What Jesus Is Saying Re The Coronavirus / Covid-19 Bio-weapon

(Pre POST Script) I would not, for one moment trust any vaccines they offer for the Corona Virus / Covid-19. I have seen a ‘word’ somewhere about this but cannot find it. The purpose of this man made bio weapon is de-population and also to control the masses. Why would they come up with an effective vaccine? The vaccine industry has been a sham all along that fills the pockets of Big Pharma and makes people sick. There are no independent studies proving flu vaccines are effective! The real truth is that dozens of medical professionals have been ‘suicided’ for exposing that cancer genes have been added to vaccines. Boost your immune systems and draw close to God in daily repentence.

(Dr Francis Boyle on the Coronavirus Man-made Bio-Weapon)

March 18, 2020
Glynda Lomax  (wingsofprophecy.blogspot.com)

I was mixing up something in the kitchen and talking to the Lord about the Coronavirus. I am not anxious about it now, but I have taken what I believe are steps of wisdom to do my part to protect myself. As I was praying, He spoke very clearly and said, Observe and Learn.  I saw then this plague is sort of a dress rehearsal for what else is coming. We must learn from what we see happening in response to this one so we will be ready for the others.

  My children, (His voice sounded so incredibly sad!) you must set yourselves to understand what is coming into your world. Though I have spoken to you about it many times, now it is truly upon you and much depends on your readiness.

   Observe and learn from what you see before you now. (I was shown He means not only the Coronavirus, but more importantly, the mass population’s response to it – how fast panic and craziness takes over in the face of crisis, and He showed me in future that reaction won’t only be here in the U.S.). I desire you would not be taken by surprise, as I have forewarned you in My Word and through My Prophets.

   The time is upon you when all My Word will be fulfilled.

March 1st, 2020

Julie Whedbee (IamCallingYouNow.blogspot.com)

Daughter of Zion, tell My people you are now witnessing the fulfillment of all I have told you, all I have prepared you for, and all that must be. An acceleration of plans by the dark kingdom has ensued. Just as I have continued to tell you, this dark kingdom believe they will win and their goals will be accomplished.

The one who has been selected and groomed for the role of hero and god of this earth walks among you. He is the man of perdition, he is the one they believe will rule the world and finalize the evil plans of satan.  It is he who disguises himself as a peaceful leader, one to bring harmony across the world. Soon he will be made public.  Great measures have been taken by those in power to ensure their design is carried out. They play the people of the world as pawns in their game and they study the response of the masses in order to better perfect their next strategy. This plan has been in place since satan rebelled. The pieces fall into place quickly and I will now do something with your time. This is why it is of the utmost importance to be walking with Me.

Many, many of My people are still sleeping, they have not drawn close to Me and they are not living lives of holiness. Therefore, as these judgments are unleashed with more force, closer and closer together, most unfortunately are yet still unprepared. The god of this world has a host, and he will have his time, but it will be short lived. He will exalt himself above every god and demand to be worshipped as greater than Me. He will prosper until the indignation is finished for that which has been decreed shall be done.

Watch and see as all things come together to control the populations of the world. A new and better system which has been foretold in My Word will be presented, and it will look as if it is the only way to survive. The days of freedom as you know it are over.

This corona virus and the locust plagues, the storms of great magnitude, earthquakes, floods and volcanoes you are seeing are only the beginning of the severe judgments. The evil plans of the enemy run so deep that you cannot fathom it. Things will escalate so very quickly now and I must have your focus. Those who hate My people and all that are not a part of their plan act with no conscience and no morals. There is only an agenda and the obsessive drive to accomplish it. The portals have opened and hell has been unleashed on the earth. Anyone who does not see this is in complete denial and will suffer the consequences of this decision. I have always offered a choice, but the choice must come quickly.

There is only way to be free. I AM THE WAY. I AM THE TRUTH. MY TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. You cannot have light and darkness together. You must choose. Are you ready? Truly ready? There is hope in Me and only Me. I protect and provide for My own. Take My hand and trust Me alone. I know the heart of every soul. You will not walk this path alone if We are united in My heart.

You can do nothing of yourselves, so simply place your entire lives and that of your loved ones in My hands and trust Me for everything. Prepare as you are led to do by My Holy Spirit but never fear, as My perfect love casts out all fear. I have numbered your days and you will remain untouched until I say it is done. If I say go, leaving your place of residence or current situation no matter what that may be, go. If I say remain where you are, stay and believe. Cover yourselves constantly with My blood and declare your rightful positions.

I have warned you My Bride will see much, but I have also told you My remnant army is ready and no matter what the enemy thinks he will send your way to harm you, he has never seen anything like those who I will fully indwell, collectively operating in the power of My Spirit on the earth. I am about to shock the world like never before, and not one will be without understanding that I AM GOD and there is no other..


March 13, 2020

(This Word is for all wondering what we are to do next and how we will manage to get through it all plus much more)

My daughter, write these words down for Me.

Children, Children, Children, there is a mass hysteria rising up about this coronavirus. You MUST keep your heads about you at this time. It is wise to take precautionary measures but many of you are going into much anxiety and fear. If you allow this in you will be like a wave tossed to and fro, confusing yourselves with “should I get this or should I move now”—all sorts of questions are spinning around in your minds. CALM DOWN!!!

Get the most important essentials needed and your main staples of food. Unless one is extremely wealthy the average person cannot afford to get every single thing they would need. Cover the basics for one should prepare but children of Mine, can I not also bring you what you need if you are remaining close to Me, seeking, asking, repenting? Did I not take care of My people as they crossed the Red Sea and in the wilderness? If I did it then, I will do it again. Nothing is impossible for Me. As Creator of all things, I am also supplier of all needs. So do NOT panic and allow the enemy to distress you so.

Now I address the lazy: Some of you are making no effort to get the things you and your family will need and this is sin for you are expecting everything to be handed to you without so much of any effort on your part. You have not heeded my warnings to prepare. Preparation must be spiritual, mental as well as some preparation in the physical. Do not think I will hand everything to you on a silver platter when you have been lazy. Make a concerted effort for some of you will be called to take care of others as things progress and if you are called to run, I will instruct you as to what you should take and if anything is left behind it will be there for those in need. This will bode well for you and I will provide for you wherever I am instructing you to go.

All that you see now is the beginning of more and much worse to come but those who are Mine, let My Peace calm the storm raging inside of you. This MANDMADE VIRAL MIXTURE CONCOCTED is to make all submit and come under their control. You MUST use self-control in all situations now. Do not provoke the enemy and he will not overcome you. Do not live in FEAR and he cannot overtake you. Remember, you are a conqueror in Christ; the battle is not yours but Mine. Did I not say FEAR will open doors to the enemy? DO NOT invite him in; anxiety, panic, depression over what is happening on earth all stem from FEAR. You have nothing to fear but Me. If you are walking with Me, am I not the one who loves you and who is always working on your behalf? Remember Daniel—he was thrown into the lion’s den and was he devoured? Was it not I who was his shield and protector?

You see children, there are things you must do for you are required to do your part and to care for your family and others but you must not lose faith in what I what I can do and in who I AM!!! I split the Red Sea, I poured down manna from heaven, sent quail to eat. I multiplied baskets of fish and bread. I am with you at this time!

Those that should worry are those who refuse to repent to Me. Your hardships will be many and it is through these times many will see—eyes will open, ears will hear. There will come an awakening in the spirit but it will be through MY Holy Spirit, not some counterfeit version. Some will continue to curse Me and will refuse to repent. I love My Creation but these refuse to align with Me and see that I do love them. My desire is not for all to die but for all to live.

Satan desires all to die and never see life and as more and more sin permeated this earth it brought more power to the forces of darkness. One cannot live in filth, perversion, welcome abominations, serve idols and expect blessings.

This virus satan has delivered unto you because of sin. You see children, the more sin there is, the more legal ground he has over the earth. He is given legal authority by the people as god of this world but for only a short time now. His time is coming to a close soon enough.

So you wonder and say “what is the solution?” The solution, which I have repeatedly called for man to do, is repentance!! If man came together “corporately” and “collectively” as One repenting in sackcloth and ashes I would hear from heaven. This IS the solution but man believes the solutions reside in men and I have been tossed aside and as throughout history, I will be blamed and satan will be glorified as the Son Of Perdition takes center stage soon. Most will fall for his lying signs and wonders, will find him most charming. He will smile to your faces as he destroys you. None will be saved if I do not send My Son to intervene at that time of the end. Children, I will protect My own. I have been forgotten yet I have not forgotten.

If sin is rampant, therefore, then I allow judgment to fall. Children, children, children, listen to your Father. You have free will to turn from sin, to live honestly and uprightly or to live in ways contrary to who I AM. Do you live by the Ten Commandments or do you make up your own set of rules? Do you live to please Me or yourselves? Do you live to bring honor and glory to My Name or to bring honor and glory to yourselves? Do you see where this has led you and where it is now going?

Man destroys themselves when they live in complete opposition, disobedience and rebellion. Who created the heavens and earth? Was it Trump, Obama, Clinton? Was it all those you idolize in sports and movies? Should I not be the ONE man looks up to but instead of looking up, you look to man to fulfill your desires and to fix all the problems in this world. You idolize criminals, thieves, murderers of the body, soul and mind. You worship the ground some block of wood sits on. You worship these men and women even dirtier than yourselves. Can any of these people save you from what is coming? Can any of them offer salvation? These Satanists you idolize are not bringing you to enlightenment but to eternal darkness for that is where your eternity will be if you do not stop idolizing the ground they walk on. Do NOT do as they do. Do NOT awaken the Third Eye—the pineal gland for it is a lie, it is a false illumination, a false enlightenment. DO NOT practice yoga and come out of all eastern mystic religions. None of this will ever bring you to a heavenly home? Do NOT awaken the chakras!!!

All anyone needs is Me. Worship Me. Praise Me. Come to Me now as things and life changes. Seek a relationship with Me. I will show Mercy. Renounce all ties and connections to all forms of occultism. What you think is innocent, fun and enjoyable as in yoga, New Age, spiritualism—reading books on witchcraft and there are more will only lead you to hell. THERE ARE NO GOOD WITCHES. Do NOT be fooled. Read My Word. This is where wisdom and knowledge come. True repentance allows My Holy Spirit to teach, guide, instruct, change, cleanse—washing you daily. This is where PEACE is; where living waters are. Why drink out of dirty cisterns when you can come to the well of life giving water!!!

Come Children, let us reason together shall we? It’s time now to remove what is not of Me. You see how many have already died so realize the hour you live in. There is no time to delay in making a decision. It is either Me or satan. Tomorrow may never be nigh for you.

You MUST LIVE BY FAITH now more than ever and not by sight for there are many things you don’t understand that is happening in the spiritual yet manifesting in the physical realm so do not lean on your own understanding. There is a MASTER PLAN and the ending has untold riches for all those who enter into the kingdom. If you are not living by faith, then you are living in unbelief of who I am and this is sin and you are living in unbelief of the hope and the promises of what is at the end of all this when all is said and done.


That is all My child.

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 3/12/2020 ending at 12:12 am on 3/13/2020) He has asked me to post this and for all to read:

Influence of Eastern Mysticism – InPlainSite.org

Feb 27, 2020 5:47 PM
Erik Espinoza

Received this message 1 day ago, while waking up in prayer I began to receive this below. Glory to God!  I’am Nothing..
Began to write on my phone the following:

Coronavirus Virus! All is being strategized by the Luciferian Elites of the world. To depopulate the people. This man made virus was made to infect the people in order to cause panic amongst civilization. In order to create a system of control vaccination. In order to control and cause order amongst the people, in getting the mark of the beast. The necessity that it will be and how beneficial it will be to humanity that you will comply with there new government. 

This man of authority know what they are doing. For they are responsible for millions of deaths. That is including Aids, Ebola,HIV, Diabetes’s , High Cholesterol, this whole Kobe Bryant incident was a orchestrated hoax to keep the world sound asleep, to the world coming events. 

This is there game plan! To establish there one world world government , and to rule with there leader the antichrist! Who will terminate all who will come against there regime. As he will declare himself to be god, millions upon millions will be lost and deceived by this man which will come into the scene for a short time! To test the people’s hearts! He will look to take as many down with him to the dark pits of hell. As his last run to deceive humanity. 

Will I find faith on the earth son of man? Before my return? All will seem lost and hopeless, for my people. With no place to run or hide,  They will be caught by there camps! Where many children will be separated from there loved ones. Family members will be torn apart like a sheet of paper and will be a free for all to take for captivity. Your family members will be tried and tested like no other, as many will be so frightened to give up there own life for the sake of the gospel they will give up there own children in order to save there own lives . For whosoever will lose there life in this life will gain it , and he who loves his life in these life will lose it. Iam weeping son of man for many I say unto you are not ready to endure such hardships. Many pastors, who taught by the flesh will be in shock when they see the coming trials on the church. For many were aware of what was to come but choose to sleep and relax! As a man who lays back in his couch slothful, laying waste without a care in the world of the world events. Expecting to escape tribulation they fell asleep!! Woe unto you man in the pulpit who did not endure sound doctrine but fed my people baby milk, like an unborn infant who just came out from the womb! You will be afraid and will not stand when the people you very much deceive will come after to you like dogs ready to devour you!! Judgement has come!!! And it shall begin in my House Thus Saith The Lord. Weep, mourn, scream, and shout for my people son of man go stand in the gate and proclaim the coming judgement upon the church of America! Declare to them to keep their garments clean without spot or blemish lest I come and smite thee!!

Many hardships are about to arrive in the next upcoming election, for an assassination ( trump being taken out )  will occur far worst than the  assassination of John f Kennedy .

This will Begin of America’s downfall. A division on the land will occur!!!!