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This a very profound word posted on April 28th 2019.

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This 2015 word from Pikelk is very informative and delves into the coming false rapture/alien invasion when they will claim that they are our creators and have come to bring world peace.

Your duty to my church comes first. Put down the cares of this world and hear my message. Be still and know that it is I, the Holy Spirit of the Most High and your glorious Savior. Be still now, all of My children, for if you are not still, you will miss the things I am showing you. Many of you search and search, but you never find the answers. This is your futile selfwill and effort. Allow me to show you. You will know when it is I that speaks. Do not fall into believing the deceptions placed in front of you by the enemy. Ask for and receive the constant indwelling of my Holy Spirit so that you will not be swayed.

I am showing and will continue to show many of my children hidden treasures in my Word and the pathways to connect today’s headlines to ancient prophecies in My Word. I am also sending dreams and visions and messages to my children so they can share them with their brothers and sisters as they begin to unfold around them. Do not fear hearing these things. Do not shy away from being informed on the events that are surely to come. Some things I will show you to prepare your minds, and others I will keep hidden. Many must begin to recognize the closeness of my rescue of my innocents. It is difficult for some to see the signs. They keep their heads buried in the sand. They doubt my love and protection and allow fear in which, in turn, causes their avoidance. They fail to recognize the time you are in.

Fear is not of me, my children. There is coming a time when every eye will see and many will be deceived by the trickery of the enemy. A great deception will come upon your earth and many will fall for this lie. For many years, mankind has been conditioned and will believe the governments and the media hype surrounding this deception. These deceivers will be looked upon as saviors of your fallen planet. When they arrive on the scene, it will be during chaos, and they will be welcomed with open arms.  First, your economy will fail. There will be no way to access your bank account. Your money will be worthless. When they remove the cash system, they will mandate the mark, and that will be the only way people will be able to receive medicine, food and necessities. There will be no more commerce and business as there has been in the past. Everything will come under the control of a new multi-national leaders coalition with one primary leader promising new beginnings with a better outlook to the future, a promise of peace and worldwide community that will usher in a new age of love and acceptance, promises of no more judgment.

All people will be treated with respect and receive everything to meet their needs. Every single person will receive the same amount of money. The chip will regulate what each individual can spend. There will be the creation of a one world currency, and in doing this, it will ensure that no one can get ahead or save, but will be 100 percent reliant on their government to meet their every need. Once the collapse of the economies world wide begins, expect the arrival of the other “worldlies” on the scene. They will help to facilitate the one world currency and the government acting as helpful overseers only facilitating this new age agenda. Do not be fooled by the elite in your nations. Do not be fooled by the governments of this world. If you are not prepared for what is coming, you will surely receive this mark, and you will not withstand the hour of trial. Your earth is under siege right now. Watch as more and more earthquakes and volcanoes occur. The weather is across the world continues to spiral out of control with many lives lost. These patterns will worsen and will continue with death tolls rising and mass destruction across the globe.

The elites are prepared for this. They are ready, and they are already working with the other “worldlies” to orchestrate world chaos. People will long for peace and security, and they will long for safety, and they will be programmed to think on a global level as opposed to an individual one. The order of occurrences, I will not share, but I will share with you some of what is coming. Again, the economy will collapse, and there will be a shortage of food and water. America will be overtaken by strong forces from other nations, and the current elite and government will be in on this and allow these things to occur for your leader will rise to power when “the others” step in and elect him for, to them, he is simply a puppet. All the governments of the world will fall under this new one world economic system, and there will no longer be independent nations, but a multi-national coalition with a new world order under the false pretenses of peace and safety.