Cheryl Adama The Narrow Way

Narrow is the way and few desire to find and walk in this path which is My path.  This path is where you walk in what I call you to.  It often is a lonely road and where you are separated from even the ones who also walk this road.  In this path you are guaranteed My arm of protection according to My will for you.  It is where you are closest to hearing My voice.  This narrow way, is one where I bless those who choose it.

Many mistake that this narrow way is a onetime choice, where they have expressed their love and acceptance of Jesus to make Him Lord, this is true, but not complete in that it is a moment by moment path where to forge ahead is to walk in the obedience I call for, where there is no excuse made for compromise.

Those who walk upon the wide way and say they follow Me are deceived and walk in dangerous territory, for My hand of protection is not there.  Though My sovereign will still stands where I will intervene on occasion,  this is often mistaken as being My blessing (and sign that they are in My will) which is in error.  They do not realize that the enemy of their soul walks very effectively as an angel of light, and can and does give ‘good gifts’ to those who worship him.  They do not realize that when they are not worshiping Me, they are worshiping him.

You cannot serve two masters, you will either love one and hate the other.  Far too many believe that because they have wealth and riches they have My hand of approval upon them – this too is deception.   And for some they will have a ‘peace’ that they take as being of Me, but if they were to look a little closer it is not what I give.  This peace they have is the dullness of heart that cannot discern correctly.  For the peace I give is much more than complacency it is what I give to those who rest completely in Me in surrender.

I do not need the wealth of this world to carry out my tasks.  In fact, I look for those who will work with Me to prove this ignorant and contrary.  I am the Lord God Almighty, I do anything I wish, and with what I choose to use.  Remember this and look for Me, not to the means when you are in need.   For your need is Me and no other.

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Repent or Perish!

I have indeed called for the world’s repentance. That all might find life and not perish.  Yet it is true that only a few will take My offer.  To repent is to turn away from sin.  Look at the compass it will always point to the north, in same, I am the North that those who are mine will be pointed to which is opposite of where sin is.  It is like when you put two magnets together they will deflect one another, they can never be compatible.  This is the same with the relationship I have with sin.  I am repulsed by it.  I do not dwell where sin abounds, I judge.  I am life, sin is death.  My people who are called by My name – are a people who gladly repent.  They do so in the humbleness of heart realizing that they must!  I do not enter in to any who would not repent from sin.  I grant to all the gift of Salvation and those who receive this gift turn from their sin, to enter in to My life, My door.  Oh yes, as long as you carry around your body of flesh, you will always battle your greatest enemy – your flesh.  It will rise up within you daily to demand its lusts and desires.  But I say, ‘crucify it! Deny its demands!’ and take up My cross and follow after Me.  For I will put my yoke upon your shoulders and you will be able to bear the hard and difficult road that lies ahead.  For make no mistake, those who are mine, walk a hard road.  With each step, they will increase in Me and be made into My image.  They are a people who do not live to find pleasure in sin but have made a life of repentance – which is to ever turn away from sin to turn to Me.  They trust in My power to overcome in their temptation as they move away from it’s pull to face Me.  Repentance is what I require of all who are mine, make no mistake – for there is no other way.  True, the payment has been made for the power of sin and its judgement and is free for all who would lay hold of it, but this is not license to continue in the very thing that cost My Son His life!  His blood covers your sin, but who shall come to My throne to plead for His blood to cover their sin that they boldly continue in?  Am I not the same today, yesterday and forever?  I hate sin, and My judgement remains upon it – today.  Do not be deceived to think that you may claim forgiveness for sin while you continue to live in it!  No!  My power is for those who would walk worthy of repentance.  My love covers a multitude of sins – but do not play with My love.  For I love, but I also hate.  I hate sin.  Do not think that you may continue in sin to be covered in the Son of My love.  Repent.  For it is your only escape from the judgement that you place upon your own head.   Lovers of God will be a people who grow, they will grow in their love for God, and they will grow in their hatred towards sin and will be a people who understand the word and meaning of repentance.

As the Lord gives me these words I usually have extra writing that compliments them that is found on my other blog Way Truth & Life.  This one in particular is titled Repent or Perish. 

Weighed in the Balance & Found Wanting

The warning and the cry of the Lord goes out and there are only but a few to pay heed.  The rest are found elsewhere and not about doing the Lord’s business.  They will be the ones where the day of the Lord is like a thief, for they do not pay attention to all the warnings I give, nor to My rebukes.  Instead, they live to gratify their flesh and love the world, their hearts are far from Me – though they think they follow Me.  It is just as I have said long ago.  For My voice stirs the hearts of those who will hear, and who are mine.  For My sheep will and do hear My voice.  My Spirit resides in ones who will have Me.  But for those who wander after the lure of Satan, My Spirit is like a faint vapor to them.  For however much you give you receive.  As you give Me place, I will consume and reside and grow (you) in strength and power – this is how you become an overcomer.  It is just as in the parable of the talents.  What I give (the deposit of My Spirit) I expect a return.  But the many have hid and shoved My Spirit in a hole and lived life without even giving Me any serious thought let alone commitment.  They do not take My yoke to learn Me, nor do they know Me, and so, I do not know them for how could I when they tucked Me away to not interact with Me?  How could they know Me – How could I know them in such a way?  For My Spirit is a great treasure and has the worth of great power – to heal and deliver and increase a life to become My image bearers.  So the many who do not take My Spirit as the treasure it is – and have dug a hole in the ground and hidden it – they will be met with shock as they will see what they have done.  Is this the kind of people who I come for in My Bride?  Not so, for they did not make themselves ready.  They did not buy gold that I look for, by going through the fire to burn off the flesh so to increase in Spirit.  They did not desire to see and apply My eye salve that I give for they were not willing to pay the price, and that is to deny themselves.  They do not weigh in but are found wanting.  They are empty and this is why they do not hear the voice of the Lord at this time.  They do not sense the urgency of the day and hour – because in the deception they have followed, there is no need to be urgent or to ready themselves, for the teaching they take hold of tells them they are perfect and forgiven and accepted in My sight!  Woe to these, woe to them – for they have not even dared consult with Me, for I would have told them and they would have taken heed to My rebuke and warning.

Parable of the Talents


I will fill mouths that are hungry for Me.  I will make Myself known to the ear and eye that desires to hear and follow Me. I will also do this with those who do not look for Me, do not desire Me – for am I not the Lord God Almighty?  I make rivers in the desert lands and roadways in wilderness places, nothing is too hard for Me!  For this reason, I will tell you this; pray.  Pray for the lost.  Your prayers are not the nothings you think, they are not unheard – but instead, as you pray, and continue to pray – and do not waver, they become heavy in My Kingdom and accomplish much.  So I say, pray My children! And pray some more!  For My ears never tire from those who would make this their daily sacrifice!  Most do not fully realize that prayer is a great work here on earth, that they have access to the Living God with supplications to Me- whose arm is not shortened that it cannot save, nor is My ear heavy that it cannot hear!   I count each prayer you make and save it, for in My kingdom your prayers are a treasure that increases and is stored.  So I say, ask Me, continue to ask!  Pray for your neighbors, your neighborhood!  Pray for your friends, and your enemies!  Pray for one another!  Pray without ceasing.  Don’t just watch the news, or read it, use it to show you what to pray for!  When you are standing in line, at the doctor’s office, stuck in traffic, look around you – pray for those who you see!  For as you grow in prayer, I will guide you, to show you who specifically needs prayer and what it is to pray for! As you go for your walk, or run, pray for all who you pass by!  When you feel angry at someone, make it your task to instead – pray for them!  For you do not realize the impact this has, in you, and in them.  I look for those who have the heart to pray, and I will bless all who take this as their mission – and you will grow in the Spirit and be a mighty warrior for My kingdom.   Do not take this lightly, for prayer is a vehicle in which accomplishes My will to extinguish evil – begin this day to pray as you have never prayed before.

(The following word from Rachel Adamus provides a very extraordinary confirmation to Cheryl’s word)

Received by Rachel Adamus April 23rd 2018

I was in prayer with Abba, telling him that I have been praying for the souls of the lost but feeling so hopeless because I know that the destruction that is about to come upon this earth is final and must happen. I have been feeling like a broken record in my prayers for the lost and have grown numb from exhaustion. So I asked the Lord, “What should I pray?”

My daughter, I have loved you with an everlasting love. It is my good pleasure that you should pray for the souls of the lost, yet I feel the burden immensely more than you do. I feel the despair* to a degree you cannot fathom. I long so deeply that none would perish and be lost to utter destruction. Yet, the time has truly come for judgment because the cup of wrath has indeed been filled up to overflowing. My daughter, keep praying for lost souls. Pray for all the people that you know. Pray for your neighbors. Pray for your fellow church members. Pray for your pastors and elders and deacons. Many of them are facing a greater measure of wrath because of how they have led my sheep astray and have lulled them into apathy. Pray for the clubs in your town. Pray for the people you are around when you go into restaurants, when you enter hotels or any venue. Pray for all the souls that are in the store as you shop. I have ordained in my great mercy to greatly bless those with whom you have had contact, whether directly or indirectly. If you pray for all the souls in the store in which you have shopped, you are blessing every one, though they are nameless and faceless to you. Yet to me, I know each one by name. The prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective! Do not think that they are as a broken record to me. Do not despair as to their power. It is the means that I have ordained to bless the world through you. Indeed, you are also called to bless the world through your good deeds, your love, and your gospel message, yet your prayers go before you as the bombardments that break down the enemy’s walls. Do not rely on your feelings to determine whether your prayers are heard. Though your body is weak, as I know, yet I know that your spirit is willing. Do not give up, my daughter! The time is short! The great bombardment of enemy lines is at hand! Your prayers are storing up great canon balls of power to be cast at the Evil One and his authority on the earth. You and your generation of warriors for my name are about to witness the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen! Rejoice!”

I am going to do a mighty thing among my prophets. I am going to send great fire from heaven to consume all the dross that remains in the flesh of my prophets. While the world experiences my wrath and judgments, they will experience the final purging of their souls. This purging will make them white in the blood of the Lamb. They will shine like the brightness of the stars in a very dark and hopeless world. They will reveal the glory of my love to lost and hurting sinners, yet this glory does not come without cost. Just as my Son, Yehushuah, had to face the cross before His glorification, so also His bride must face the cross of trouble and tribulation, that they might be kept humbled before me, utterly dependent on my power and grace to sustain them.”

(End of Rachel’s prophecy)

The Deceived

There are many who walk about thinking they are following after Me.  They speak My name, pray in My name and they say they love Me but what decides this to be true in that I truly am Lord of their life?   Those who are true followers of Me do not think of their own life at all, they look to the Son of My love – to His life.  These ones will seek Me in ALL that they do for they understand that there is no other option that I must have all of them -for them to rightly follow after Me.    It is a walk where in this world they will be in continual battle with their greatest enemy – and that is Self which is rooted in the flesh, where the devil has power, and has no part in the Spirit, where I Am found.  In this great battle that they have daily they are continually aware and give to Me all that they can so they may take and receive Me;  to take Me, they must let go of Self.   Those who are mine  follow after  the pattern of emptying to be filled.  Yet, there are those who attempt to get to Me through and by other means, and that is to continue to live as they wish adding to the Self which always quenches the Spirit.  They do not follow after the conviction that my Spirit gives, but instead by their feelings and own understanding.  They are ones who do not trust in the scriptures as being fully true to be their guide and revelation of My heart.  Instead the scriptures are used by them, like a product and not received as the well spring of life.  Where in truth, scripture is food I give for the growth, edification and insight of life in the Spirit of the living God.  These ones are like users, they have a motive that is selfish, for they will come to Me once in a while and almost never when things are going well and will cling to Me when they experience hard times and will look to Me to fix their problems.  What they need to do is give to Me themselves so I may deliver them from what binds them and this involves giving up and surrender.  For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.  Nay, in the hard times they face they do not ask Me to do with them as I please so that I would accomplish My perfect will.  Instead they enlist others to pray for their victory or that they would overcome the particular difficulty as if the problem is the problem.  They are acting out of self and do not have the understanding that it is I that has caused or allowed the problem in the first place so that I might get their attention then their devotion.  It is for their own good, but because they look at it through the eyes of their own understanding they miss the opportunity I have presented to them – so they may enter My rest. Like those in the wilderness who were not able to enter because their hearts were still in Egypt so too are these who do not seek to go on, into the Promised Land that My Son has bought for them.

As the Lord gives me these words I usually have extra writing that compliments them that is found on my other blog Way Truth & Life.  Here is a post that corresponds and relates to this particular word.  When lies become our truth

Inexhaustible Riches

Who among you would lay down your own life?  To this one would only live to gain.  For it is only this kind of soul that would turn their back from their own self, will they receive the riches from heaven out of My treasuries.  Oh, but do not be deceived, my riches that I bestow have no value in the earthly kingdoms.  My wealth is not sought after by the natural man like in the stock markets that many gain from.  Nor in the successes of good business, and entrepreneurship.  My wealth, My prosperity, My success – must be found and utilized in My Kingdom.  This is where those who are mine are to conduct their business.  My economy is untouched by any one and is eternal.  Those who utilize My trade, are ones who count it all joy when they used and abused by others for My namesake for as they do, they are strengthened in My Spirit and are filled with My joy and love in the midst of this world’s madness.  I only give more to those who would desire this.  For in truth, My people will face hardship, tribulation and opposition, but will endure and will glorify My Name as they live – not loving their own lives, but unto their love for Me.  For I fill them with such love.  You see, I give and will continue to give to all who would make it their daily practice to lay down their own lives, which is the desire to please and walk in their own wills.  It must be in this way, for I do not share in the one who wishes to live for their own desires to fulfill the needs of their flesh.  Though one gives only a sliver to Me, I will be faithful to My word.  I am fluid, I am not idle – so those who shall look to Me, even if it is little by little.  Give to Me, look for what must be renounced, removed and repented of – everyday, for I will surely show you.  For understand that this is for your own health and safety for it is never acceptable to harbour what I detest and died for!  My desire has always been to consume all who would have Me, let this be your desire in that you would yield to Me as your life practice.  Give to Me, your willingness, give to Me the dark rooms in your soul and you will gain My riches, My fullness, and will lack for nothing!  Humble yourself before your God, cry out to be filled with only more in the posture of no longer living for Self.  For as you give to Me your Self, I will give to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over – which is your gain.  For with the same measure that you give to Me I give back to you!  For it is only to your advantage to give all you can, for truly you will only increase and prosper in My name.  As I have given My life, so you too must give your life, and you will live the Life I have provided for all who trust Me as Lord and Savior.

Note:  This word is in continuation to the previous post:  The Hole In Your Heart

As the Lord gives me these words I usually have extra writing that compliments them that is found on my other blog Way Truth & Life.  Below are some that correspond with this word.

Christ Sets Us Free -Not Just A Cliché!

Christ Sets Us Free -Not Just A Cliché! Part B


The Hole In Your Heart

I see the hole in your heart.  It drains out everything that has been poured into it.  You can be given purest of love only for it to drain away or financial stability, homes, travel, riches, accomplishments all and everything that there is – and yet you gain no lasting satisfaction. This is why there is a sadness, for you have been robbed through this hole.  You have been on a quest for quite some time now to remedy this perpetual thirst you have that will never really be quenched.  You acquired this when you were young and now as you grow older it grows within to dominate you.  You plan your life around this hole, making your decisions and choices that will suit it. You have become a slave to the hole in your heart in the seeking out what will bring you escape, soothing and satisfaction even if but for a moment or two only to repeat with a deeper sense of need and into hopelessness.

I have come so I might fill this hole in you, you need only to believe in Me and take My hand.  For as you do, I will lead you from your misery into the life that I have prepared just for you from the beginning of time.  My plans for you have always been to give you a bright future in Me that is filled with promise and hope of good things that will prosper you in wholeness of heart.  You see, the hole in your heart would be the place where I will meet you, at your invitation that I may enter in you- in your heart.  I would breath into you new life that will heal and you would no longer need all your fixes and props you have established and are enslaved to now.  For I say to you that where my Spirit is, there is always freedom.  I have already taken care of the hole in your heart through My blood that I shed for you, all you need to do is to take what it is I give- in faith that I Am who I say that I Am.  I will shine My light upon your soul and we will walk together into your freedom for in your weakness, I am your strength.  I will give you the power to lay aside all that takes from your life today – take My Hand and begin to walk with Me.  Take one step and even two and I will show you in My light how to live the life I died to give to you – one that is the promise of wholeness where you will be filled with My love, My power and My peace.

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Be Still and know that I am God

Be still, and know that I am God.  Settle everything that comes to distract and cause you anxiety upon who I am.  Let all this that seeks to occupy you be absorbed into the truth of who I am.  Deal with each as a transaction.  You have worry?  Take it and place it upon me and receive My peace.  You are plagued with the needs and wants in today’s world?  Take and place them upon Me and receive My contentment.  As these come again to harass you, remind them and yourself that ‘I have Christ’s peace and am still in His arms’ or, ‘ I am content in Christ and have need for nothing – in Him’  This is my heavenly economy – that the world knows nothing about for they are transactions that are priceless and full of great power.  As you invite me into your daily living and struggles the power and influence of the enemy will weaken over you in areas that you deal with in this way.  Be warned as you lend to them, you essentially are giving glory to evil– which invites and invokes more of its hold upon you and your situation.  But, as you look to Me, and ascribe to Me your full attention and acknowledgement of who I am you are making the way for my cleansing of all the evil and distractions that are there to snare you.  Do not speak into the ‘power’ of negativity around you.  Don’t say things like ‘my day is going bad because of such and such’ or even think such things.  Because you are giving the forces of evil glory, which allows it the power and influence over you.  Even when you think or say such things but pray to me regarding them – your prayer is held back because of the honoring you are doing by giving it glory – for I share my glory with no one!  Therefore I cannot participate in your plea….no matter how sincere you are.  You must repent in that you give the evil around you the honor that you have first – than you may come to Me.  The psalmist David spoke about the negative around him and in most of his writings was a ‘But’ there is power in that but!  You can speak to me about your ‘bad day’, telling me all about what is happening and then go on to say…but my God is greater!  Oh yes, there is power in that!  It must be more than words you speak – you must live and believe what it is you speak.  You cannot recite who I am on one hand and live contrary to this by living a life of sin.  It is amazing on how many of my children expect Me to move on their behalf – while they choose to sin in their daily life.  Oh that my children would repent and choose to follow me with all their heart!  For they would experience my love, my power and a sound mind.

Believe in Me

For I am the Light.  Look for Me, wait for Me, watch for Me for surely as you do I will be found by you.

The problem with many is that they do not want to see Me – just aspects of who they think I am.  So, they never will see truth because what they see is partial which and easily distorted.

My way demands full attention but sadly people come to Me like one comes to a buffet table where they pick and choose what appeals to their appetite.

I look for the one who will have Me in all I desire to bring.  For each one is ever so precious and I desire to enter in and fully be present so that I may be Lord in all and of all in that life, for this is where this one will experience my fullness and be ever satisfied.


Victory in Praise

As one walks upon the narrow way they are not subject to the wiles of the wicked one, but to Me.  Yet, they are very much touched daily with the effects of sin and death in and among the world.  But, as they walk among this, they draw from my Life and power to overcome the attempts that assail them daily.  As My life flows through such a one, they are like magnets that draw good and are like healing stations on a planet that is dominated by death and destruction.  In the power of praise to My name they are untouchable for the evil forces hate and cannot get near to such acts of worship.  So I say sing!  Sing to Me in your routines, let your heart declare My love and goodness to the open air!  For in doing so it is like spraying the most powerful disinfectant known to man!  It destroys all the evil in its reach.  Clarity will follow.  You will see that it is like this; I am substance and that which is evil is full of hot air!  Evil needs a willing vessel to feed off of for its power to come into effect.  In the act of declaring praise and thanksgiving to Me, the power evil has, in your situation and around you will weaken and even disappear!  For in praise you invite My presence into wherever it is you are – it is vast and far too deep for the human mind to comprehend.  If it were to be made into a movie, it would be most thrilling and exhilarating what takes place in the spirit.   And when my people praise unto my name they are doing battle!  And are destined for victory!   On the other hand, Satan dwells in the atmosphere of condemnation – the acts of sin and death is where he draws his power.  Glory not in his activity – which is giving attention to his impact – instead, fortify your walls!  Make your gates praise and your walls salvation unto Lord!  For my ways are what is true – praises bring what is true, good and right into what presents and this is the recipe for my victory on earth.

Freedom from what Binds

Declare Me in every moment – even in the secret places…the dark places by planting a flag in the spirit, that declares my ownership in the particular matter you are struggling with or in! In your meditation think of this – that I am in these places, my presence and power, and then praise Me in the places you have planted the flags bringing glory to My name in these matters – praise declaring the victory you have in Me. In so doing I will enter in and claim back what was stolen. Do this and you will be free. You see, where my Spirit is, there is freedom. Do not allow the wrong, the mistakes, the outcome of sin to speak – for death has no say when you turn your attention on to Me. In the deepest of sin, invite me in to this place and see what I will do! I desire to take you out from the dark crevices and bring you into the marvelous light!
Note: examples of declaration may be:
‘Jesus, I invite you into my love for alcohol – and I plant a flag that signifies I declare you as owner in this matter! I praise your name in this place! You are greater, and break the chains – you are Lord in this place!’
‘Jesus, I invite you in this place of torment and hurt in my heart for _______ who has violated me and abused me – You are Lord in this matter! Have your way.’

Come to Me!

All who are heavy laden – and I will give you rest!  Desire Me and you will live and walk in the freedom I give.  You will be blessed in your walk for my mark will be upon you.  Though many come at you I will give to you in the hour of need all that you require to endure.  You will be fed continually as you take from the Word – for this is what gives strength to the weary and peace that the world cannot comprehend.  I will sustain you and lead you.