing to burn off all that is not of Me.

So take heart, My little ones.  I have not left you to your own dire circumstances.  But instead I have ordained them to test your hearts and to purify you.  I love each of you, My little ones and do not desire that any of you shrink back.  For I take no pleasure in those who do.  But hear Me, and hear Me well when I tell you that the fires will only get hotter.  I do not say this to discourage you, My little ones.  But I say this to prepare you to go through My purifying fires.  And those who are not Mine, though they say they are, will not endure, but fall away instead.   Yes, My children, you are all about to witness the great falling away.  But not until first there shall come a revival.  A revival that will bring in the masses.  I tell you this now, My children so that you will not be deceived.  For when this revival comes, there shall also be many wolves in sheep’s clothing that will deceive and lead many astray.  Be not deceived My little ones, for not all of this revival shall be of Me.  For My revival begins in the heart of each believer.  But the enemy will counterfeit this revival with his own, and many shall flock to it.  Do not follow the counterfeit revival when you see it.  For it will come with great showing of signs and wonders, yet there will not be any conviction of My Spirit or taking up of one’s cross.

Hear Me well, My children.  You are entering, and have entered, into the days of great deception.  Not everyone who says ‘Lord, Lord’ is of Me.  Test the spirits, My children and look for the fruit.  For there shall be great signs and wonders in these last days and many shall be deceived.  But I do not desire for My own to be deceived.  Therefore, I say unto you, unless you ground yourself in the truth of My word and seek to know Me in a constant and daily personal relationship, then you too may fall into deception.

Do not be disheartened at these words of Mine this day, My children.  For I do not come to you to discourage you, but to forewarn and to prepare you so that you are not deceived in these last days.  I love you, My children, and do not desire for evil to befall any of you.  But if you do not heed My words this day and seek after Me and love Me with all your heart, soul and strength, then you shall be open prey to the enemy.

Seek Me, My children, not just head knowledge of My word.  For a head knowledge is not TRUE knowledge of Me. (2 Tim. 3:7) True knowledge of Me is a spirit to Spirit relationship with Me and My Word.

Oh, My dear little ones.  You do not know, nor could you know, the depths of the gross darkness soon to come.  You MUST be grounded in My living Word and close to Me at all times.  Your adversary knows that his time is short and is preparing a launch attack against all those who declare My name.  Many will fall to his schemes.  But it is My desire that I have a remnant who will not bow. So I say; seek Me, My children and pray to be found worthy to escape the things to come.

I am preparing My bride, My little ones.  Do not listen to the voices which tell you that I shall come at any moment to take My bride away.  Lies of the enemy, My little ones.  Lies to get you complacent and cause you to have a false hope in that you shall not have to endure and fight like a good soldier in this coming darkness.

I love each of you and have even the hairs on your head counted.  Do not think that I take it lightly when one of My children fall prey to the enemy.  But hear Me, My children.  I have given you each a will and I shall not override that will.  So be warned, you must be prepared for what is coming.  Do not rely on your pastors, but seek Me.  I AM the living truth and I must be abiding in you at all times.  Your pastor cannot save you.  And many pastors today are not preparing My children for what is coming.  And I tell you now that many pastors of My sheep are blind themselves.  So how do you think they can save you, My little ones?

Oh, I do not tell you each to turn from your pastor.  But I do tell you to test the spirits and seek for their fruit.  For if your pastor is not preparing you for what is coming and promising you an easy-out rapture instead, then flee.  Seek to save your soul as a bird out of the snare of the fowler.  You have been lulled to sleep by the enemy.  Wake up, My children.  The night is far spent and the Day is at hand.  Prepare yourselves, My little ones.  For great shall be this coming darkness.

I love you all, My dear ones and do not desire for any of you to perish.  But I tell you all now, seek Me above all things.  And seek for Me to purge and purify you with My cleansing fire.  And take heart, for soon, those of you who have been purified shall see Me.  And when you do, you shall be like Me in Spirit and in Truth.

A Flood Of Filth Is Coming

Today in my time with the Lord, He said these words to me:

Son, tell My people to pray hard.  Pray hard for the leaders and for your land called the United States of America.  For I declare unto you that a great flood is coming upon your land.  I do not speak of a flood of rain or waters, no; I speak of a flood of filth.

For your recent supreme court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage has prepared the way for the gates to be opened allowing a great flood of filth and perversion of every kind.  And I have allowed this because I am a God of justice and mercy and I will not stand by and allow men to continue in their sinful ways without reaping what they have sown.

This country which you call great is not great in My eyes.  No, this country is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  For in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah they were not as advanced and blessed as the United States of America has been.

So then, I shall allow this great deluge of evil and darkness to be poured out upon your land.  And just as it was with Lot, many who are called by My name shall be sorely vexed in their souls by this great evil.  And there shall be blood spilled in the streets all across the land when this flood comes.  For with this filth there shall be death and darkness of all kinds to come with it.

But know this; the day shall soon come afterwards where My people will say “No More”.   And they shall rise up by the power of My Spirit and drive the darkness out of their cities and regions.  And then, there shall be Goshens established in diverse places.  And in these cities and regions there shall be great light in which the darkness cannot overcome.  And My chosen ones shall live in peace and righteousness with My protection while outside these Goshens there shall be great darkness and weeping.

But I will not allow this to go on for too long.  For just as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, I shall send my messengers to survey the United States of America to determine if there is any righteousness in her, that is, in the outer dark regions outside of My Goshens.  And then, if there be none found righteous, I will then destroy this land you call great.  But it shall not be utterly destroyed.  For My Goshens shall be protected from this destruction.  And My chosen ones shall worship Me in Spirit and in truth.  And then, I will once again visit this land to bring healing and restoration.

But know this.  Even after I restore, this country shall never again be great as she once was.  And this shall be a sign to all who dwell upon the earth that I am a righteous God and I shall not be mocked.  For whatever man sows, he shall also reap.  For he that sows to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that sows to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

I Am Coming ‘IN’ My People

Dear Saints, in my time with the Lord today, He said these words to me: Tell My people that I am coming to My church.

Word from the Lord:

Oh, My people, listen to Me this day.  Am I not the head of My church?  Am I not the great I AM?  So then, I say to you this day to open your hearts and spirits to receive of Me.  For these are the days in which I am coming to My church and establishing Myself as the head.

Oh, but many of you say that I am already the head of My church. But I say to you that this is not so.  For if the church was truly My body in the earth, she would shine with holy array and walk in My authority.  But I tell you now that thieves have made themselves head of My church.  But no more…..

For I shall smite the false shepherds with a curse and the sheep shall be scattered.  Then, I shall gather those who are truly Mine and they shall be of one fold with Me as the one and only true shepherd of the flock.

Oh, My little ones, you live in extraordinary times.  Howbeit, it shall also be great troublesome times as never before.  For I have come to shake all that can be shaken so that what cannot be shaken shall remain.  And I tell you the truth, ONLY My kingdom and all who abide in it shall not be shaken in these last days.  But for those who have built their house upon the sinking sand of lies; they shall see their house fall and great shall be the fall of it.

Listen to Me intently, I am doing a new thing in the earth in these last days.  Many shall be astounded and glorify My name.  Yet, many more shall be offended.  For just as it was in the days when I walked among men in the flesh, so shall it be in these last days. For those of the religious order who knew the scriptures well were waiting on a messiah, yet according to their own understanding.  And so it is today, many are waiting for what their carnal minds have conjured up about Me and My coming.

I tell you a mystery.  I shall come to many as a thief in the night.  Yet, for those truly seeking Me with a whole heart and abiding in Me, I shall manifest Myself and they shall be just like Me when they see Me in My manifested glory.  This, I tell you, is My true coming. Yes, I am indeed coming FOR My people, as the scripture has said, but My greater coming is My appearing IN My people. For I am the true vine and My Father is the vine dresser.  And it is almost time for the reaping of the first fruits from the earth.

Oh, but what is this reaping of the first fruits you ask.  And I shall tell you.  Does My word not declare that I shall be the firstborn among many brethren?  So then, the reaping shall be of those in whom I have manifested Myself fully in and have become just as I am and are one with Me in Spirit, truth and holiness.  And they shall carry My authority in the earth.

Oh little ones, do not let these words confound you.  For these are the truths hidden from those who are perishing.  For when I walked among men, even though they were from Me, they knew Me not.  But you know Me, that is, those of you with a heart wholly given unto Me.

So then, I say lift up your heads, for your redemption draws nigh. And for whosoever will, you shall be like Me.  And when this happens, I shall truly be the head of My church and she shall do great exploits all across the land.  And this kingdom shall be preached with My power and authority to the ends of the earth for all to witness.  And then, I shall receive from the four corners of the earth a harvest of all who have called out to Me for salvation.  And then a fiery destruction for all those left who have rejected Me and such a great salvation.

So then, don’t look up into the clouds for My coming, yet look within where the kingdom of God dwells.  And if you would seek Me with all your heart, you shall surely find Me.

I love you all with an everlasting love and it is My desire that you all fulfill your destiny in Me.  Yet, I cannot do this for you.  You MUST lay down your lives, take up your cross, and follow Me.  It’s your choice, little ones, it always has been.

So then, stop listening to the lies of the enemy and seek Me with all your heart.  Surely it is My desire to be found of you and I shall greatly reward all who seek Me and find Me.

I love you all deeply.  So heed these words of Mine and seek Me now while I may be found.  For when that door is shut, it shall be too late.  Oh, not too late for salvation, but too late for all those who would be one with Me in the fullness of My glory.