Dr Patricia Green

October 13th, 2017

“My child, let Me tell you why I took you to Amos. Amos was My prophet, but he did not seek to be My prophet. I called him from his ordinary work to be My prophet because Amos was a sheep breeder and a tender of the Sycamore fruit.

Child, you did not seek to be a prophet. I called you when you were a housewife and A mother doing ordinary things. There are those who call themselves prophets because they seek fame, notoriety, and money. These are not My true prophets. My prophets hear My voice. They hear what I am saying and they speak what I tell them to speak. A prophet is to harold My warnings and instructions. Where do you see in scripture that a true prophet of the Lord gave soft messages? No, I say to you that My true prophets issue warnings of what is to come so that people have a chance to repent and turn from their wickedness and embrace righteousness.

I am a God of mercy. I give ample time for My people to repent once I have given My warning through My prophets. Amos was given My message two years before I sent a great earthquake. The people had two years to repent, even when they already had three transgressions against them. Yet, I was willing to allow them to have a fourth transgression before My fury was poured out on these nations.

Child, your nation has three major transgressions recorded in your books of law. Number one, the laws that removed prayer and reading My word in the education of the children (1962-1963). Number two, the law that permitted the murder of babies in the womb (1973). Number three, the law that allows the same sex to marry and have the same covenant as a husband and wife (2015). These three laws have been the downfall and moral decay of your nation.

I have sent many judgments to your nation to awaken your nation to their sin, but most have not seen the connection. These hurricanes are My judgment on your country. They have struck at My instructions. These hurricanes are a witness to My judgment on the United States of America. Some will claim that these hurricanes are the result of global warming and they are wrong. These hurricanes are a result of My wrath against the sin in your nation. Tell the people to repent, for if they do not repent there will be a much greater judgment coming. I send My judgments to turn people back to me. My judgments are just and merciful. If I poured out My fury on sin, there would be no people left. I am re-straining My hand with these judgments. Let it be known that I am a just God. Rejoice in these judgments for they are just. Rejoice that My hand is restrained from My full fury. Rejoice that those who have strayed will come back to me. Rejoice that sinners will repent.

The solar eclipse over the United States of America was a warning of the darkness to come. I am giving this nation seven more years to repent. Donald Trump will be at the helm during these seven years.”

Dr. Green then summarized this word as follows, calling on us to repent before God and to pray for President Trump.

“So, the initial judgment for the United States has already occurred through these hurricanes. If we do not repent as a nation, the Lord is going to send a great earthquake. Then, if we don’t repent after that, the Lord is going to send a tsunami. Then, if we don’t repent after that, the Lord is going to send us into captivity and Russia will invade our land and they will occupy us.

Prayers of intercession for our nation are really important at this time. We must continue to lift President Trump and his family before the throne of God for the Lord’s protection to be over him, so that we indeed get these seven years because if something happens to Donald Trump in the seven years that we’ve been given, then our time has been cut short.”


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