Trump’s Assassination And Obama’s Return To Power?

Posted By Admin July 6th, 2019

Over the past few years substantial numbers of Christians have received dreams, visions and words/prophecies of Donald Trump’s assassination. Countless others have also received prophetic warnings of Obama’s return to power in America. In the past few days alone three prophetic words from reputable servants of the Lord indicate that these two events may not be… that far in the future!  Please take these prophesied events to the Lord yourself.  Jesus does indeed answer the prayers of the faithful and obedient.

Here are the new warnings from Mena Lee Grebin, MS Sophie, and Krystall Beal.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

I want to share a disturbing dream that was given to me after asking a specific question in prayer about what’s to soon come.

The first scene was that I was running. I’m not sure who or what I was running from, but I ran straight into a dark room. As soon as I entered the room, I could feel that someone was there. I reached out my hand with my palm facing forward, and I yelled, “Who’s there?”

As soon as I said this, my palm rested up against someone’s chest.

A voice came from this person, and in a low tone he responded, “You already know who I am.”

At this point it was as though a dim light shone upon his face. There was no way of telling where this light came from, and it was so dim or limited that it only highlighted parts of his face.

It was Obama.

He was taller than what he is in the natural. He stood at about seven feet or so. I noticed that on his shoulders rested a pair of hands, but they weren’t human hands. Although they had five fingers like a human, long black talons protruded out of the tips.

My eyes then focused to an even taller black silhouette that was standing behind Obama…

It was Satan.

The next scene, I was in another room, seemingly next to the one I was just previously in. I saw two creatures standing next to each other in communication. The first one was very tall. He had skin like a human, however it was a reddish-brown color, almost that of dried blood. And there was a pattern on his skin that reflected that of a leopard.

The second creature was much shorter, but grotesque; jet black, slimy, and hunched over.

I knew that these were evil spirits.

I asked the spirits their identity. The tall one began spinning many names including the name Lucifer. But I responded with, “No, He’s in the other room.” 

The short, black, slimy creature simply said, “I am filth and perversion.” 

They both let me know that they had been assigned to Obama.

Third Scene:

I was now in the car with my husband. We were parked outside of a diner. The windows to this diner were huge, and you could see all the activity going on within. There were several large, flat-screen televisions mounted high on the walls.

Suddenly, a loud alarm rung from my cell phone. I picked it up and saw that is was an emergency alert broadcast. When I looked back at the diner, I could see that all the television screens had the same alert. Then the screens changed to the setting of a press conference in Washington, DC. Nancy Pelosi walked to a podium and began addressing the nation. She said that we were under a national emergency, however, she didn’t state from what. Next, she said that for the safety of the country, all the planes had been grounded, and all the borders had been closed.

No one was allowed to leave.

She then went on to say that there would be a formal national address at 3:00pm eastern time.

As I’m watching this from my phone, I’m thinking, “Where’s Trump?”

Pelosi then says, “We will be addressed by Barack Obama.”

You could hear the shock and amazement coming from the tones of the press. Everyone was thinking the same thing…what happened to President Trump? Once again, I looked over at the crowded diner, and I saw that some people were in a panic, while others seemingly cracked a smile.

The dream ended.

There is more I need to add to this, but I don’t want to make this post too long. Since being shown this, I recently (within the last couple of days) was given another dream revealing the details of the certain types of Christians, and “right-winged” people being detained and sent to detention centers here in the US.

Before closing, I will reveal this;

A dear acquaintance of mine, who is also in the prophetic, contacted me shortly after Trump called a national emergency in order to obtain funds for the border wall. She said that she was not allowed to reveal this in public, but that the Lord spoke to her and said that the national emergency is in place, it will never be lifted, but rather it will eventually be turned into martial law.

When she said this, I was on the freeway, driving home. Cold chills ran down my spine, and for a split second, I actually felt fear.

About a month after she told me what was revealed to her, is when the democrats voted to have the national emergency reversed. I was secretly hoping that it would be overturned because my friend’s words haunted me. So when Trump vetoed the bill, and the declaration stood in place, all I could do was pray.

It was shortly after this, while in prayer, that the Lord said He was going to give me the answer about what’s to come.

As with all things, take this to prayer.

Mena Lee Grebin
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries



My child, I want you to write this Word down for Me.

Children, there will be an increase from this point forward in earthquakes, tornadoes, storms; the intensity will increase as I keep sounding the alarm through My chosen ones to WAKE YOU UP! There will be a greater severity of My Hand as I call upon you America and all nations to repent of your wickedness, idolatry and the multitude of sins against Me.

I AM will allow the enemy to have his way and you will witness what he can do. There will be planned attacks in your cities and on your streets. You will see what evil is when it is loose upon your land. America, I will NOT shield you as I have before. You children of America continue to live in rebellion and defiance. The more defiant and rebellious you become, the heavier My Hand will fall on you.

You celebrate yourselves, you believe the lies that everything you have was because of “your own greatness”. IT IS I that created each and every one of you. IT IS I that gave you your talents. IT IS I that sustained you. IT IS I that blessed this nation. You have taken it upon yourselves and convinced yourselves you are your own “gods”. When is the last time you ever thanked Me? When is the last time you ever gave Me any reverence?

You kiss the ground your leaders walk on, hanging on their every word, idolizing them when they are all in on this takeover together. They have one thing on their mind and it is to put forth their New World Order, enslave those they can re-educate and exterminate all others who refuse to bow to them, who refuse the Mark, who rebel against the tyranny. Children, you mean nothing to them; you are just parasites and insects and their goal is to kill as many as they can as fast as they can. They have been planning your demise for decades. The shadow government works behind the scenes and those in the forefront do their bidding. Yes, children, they even use their own and once they have gotten them to do what they needed them to accomplish they remove them. Your KING CYRUS does NOT have much time left. After he is removed, there will be an outcry and an uprising will ensue. This will culminate into many more events taking place. (HTLJ Admin…The Lord has referred to Donald Trump being a King Cyrus type to numerous of His prophetic servants over the past few years)




OH YOU WILL PAY, each and every one of you that agree to these laws. This is MURDER and as My precious ones are sacrifices to Moloch through your laws your blood will pour in your streets. You DARE stand against Me!!! YOU DARE KILL MY UNBORN AND MY CHILDREN WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A BLINK OF AN EYE!!! The blood is on your hands and all who are in cohoots and in agreement with this will be “judged” as “murderers”. If you do not repent of this hell awaits you!!!

I SEE ALL, I HEAR ALL, I KNOW ALL. Nothing is hidden from Me. I see your secret sins. I see how you gather yourselves in your assemblies. I see your plots, plans and schemes. I see how you celebrate homosexuality and rejoice in this abomination to Me.

The Great I AM does NOT make mistakes. You have made a mockery of Me. You have called me a liar saying one is not a boy but a girl; one is not a girl but a boy. You have twisted the minds of children and stripped them of their true identity. A boy is a boy and a girl is a girl; there are no deviations. I never created “trans this” and “trans that.” THIS SICKNESS OF THE MIND ONLY COMES FROM SATAN; the master you believe in each time you play into this. He hates My creation. He has manipulated DNA and his fallen ones have given man the knowledge. He uses man at will. When you believe that I, who am perfect in all ways makes mistakes then you are in agreement with the evil one!

You children follow every whim and fancy, embracing names for “he” and “she”. There is only man and woman. There is satan and his demons and he has every plan in motion to take as many down with him. You were given free will to choose Me or him. Many more now are following all his “mumbo jumbo” convincing My created beings that they are not heterosexual, you are not the gender I created you as. Many of you are altering all your body parts as you have given yourselves over to satan who is working in your thoughts/through your minds. This is all NONSENSE and how many willingly submit to this belief system. Children, you are completely lost and only I can open your eyes to all truth so repent to Me and I will guide you for I AM THE ONLY WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. Anything else is a lie straight from the pit of hell.

Oh, how I have wept over you misguided lost souls. How it has grieved Me to watch you desecrate your bodies; sinning against your bodies. Children, your bodies are My temple. Would I sleep with a man? Would I dress up as a woman? Please children WAKE UP! Common sense you are to use.

Everything now satan has made ‘upside down’—every foul, unclean spirit, abomination permeates this nation America as well as all nations. The stench of your sins are deplorable!!! Come out from under all the lies, smoke and mirrors and deceptions. Your time is short. Where do you think you will spend eternity in your filth and unrepentant state? You must give this serious consideration for you will NOT inherit the kingdom but forever be tormented by the very one you followed—satan. He will be your father for all eternity. Does this appeal to you? If so, you will perish!


Come to Me. You are looking “for acceptance and love in all the wrong places”. It is I that your heart is hungering for. Nothing on earth will ever satisfy the way My love will. I will heal your broken hearts, make you whole, love you with pure love, open your eyes and ears to see and hear. I will hold you in My arms and you will feel My warm embrace. There is but one thing you must do—it is to admit you are a sinner for all are, ask in contriteness of heart for forgiveness. The arms that were stretched out on the tree in Calvary were so that a way was made to enter into “relationship and fellowship” with Me, your Father. I AM is the Only One that can give you everything you truly need.

There is always room for more in the kingdom but it is your decision that determines where you spend eternity. Choose Me and life everlasting will be yours. Children, repent daily, remove those thoughts that have deceived you, remove your temptations. Resist the devil and he will flee.

Repent and come back into the arms of your Father. I love you with all My heart. Come home children, come home. I have shared much information; take it to heart.

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 7/4/2019)

My daughter, This is a severe warning for My children to wake up!!

Read Matthew 24

JULY 4, 2019

How grieved and displeased I AM with many. He who has an ear let him hear. Woe be into the inhabitants of the earth. Woe I say. So far removed is my last generation from me. You are far. You have strayed. Many are on the broad path and shall be met with destruction in full. Many have allowed the enemy to deceive you. Caught up in the world wide web craftily spun by Satan. Man has lost reverence and fear of me. Sin has become so rampant in the earth…and has become the ” common and acceptable way of life for many. Acceptable to whom? Certainly not to me. I the LORD do not change. I AM the same yesterday, today and forever. Be ye Holy…for I AM Holy without holiness no man shall see me. I weep in and over America today. I weep in and over America everyday. A nation whom has rejected me, pierced my heart with unceasing remorse. The nation of America will suffer a great loss. A great loss in their own eyes. They ( America) have already suffered the greatest loss yet are unmoved. You will be moved America. You will be. The death of a well known man in your nation will cause an national outcry and unprecedented panic for manyIt is at this time that a familiar face will be seen on stage and welcomed by the vast majority. I will allow this to be so. It is so. America wanted no parts of me as I truly am and I will show a nation the dire consequences of rejecting GOD. How I loved you. Embracing you as my own. Made my dwelling in your midst. I opened my door, my heart…my life to you yet many refused me. I watch still today as you fall further and further away from me and deeper into the miry pit. I call…I call still. How I AM ignored and drowned out by the babble of man. Silence shall fill the land. I have heard more than enough. Repent or perish. How I have desired you for so long. I cry today….I thirst. I thirst. How I still receive gall. To all who love me..I know you are weary and worn. Many are heavy of heart feeling I have forsaken and abandoned them. Beloveds I have not nor will I ever. I have heard your prayers. I have answered. I have collected your tears in my bottle. I have healed and restored you. Faith my loves…not sight. In the twinkling of an eye it all changes. Again I say woe be into the nation called America. You will burn from within and without. You are dead and your burial is at hand. Cover your selves in ash. Lament for the horrors you have committed against me. Repent. Humble yourself now. Many lamp stands have been removed. Many more are to follow. Your sin wounds me beyond measure. Your sin causes me to weep and bleed and has drawn my sword against you. I love man but I have had my fill…my cup is overturned…poured out. Drink ye defiant generation to the dregs. Weeping…wailing and gnashing of teeth. My correction and recompense shall be most severe. Beauty comes from the ash. This generation has rejected me. I mean just that. I have been rejected. Behold I come quickly. Look up. Rise up. Walk. Live.


The following video was posted to YouTube July 20th, 2017….