The Antichrist

Hundreds of  devoted Christians have posted dreams, visions and prophecies on the ‘internet’ over the past ten years revealing that Barack Obama is indeed the long awaited Antichrist.

In the Book of Daniel chapter 11, verse 37 God reveals to Daniel that the Antichrist will have no desire of women. See this shocking expose of Barack and Michelle Obama.

Here is quite a selection of Obama Antichrist prophecies.

Obama Vision

November 14, 2020 1:10 PM
Judy Reynolds

Vision around 7 to 8 am, right before waking; this vision was a brief vision but yet in slow motion so I could see each part clearly.

I saw the profile of a man’s face pretty close up; it was not on color but more of a gray toned picture backing. What I saw was the bottom right jaw up to the cheekbone, I saw a square area being lighted up dimly, little parts like wheels and circuit board parts like being actively configured, confirmed and in perfect place. This was very digital looking technology. This profile was of Barak Obama then that part was shadowed again and the whole profile was shown again with the square removed and the parts remained but were no longer highlighted. I then saw from a profile view he began to speak, I knew instantly that what was in his cheek was ABSOLUTELY necessary and connected to 5G, the cloud, AI ..all of it.

I knew that his speech was going to now be able to go to the masses! No longer being human speech. I did see a tiny cut highlighted by the jaw as I was shown the square area lit up at the beginning of the vision. The area showing the moving parts was a very light green, almost neon.

I asked The Lord when the vision was done if I was seeing clearly and correctly and that this was Obama, HE said “yes” to both and asked me to write it down and release it to the people.

Scriptures given for this vision:

Psalm 84
Ezekiel 3:12
Daniel 4:16,17
Revelation 13:5-10
I Thessalonians 2:12
All of II Corinthians 4.
Leviti cus all of chapter 12.

Received in November 2018 by Mena Lee Grebin of Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

I would like to share with you what I saw regarding the Beast.From the wee hours of Sunday morning (November 18th), until the rising of the sun, I found myself on some type of spiritual current where I was in and out of visions for approximately 6 hours. The whole time, the Lord was speaking to me as He flashed scene after scene in front of me, revealing the darkest secrets of mankind, particularly operations here in America, and giving me understanding as to why His sword will come to the land.

At this time, I am not at liberty to reveal all the horrors that were revealed to me. However, it all led up to the rising of the Beast system, which was the final vision given to me and that is what I am to share with you.

I found myself in what looked like an old mill with warehouse-like features. This place was very large and rustic, not necessarily dirty, but vintage looking. On the front wall near the entrance, was a very large movie screen, which wasn’t modern, but seemed old, more like a screen used for projectors more than thirty years ago.

I had a newspaper in my hand, and I was looking at an advertisement for a movie. The tickets were priced very high. The movie had no title, but it had three parts; each with a title listed.

Part One: Together We Stand

Part Two: We Are Loved

Part Three: I Am God

For some reason, I was not allowed to see part one, but I was given clear understanding that part one was regarding the Pope.

At the second viewing (Part Two), I found myself in the mill surrounded with hundreds of people. They were all taking their seats before the movie began. As I scanned the room with my eyes, I noticed the group coming in to see the film were all young, ranging from about 14 or 15 years old to about mid to late 20’s. They were from all backgrounds, cultures and races.

I looked towards the back, at the left, where bleachers lined the wall. I saw many politicians, both national and international, sitting next to one another, engaging in light conversations. My eyes then led me to the only person on the bleachers that was standing tall, with a navy-blue suit on…

It was Barack Obama.

The movie began and everyone quieted down into their seats. I was sitting at the front, perhaps around the third or fourth row. As it played, it seemed as though it went on forever. I actually felt I had sat through this entire film for two to three hours. The music attached to this film was captivating and seductive (but not in a sexual way), and it stirred the emotions. I could feel my soul being pulled, yet there was a fight in me not to succumb to the potency of its intention. It instantly reminded me of the campaign commercials that Obama ran for the 2008 presidential election. I would hear the commercials playing on the television in the morning while I was getting ready for work and I would feel an awkward pull from within me, but my soul knew it was evil. It got to the point where I would mute the TV when his commercials came on.

The movie ended with flashes of young people holding up their fingers, formed in the shape of a heart, and one by one, the chanted, “We are loved.”

As these scenes continued, one by one the people in the audience began standing, and they too held up their hands and formed their fingers into the shape of a heart and chanted, “We are loved.”

Nearly the entire room stood. I looked around as I stayed seated. The chants grew louder and louder. My eyes locked with a young black girl still seated a few rows over. She looked to be about 16. She didn’t say a word, but I knew what she was thinking. Something was terribly wrong with this.

As I continued to look around, I saw a few people were still seated, but the number was very small, less than ten.

I looked back towards the bleachers, and I saw Obama still standing in the same exact place. He was glancing over the crowd. Although he wasn’t smiling, there was a look of deep satisfaction on his face.

I was then taken into the third scene…

Just like before, I was at the mill. I looked to my left and saw the same bleachers, with the same national and international politicians sitting in conversations. Barack Obama was still the only one standing, but this time I noticed there was a podium in front of him.

People began pouring into the area from a door that was located next to the screen. This group of people looked to be around my age group, and older (Note: I never saw any small children at any point of this vision), so perhaps from their 30’s into their 80’s or even 90’s. Once again, the people were from all backgrounds, cultures, and races, but I noticed there were also many pastors and people of faith in this group.

Again, they quieted down and took their seats as the third part of the film began to play.

This film was very short, not even half the length of time as the prior one. But there was still that captivating, mind-seducing music that played throughout the film. However, at the end, something unique happened. The lights came on and Obama stood with his right hand raised. His fingers were formed in what I’ve heard is called the “devil’s horns.”

He stood tall as the crowd all turned towards him. And then he spoke and said, “I am God.”

And just like before, one by one, people began to stand and chant, “I am God.” And they too, mimicked the devil horn sign with their hands.

But not everyone stood.

This time, unlike that last group of youth, there were many more seated. About two-thirds of the room was standing, while one-third remained seated. The ones seated had a look of horror on their faces. They knew that what was transpiring was not good.

Next thing I knew, the ones who were seated were rounded up by troops into a single file line. I watched as they began to march them out of the door that everyone came in. I knew I had to get in that line.

As I was in the back of the line, Obama looked over towards us and asked mockingly, “Are you really willing to die for your faith?”

Suddenly, a loud, powerful voice spoke from the air and said, “They WILL stand for Me, even unto death.”My vision then ended.

As with all things, take this to prayer

On January 26, 2018, Sharlene received the following vision (#15) of the seat of satan.  Link for Sharlene’s Blog

This is crazy but serious information. This vision started with the screen filled with the face of Hitler! He was speaking German, addressing the masses, like a pep talk, in what appeared to be a rally. It looked like the entire German army was on display in front of him, yet I also saw them marching on the streets. This was in Berlin.Then the picture changed to the Pergamon Museum, which is also in Berlin. I saw the seat of satan. I quickly went to google it and it matched the picture in my vision. It is the Pergamon Altar, aka seat of satan.

I asked Jesus what the connection is and if this is about the rising of the antichrist? He replied: “Yes”.Then I went back to the vision and saw that man wearing that suit- that same man who is in my other visions (see vision 9 and vision 11), walk up those steps of that museum. When he got to the top, he turned around lifted his arms in the air and demanded praise and worship. I was too far away to see his face.

(Sharlene’s 2018 vision is quite profound in consideration of the following information)

This is Obama’s stage (above photo) at the Democratic convention in Denver in 2008, designed to look like a Greek Temple. It’s strange enough that Obama made a temple his stage, a place of worship, but Obama’s nomination temple appears to be modeled after the Pergamon altar, a special place. This is the Pergamon Altar, which is on display at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, Germany only a few hundred yards from the place where Obama gave a speech a couple months before the convention. The Pergamon Altar is special because it is mentioned in the biblical book of Revelation and is called in Revelation the seat or throne of Satan. The Greek god, Zeus, and pagan idols were worshipped at Pergamon. However, more importantly, Ceasar Augustus, the ruler of Rome, was worshipped as a God at Pergamon. An early Christian, named Antipas, was sacrificed there, because he refused to worship the pagan gods of Pergamon. Antipas was burned alive at this altar inside a hollow bronze bull. Hitler’s architect, Albert Speer, also modeled the tribune at the Zeppelin field in Nuremberg after the Pergamon altar. This fact is mentioned in the documentary film, the Architecture of Doom. This is the Zeppelin Field at Nuremberg, one of the sites where Hitler had his Reichstag Rallies. Hitler also sacrificed 10 million Christians as well as Jews, by gassing them and burning burning their bodies, as well as other means. Obama’s temple looks even more like the Pergamon Altar than Hitler’s did. Obama is the most prominent follower of the radical anarchist, Saul Alinsky. Alinsky dedicated his book, “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer. It is a text book for revolutionary radical activists and Lucifer was the first revolutionary, as Alinsky points out. Black Liberation Theology teaches that the black race is the “manifestation of God on earth” and that a black messiah will lead the destruction of white society, the traditional Christian church and America as we have known it. That man is god is a Luciferian concept. You may recall from the Bible, Lucifer was cast out of Heaven, because he wanted to be on a higher level than God. The self-worship of man can be considered a form of Satanism. This is actually the kind of belief that the Nazis had, that the Aryan race is god and that Adolf Hitler was the Messiah. The stage design is unlikely to be accidental, because there have been so many references by his own supporters to Obama being the messiah or a God and the doctrine of his own church actually teaches that concept. It seems more likely to be a provocation. Obama loves for his opponents to call him the “Antichrist,” because he can use it to make them look hysterical and to motivate his supporters. But I think it is also a play on his own religious belief. Because they can’t normally say it openly in public, occultists have used ambiguous symbolism like this for hundreds of years to hint to others what their beliefs are. Saul Alinsky tied his book to Lucifer, because he realized that he is using the same principles. It seems that Obama is pointing to his own relationship to Lucifer with what appears to be the dedication of his campaign to the Great Deceiver.

Z3er Kimberly Fisher shared the following word she received regarding Obama.

On September 1, 2017, I got up that morning, about 5:30 am to use the bathroom and as I was going back to bed, I heard very clearly, “Barack Hussein Obama is coming back on the scene.

”It stopped me in my tracks! I said, “Lord, what?” and the Lord said it again, loud and clear. So I crawled in bed and asked the Lord, “What do you mean and why?”

I kept praying in the spirit for a while and then I heard the Lord say, “Obama is coming back stronger and more powerful than ever before. Satan has empowered him. He is evil, very evil.”

I asked the Lord to give me confirmation. I just put it aside and left it in God’s hands. Then after the Solar eclipse and hurricane Harvey and Irma, praying about all that, the Lord led me to Z3 News and I got my confirmation from a word from Glynda Lomax. Then today came across this and a few more about Obama.

Note: I have never referred to Obama by his full name.

Thank you for your ministry! Your sister in Christ, Kimberly

Those who follow Z3 News already know what Kimberly heard confirms what I saw in a vision in 2014. Like Kimberly, I needed confirmations, so I waited six months before posting it. The confirmations came and have not stopped coming ever since. A few weeks later, I received a dream confirming it with more details about his plans for destroying the United States and murdering our people.

God showed me Obama is the one who will fulfill Daniel’s prophecy about an evil king who takes action against the strongest fortress on earth with the help of a foreign god (Daniel 11:39) and He showed me Obama will complete his assignment here before departing for his next assignment.

His return to power in the United States would violate our Constitutional process, but that means nothing to the man of lawlessness. With his approval rating currently at 63%, Obama will likely be welcomed back like a hero by millions of Americans who have no idea who he is or what he will do.

James Bailey

Author: James Bailey is a blogger, business owner, husband and father of two grown children. In 1982, he surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. In 2012, he founded to broadcast the message of salvation by reporting end time news before it happens.

September 19, 2017 12:06 AM By I never paid much thought or interest to who exactly the antichrist is. I assumed he had not been revealed yet and that he was nobody people had seen so far. I was still of this opinion, but this changed recently.

I was seeing many of the brethren point to Barack Obama as the antichrist beast. I wasn’t sure of this,but I was open minded, but as I say I thought the antichrist would be somebody new. This was until my dream a week ago, about 4th Sept 2017, which I will tell you now.

In the dream, I was walking with a few members of my family and we entered a building that was meant to be a store of some kind. Within was a military controlled building with soldiers around. They did not notice us. It felt like it was a hidden place or was meant to be a secret.

I walked over into another room and there was this large stone tomb, like a sarcophagus. It was cube like and shaped in a rectangle with high walls about 4 to 5 feet high. I looked inside and saw Obama laying in the tomb with his arms folded over his chest and his eyes closed. It looked like he was in stasis. Then he slowly started to rise, still with his eyes closed and arms folded over his chest like a vampire, like demonically raising up the upper half of his body. My sister got close and was intrigued, so I told her something like, “Don’t get close to him, this will be the most evil man in all of existence once the spirit of satan fully has possessed him. He will rule the world and the world will worship him.”

I said this in a matter of a fact way, despite the fact before this I was totally unsure about the antichrist. At this point, he was slowly raising up, like he was about to be fully possessed soon and open his eyes as satan in a body of man.

Then we quickly left the room and came back into the previous room. There were military guards around, but they were walking around and couldn’t see us. Then this lady who could see us came up to us and started communicating to me in hand signs, like a code, but I could understand what she was saying. She said, “Obama will be the antichrist and the seals of the Revelation and the dragon in the sky are soon to begin.”

Then the dream ended.

I also had another dream of Obama where he was trying to stop me from leaving a building. He was so cocky and arrogant, telling me the smoothest lies I have ever heard. Literally, they were like demonically enhanced or something. It made me want to believe it and I had to snap myself out of it and realize his deception, and he just laughed.

In another dream, Obama led me into an underground demonic lair where he had women try to seduce me. He then disappeared and this huge demonic spirit who I understood represented satan tried to overcome me, but I was not fearful and believed in the Lord and His light shone through me. Then the dream ended.


These dreams have been enough confirmation for me that I believe Barack Obama will be the final antichrist to be fully possessed and contain the spirit of satan and rule the world with the world worshiping him, all who are not written in the Book of Life, who will go to the lake of fire, hell forever. He will be the man who is possessed by satan. The antichrist beast will be Barack Obama. I believe the Lord revealed this to me and confirmed it through my close friend.

Author: Christopher Harris

Christopher Harris lives in Australia. He came to Jesus Christ and confessed his faith in 2016, after coming away from the faith since primary school. Since 2009, he began having dreams of tsunamis and other natural disasters, and these became more frequent and varied from 2015, and especially since he came to Christ. He’s had dreams of war, troop led exterminations and roundups, demons coming upon the earth, battling demons, false aliens (demons), natural disasters and tribulation. He has dreamed of the USA being conquered by Russia and Asian troops, a nuclear strike on the country and massive tsunamis (striking NYC and other areas). Christopher has put his focus on the Lord and awaits His return, while making videos to try to warn others of the times he believes we are living in, with the judgment of God at the door. His youtube channel is JESUSisLORD and his website is

“I saw devastation as far as I could see.”

August 18, 2017 8:38 AM By 16 Comments

On 7-17-17, I dreamed I was looking out a large picture window out across the landscape. I saw devastation as far as I could see. I saw people going about their business, struggling through the destruction as if they didn’t really see it. I had compassion on them as I saw them just trying to go through their problems.

I started to feel that they weren’t aware the land was destroyed. To the right of me, I heard Barack Obama say, “I like that the country is secular now, it’s what I want. It works for me. It will make it easier when the time comes for people to believe in me!”

I turned to look at him and saw two dogs that were identical. They had strange markings on their fur. I wondered what kind of dogs they were. They paced back and forth as one, inside a glass window. I seemed protected from them. I thought of petting them, but a blonde haired woman in a black business skirt and blazer said to me, “I wouldn’t touch them. I wouldn’t trust them, they will hurt you.”

I then realized they were hyenas. I thought it was appropriate with all the evil laughter I heard from him for eight years. End of Dream.


I was curious to find out more about my dream, so I looked in a book entitled, “The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols. From Alchemy to Zodiac,” by Adele Nozedar. What I read about hyenas was very disturbing as it relates to the Ex-President. Here is the entire paragraph:

The Hyena, the predatory hunter who seems to laugh as it hunts down and kill its quarry, is emblematic of CRUELTY and HEARTLESSNESS and is often considered to have few if any redeeming qualities. However, its prodigious sense of smell has accorded it divinatory powers, and its ability to crack tough bones with its immensely strong jaws means that for Africans who live in close proximity to it, the hyena is emblematic of understanding and learning.

A carrion eater that exists purely on the earthly plane, the hyena carries none of the symbolism of the vulture, which also eats waste, but is divine because it operates in the element of air. (So that means a hyena is lower than a vulture! my opinion) It is impossible for the hyena to transcend either the coarseness of its surroundings or the degrading acts it has to commit in order to survive. Despite all this, the hyena is considered to have magical powers, and is considered something of a magician.

Allegedly, it could hypnotize any animal by walking around it three times, it could imitate the human voice so accurately that it could cause people to leave their homes, (Hmm, hypnosis of the masses, interesting) it was believed to have a jewel in its eye that enabled it to see into the future. Witches and wizards were able to change into hyenas, it was believed, in order to travel to their unholy sabats. (Parentheses comments are mine.)

No wonder the woman said to me, “I wouldn’t touch them. I wouldn’t trust them, they will hurt you.” Her warning was not just about the hyenas, but Obama too.I also thought it meaningful that there were twin hyenas. Two can mean polarity, duality, duplicity and even schizophrenia. He is confusing as he is a Marxist and a Muslim. He is for the transgender personality, which really is a mental illness, and a perversion of God creating male and female and they became one.Exciting times are here, good and bad.

Author: Diane Boneck

Diane Boneck started having prophetic and political dreams the day Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. She believes we are in the end times, when God’s judgment will come upon our unrepentant nation and the world. The Lord has shown her the Muslim refugee crisis is a Trojan horse and a checkmate move by the evil ones. They will rise up when they hear the signal from their leader. He has also shown her where her family should live and how to be more self reliant.

“Darkness Comes, and it Comes Quickly”March 8, 2017 5:32 PM By 71 Comments

I was praying in the Spirit and asking the Lord for a word for today, for an open vision, about what is to come. He told me several days earlier that “Obama is a King,” but I did not know what He meant. I felt He meant something about the ten kings in Daniel, but He did not say that.

I had been praying about President Trump at the time He said it. I have no revelation on Daniel, so I did not know what to do with the information. However, I feel very strongly the Lord is trying to tell us something about what is about to happen on the world’s stage.

Before He would show me these things today, He had me pay protection – I anointed myself, and prayed in the spirit for angelic protection all around my house, my body, my pets, my son, everything, and to cancel all retaliatory attacks. Never in my life has He had me do that.

I should add here that at the end of 2008, around the time the Lord gave me the famine visions, I was shown a revelation about a scripture and a vision started showing me Obama (who had just been elected at the time) had something to do with the Beast. I threw the paper down I was holding because it scared me so bad. At that point, I was still working and I did not even know we were in the end times. I never received the rest of the vision, though I repented and prayed often for it. I later learned from the Lord He will only show these visions to those who can handle them.

As I began praying in the Spirit, I saw a shadowy Obama and a line of others – a group of maybe eight or ten in all, maybe less. I could not see them clearly enough to count them, but I saw such FILTH as I have never seen in any vision, and by instinct, I turned my head so as not to see it because I hate evil and wickedness.

The Lord said, “Look and see, My Daughter.”I replied, “Okay, Lord, I will look. I will see. I will receive the vision. Please show us what is about to come to the earth.”

I did not receive an open vision, but a spirit vision about this. I kept sensing, “Filthy Abominations.”

The dark men stood pushed together, shoulder to shoulder crowded up. They dwelt in heavy darkness and filth like nothing I have ever seen. There was no light in them at all. I sensed fire nearby and I saw their evil smiles as they discussed their plans.

So I prayed more and more in the Spirit and I looked again at the group of men in darkness to see if I could see more.

They were mired in filth. They stood in it almost to their knees. Something so filthy I could not begin to identify it, and it was also on them like a muddy mire on their faces and bodies and hands. They all wore suits, like they were very rich or important men. They were joined by filth and evil and perversion. Obama was in front of them, he stood out from them, always smiling. I think he is their “front man.”

I asked, “Why do they need a front man, Lord?”

Then I sensed that the others, if they stepped forward in leadership, it would be obvious what they were up to.I asked, “Why Obama, Lord?”

I heard, “Smooth speech.”

They share their filth. I don’t know what that means, but I see them “sharing filth.” It may be filthy lucre or some type of perversion.

I asked, “What do they want, Lord?”

I saw a giant throne pushing up through the earth, on a globe of the world. This is no ordinary throne, it is wide enough for more than one person. It is HUGE. HUGE.

I saw them rejoicing as it pushed upward through the earth’s dirt. It took up most of the top of the globe (I saw it come up in the north). It is a very STRONG THRONE, I think that means it will have much earthly power. I did not see anyone on or near the throne when it pushed up.

I saw Obama taking gifts or bribes from other countries, to do something evil for them. I don’t know what. He was laughing with glee as he pushed them into his pockets. Then I saw him resume his smooth speech face, the one he always had when he gave speeches.

Then I heard, “World dominion.”

Then the praying turned into warfare tongues, very angry, authoritative tongues. I have prayed those only very occasionally in my lifetime.

Darkness Comes Quickly

I received this word from the Lord.

“Chaos comes to your White House and to the world’s scene to distract My people from what is really happening, behind the scenes. Only those who seek Me on a deep level and spend much time in prayer will see what is coming before it hits.

There are filthy abominations in high places and they conspire against you, My saints. They conspire to remove Me and My Word from the world you live in. They will stop at no lengths to do this. Their desire is to issue an edict of punishment by death for all Christians, and they plan to do this.

Now they seek the power to take over all things. Their plan of destruction will make this power possible, for they will hold the keys when the destruction comes. Human life has no value to them for they live above it. And it comes quickly.

They plan to attack in ways that appear to be someone else, and bring war to the earth. It will spread quickly when it happens. Much anger and hatred abounds between peoples and they will not hesitate to strike back at these attacks.”

NOTE: I saw Obama making a smooth speech, acting innocent, and concerned when this happens, but he had a second face on the back of his head and it was laughing an evil laugh. Then I saw all of the dark men laughing together in secret. Spiritual darkness will cover the earth when this happens, My children. Darkness comes, and it comes quickly.

11 Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord:
12 And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord, and shall not find it.
13 In that day shall the fair virgins and young men faint for thirst. (Amos 8:11-13)

1 Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.
2 For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.
3 And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. (Isaiah 60:1-3)

NOTE: I looked at the meaning of the word “gross” here in the Strong’s and it means thick darkness, gloom. For sure we would be gloomy without the Word of God.

Glynda Lomax

Author: Glynda Lomax

The Lord began giving Glynda Lomax prophetic words and visions when she was in her twenties. She began to have visions and dream visions, which at that time related to her personal life, but it was not until 1996 that she truly got into an intimate walk with Him. In 1997, she began to receive very vivid open visions as well as dream visions and prophetic words. In early 2008, the open visions came with a new intensity, so powerful that she would feel as if a wall of wind had hit her as the visions opened up before her. In December of 2008, the Lord began to show her end times visions. Just before 2011 began, He gave her several consecutive words in a short period of time for His people. She inquired of Him about receiving so many words in such a short time and He sent her a word the next day through a prophet that He is going to pour out His Spirit. That night He spoke to her to begin a blog to release them to His people, which is when she started Wings of Prophecy.

Perhaps the most profound Obama Antichrist prophecies were given to prophetess Linda Newkirk immediately after Obama’s 2008 election win.





Coming out of Africa, through the European Illuminati, a subject of the Queen of England, backed by the Vatican, empowered through the Israeli Mossad, Communist/Marxist groomed!





November 15, 2008

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! My Little One, hearken unto Me! Listen and write as I say, that all may be the wiser! For, a time of great trouble is upon the whole world! A time when nation shall rise up against nation, families against families, a time wherein one’s greatest enemies may be in his own household! A time of great want, of famine, of global wars, pestilences, and diseases as never seen before! A time when very powerful families of great evil shall stand up against one another, with one out to destroy the other! A time when Satan does, indeed devour his own tail, that his head may be crowned! Oh, yes, you have seen such a thing, such an artwork with Satan devouring his own tail, and at the same time that he devours his own tail, a crown is put upon his head.

Now, My Little One, take note! Look through these glasses and through these new lenses, which I now put on your eyes; and tell Me what you see!

“My Father, I see black boots, like those of Hitler, shiny and new, but large, long and wide! And, for now, I only see the boots.”

“But, look upward, My Child, what do you see?”

“My Father, I see that the boots belong to Barack Hussein Obama! And, also, my Father, I see that he is dressed as a Nazi! He is wearing a Nazi uniform and over his heart and on his left pocket is a Nazi emblem! He wears a green beret and on the left side of this beret, but near the middle of his forehead is another Nazi emblem. He carries a baton; and emblazoned on the end of it is also a Nazi emblem. Oh, my Father, this is not good!”

“Yes, my Child, through his calm demeanor, through his use of clever words, he has deceived the whole world! But, do not be deceived, My Little One! Now, when I change the lenses in these glasses, what do you see?”

“My Father, I see a bright candle! It is indeed very bright; and I can neither see past it or around it.”

“No, you cannot, My Child, not now. But, as I put a shade on this candle, what do you see?”

“My Father, I see, of course, that the candle is dim, very dim, so dim that I no longer see it, but only see a very faint light; and where the candle was, I now see Barack Obama! And, I see, as well, that he has no light, but is full of many lying demons and seducing spirits, and out of his mouth come many blasphemous things! His every word is full of darkness and his teeth are like black posts. His countenance is also no longer that of Barack Obama, but that of a beastly image, who stands tall in the faint light! And, the appearance of this beast is vague to me; therefore, I am left without words to explain what I see; for I have never seen anything like it. His fingernails are long and curled! His toenails are long and curled and he paces up and down in the oval office, something like a caged animal! Oh, my Father, tell me about what I see.”

“My Little One, all of the world shall wonder after what they perceive to be the light of the world! Nations shall wonder after a false light and nations shall heap praises upon a false light! And, many shall wonder after this light! Many shall thereby be deceived and shall fall and worship this false light, giving great honor to what is false! For, many are now longing for someone to come and to rescue them from the forces of great evil! They want a Saviour, but do not wish to bend a knee to the real Saviour, who is Jesus, My Son. For, they love the world and what is in it; and the Real Light of the World, they refuse! For, they do not wish to repent, but to continue on in their wicked ways! Therefore, they shall honor a false light and they shall call him the light of the world! And, many shall fall at his feet and shall worship him, when he is no man, but a beast, who appears to be a man!

And, through this very one, many, many shall fall the whole world over! And, many shall be deceived! For, they are looking for a man to rescue them from the evils of the world! And, this one shall rise and he will begin then to devour parts of Satan’s Kingdom, to devour Satan’s own tail, all in order that he may be crowned king of this world! For, when he is king of the world, Satan will indeed be king, if only for a short while.

Therefore, what you see now, with this man, who is not even yet inaugurated, is a great push to uproot long-held, Bush-Rockefeller-Clinton power bases in America, thereby removing their power from this nation, so that it falls more readily into the hands of the power elite in Europe and into the hands of the Israeli Mossad, and in to the hands of other nations.

To all of you, it may appear that he is doing a great work to destabilize the drug empire of the Bushes and Clintons, and to bring back to America, what these have stolen and robbed from this nation! Do not be deceived!

For, his great push to take these trillions and to sit over this great amount of wealth is being driven by the European Satanists in their bid to destroy America and also by the Vatican, the Israeli Mossad, and even others.

If his behavior seems unseemly for someone, who is not yet even inaugurated, it is because of the fact that he dances high for Satan, higher than all of the rest! And, he dances well for the European elite and for the Israeli Mossad, who put him in power.

It is a grave mistake indeed, that so many believe that he has at heart the interests of America. He does not! He is the final nail in the coffin of this great nation.

For, the real light of the world, you, as a nation, have overwhelmingly trampled! And, now, you have the false light, one who is really a beast in great disguise. The real Light, My Son, you have overwhelmingly rejected! But, this false light, you will overwhelmingly follow, and so will many, many the world over!”

“Oh, Father, this is even as I have felt in my spirit.”

“Yes, My Little One, this is even as you have felt; for I have quickened your spirit to see beyond the facade and to see a man of obscurity arise to world power in such a short time. A man, who is no man at all, but a beast! And, the whole world will long after the beast! And, many will take the mark! And, they will fall and worship the Beast! None, whose names are in the Book of Life, will worship the beast, but of the rest, My Little One, vast numbers will take the mark! For, they will idolize this one, and they will believe in him! And, they will do as he says, for they are cut off from My Spirit! But, the wise will know who he is and the wise will teach many!

Now, you know, My Little One; and all will also know, who have the heart to receive! Barack Hussein Obama is Satan’s number one ruler in the world! And, the high-level Satanists of other nations, along with his god Satan, are his driving force! And, he has but one goal for America and this is to bring you down, and to bring other nations down, even other ruling elite of Satan, who stand opposed to giving up their power. For, he will rise and exalt himself above all.

Be not deceived! For, now is the time for the rest of the Book of Revelation to be fulfilled! And, the time is at hand also, when Revelation 12 will also be completed and with it mighty blessings coming back for humanity! For, as the antichrist system rises, My Kingdom also rises in the Earth.

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 15th day of November, 2008,

Linda Newkirk

For a few days, my Dear Ones, I waited upon our Father; and I also longed to know more of this man! And, because of this longing, our Father gave another confirmation of who he is! And, it was during the time that our Saviour was speaking to me and giving me the following message that a Dear Brother called me early in the morning. Normally, I would not have answered the phone, but I felt the tug of the Spirit in my heart, that I should answer the call. This Dear Brother told me that he had run across an article, which detailed how Obama had been in Russia as early as 1992, and that even then, the word was that he would be senator! I have not yet had a chance to read this article, but even so, this was but another confirmation, which our Saviour wanted me to have as I was beginning to receive His words! Below, you will read His words, and you will also understand that the Nazi education of this man. Obama, is indeed deep.

Second Message Jesus Speaks!

My Blessed Child, I am your Friend, I am your teacher, I am your Saviour, Jesus, Messiah of the World, and as you know Me and call Me, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

My Blessed Child, you have received of our Father and of Me, a second confirmation of what you have been given as regards Barack Obama’s being the antichrist.

And, even as I give you this message, I have also had a Dear One, to call you, and to give you added information about Obama’s being under foreign control, even under Russian/Marxist control! And, this has been unknown to you, and unknown to most, that he has been well-groomed and well-prepared by the Russians for his role in bringing about a Marxist/Communist dictatorship in America!

Tom Fife’s Testimony of Obama’s Communist Training

Testimonies of Russian Spetsnaz operating in America

Just know, My Little One, that his roots go deep, that his roots are dark, and that they stretch wide in Communist/Marxist teachings and doctrines, even as I have shown you in a previous vision! For, these words and visions of our Father are also My words and visions to you! Obama has been brought through the ranks and has been deeply indoctrinated and trained in subversive techniques. And, he has been groomed and prepared for this time of world communism and Satanism; for nothing of such a magnitude happens in Satan’s kingdom by chance! But, even so, am I not in all of this?

You, Oh, My People in this nation have refused Me! You have refused our Father! You have forsaken righteousness, preferring instead to follow after the world, and to trust in the arm of the flesh, and to believe in men and their powers! Yes, indeed, to trust in a wicked government to rescue you, to fix your problems and to provide for you!

Now comes the very antichrist into your midst and you see it not! For, you are looking for someone to SAVE you from your own downfall! You are looking to a man to fix the world situation! You are looking to a man to save you from war, to save your houses, to save your jobs and to save your families! Yes, you are looking to a man and I have given you a man, who will lie to you! He will tell you every smooth tale! He will con you with every smooth plan, even as he leads this nation off a cliff, to a point of no return. Even as he sets up death camps in your midst and even as he executes your families and even as he ravages your land with war and destruction, he will tell you that this is for your own good! Even as he beheads and kills you by the hundreds of thousands, oh yes, he will tell you that the terrorists and the dissidents must be purged.

Oh, yes he will do these things! He will cast you into a third world war and quickly so, to cause you to be attacked and to be annihilated and/or carried away by the foreign soldiers. But, he will not be satisfied with only bringing this nation to its knees. He will look to the whole world, and wish to conquer the whole world; and to bring to its knees the whole economic system in the world.

For, he would have all in the world to bend a knee to him and to worship him. And, many, many will bow and serve him and many, many will worship him and many, many will take the mark of the beast. But, the tried and true will not! My Faithful will not, yet these things shall be; for they are now upon you!

Be not troubled, My Little One, for even so, all of these things must be! I tell you now that Barack Hussein Obama is the antichrist and that the false prophet is also already known and is standing in the shadows. For, now is the time that the world knows, even as I have told you, that Barack Hussein is the antichrist and he will rise over this wicked nation! And, know that our Father has placed him here and many, many of you have believed a great lie! Yes, you have first loved a lie!

I have called and sent My prophets throughout this nation to warn you to repent of your wicked ways, and you would not! You would not receive My warnings of correction, but have overwhelmingly scoffed at My warnings to repent, or perish. Therefore, your hour is at hand, wherein I will raise up the antichrist over this land, and you will drink of the bitter cup of your own sins! For, oh so wicked you are, Oh Nation of America!

I have rounded you up, Oh House of Israel, and I have given you this land of America; and I have blessed you above all nations, only to see you raise up your skirts for every whore monger, to see you chase every filthy sin of the flesh, and to love every vain thing! Now, comes the time of My great judgement against you! For, no longer can I bear to look upon your sins and gross rebellion!

Hear Me, you Nation of America, My days of warnings are fast coming to an end! Yes, indeed! For, the time of My judgement is upon this nation and upon the whole world!

But, even so, I will not leave you to be utterly destroyed and consumed by this great evil, which is upon you! For, I will also soon, and Oh so soon, take My Bride and many wedding guests! And, I will send My Bride back into the Earth and most of the wedding guests I will also send back; and for some months I will pour out My glory upon all flesh!

But, also there will come a time of my removal of this glory, wherein I will take My Faithful and will hide them in places of refuge and safety, wherein no evil shall go! And, into these places of refuge, I shall take many others as their hearts become right with Me and as their lives become clean! But, no evil will come therein!

And, I shall also send forth My Bride, who will work mighty miracles in the midst of such darkness and through these also shall come great judgements upon the wicked! But, even so, no harm shall come upon them; for My wrath is not meant for my Bride!

Go in peace, My Little One, and know that I have shown you the truth about Barack Obama and have also now confirmed it to you! Type and send out what I have given you, for it is also time for all to know, who can receive the truth!

I am your Lord of Lords, your King of Kings, Jesus, Messiah, Saviour!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 20th day of November, 2008,  Linda Newkirk

The Book of Daniel says Obama will have no desire of women. Evidence exists that Michelle Obama is actually a man, or perhaps, was born an hermaphrodite. Link

Obama Is A Rothschild Puppet

(Excerpted from

“It means a new world power base, which is centered in Europe! And, it is to this power base that your new king belongs.”

“You said, King.”

“Yes, I said, ‘King.’”

“My Father, tell me more.”

“My Little One, what do you see?”

“My Father, I see Barack Obama. He walks up the steps of this huge castle, knocks on the door and he is greeted by a servant. This servant leads him down a long hallway and on the walls of the hall are portraits of many important past leaders, and just glancing among them, I see Winston Churchill and Bill Clinton, among others. The servant goes ahead of Obama and ushers him through an open door; and into the presence of the Rothschild man, who sits at a desk. The Rothshild man is dressed in a suit as a business man, but his countenance quickly changes and I no longer see a man, but a beastly creature.

The Rothschild man says, ‘sit, my friend. For I have a need for speed. Here, take a pill and let me see what will be. Twiddly dee! Twiddly dee!’ And, he takes a pill of speed and gives Obama a pill of speed and I see that someone then lowers a big, heavy, metal lever and a big ship, which was idle, begins to roar forth as it churns up the waters.

‘Sonny Boy,’ he says to Obama, ‘it is time to speed things up! Do you see what is just ahead in the water? A giant boulder, Sonny Boy; and this boulder is out to sink our ship! Do you see what is written on this rock?’ (And, clearly I also see as well that this is no ordinary rock, but a giant rock, like the Rock of Gibralter. And, suddenly the rock disappears and I see our Saviour, towering above the water, His mighty arms outstretched.)

‘See that rock, Sonny Boy! That is trouble. Therefore, it is time for you to dance and to dance fast!’ Then, he reaches down and removes Obama’s work shoes and he places on his feet instead, shiny, black tap dance shoes. And, as he does so, I hear him say, ‘Dance, Sonny Boy!’

Then, the Rothcshild man continues: ‘And, this is My promise to you, that if your dance is perfect before me and if your walk is perfect before me, a golden crown for you! And in your pocket a third of My Kingdom! Are you not one of my very own, that I should so handsomely reward you? For, have I not seeded you and have I not planted you? Even a young twig from this very tree you have grown! And, I, myself, have prepared you to make you ready to receive the gold card that I now give you!

Oh, rise, you King of Persia! A Jew you are, yet deceived they shall be! And, all shall bow to their new king! For, will you not rescue the Arabs? Will you not dance their Moslem dance? Will you not free the oppressed Palestinians? Will you not bring solace to the hearts of the Jews?

Eat up, my boy! Eat of the blood of every nation! Gorge yourself with their meat, for your plate is full of the meat of nations! Clean the plates, which are before you. Leave not one morsel, not one piece of their meat! Stuff yourself now, for I will make you fat, oh boy of mine.’

And, Obama did eat all of the meat, which was on many plates before him. And, his belly became huge, like that of a pregnant woman and he surely looked pregnant to me. In fact, he looked as if a huge tire had been placed around his midsection. Then, the Rothschild man came and put a huge belt around his waist and he fastened a shining, new gold belt buckle atop the belt! And, on the belt buckle was a circle with a v in the middle.

‘Victory is yours, Sonny Boy; for I have given you the meat of the nations and you shall now have a great appetite for the meat of the nations; and you shall gorge yourself.’

And, this was a strange sight indeed, to see Obama looking this way and quickly he grew, his legs much longer and his pants bottoms much too short, clearly half-way up to his knees.

And, the Rothschild man cut a piece out of a circle, like a piece of pie, and this piece was about one third of the pie; and he rolled it up and put in into Obama’s pocket; and straightaway, Obama levitated and flew out the open window. And, as he passed through the window, I heard the screams, the cries of every kind of ghoulish creature, and it was as if the depths of hell had been opened.

“Oh, Father, this is bad!”

“It is, My Little One, very bad, indeed; and all that you see is a mystery to many, but to you, My Little One, I would not have this to be a mystery. Be at peace and go your way! For, many things shall happen, which seem strange; but to My Faithful, they will know; and these things will not seem strange.

I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 23rd day of November, 2008,

Linda Newkirk

The Book of Daniel says that the Antichrist will have no desire of women. Overwhelming evidence exists that Michelle Obama is actually a man, or perhaps, may have been born an hermaphrodite. Link to evidence.


Obama Idolized, Immortalized, and Worshiped as a Savior

I get that no matter what kind of person Obuma is, just the fact that he is the first Non-white in the White House is enough for the Non-Whites across the globe to rally behind him.  But, seriously, this is a world obsessed with this being.  So much so, that they are blind to ALL of his actions and deaf to the things that come out of his mouth.

This ought to be enough to give anyone who is still capable of critical thinking, pause.  One must realize that this is all quite unnatural.  There is something spiritual going on.  BEWARE!

Barack Obama: “The Messiah is absolutely speaking”

Jamie Foxx Calls Barack Obama “Our Lord and Savior

Jamie Foxx called Barack Obama “our lord and savior” during the Soul Train Awards. Just another example of how anti christian this country has become and more proof that we really are in the end times.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images; MANDEL NGAN/AFP/GettyImages

Oh, Jamie Foxx. The comedian caused quite a stir at the 2012 Soul Train Awards, which was televised last night but taped in Las Vegas a few days after the 2012 election, when he made an out-of-this-world comparison regarding the president.“It’s like church over here. It’s like church in here. First of all, give an honor to God and our Lord and Savior Barack Obama. Barack Obama,” Foxx said to the audience.Oprah Calls Obama “The One”

Alicia Keys – Obama’s On Fire (Live)

On 21 January, Alicia Keys sang the song “Girl On FIre” with the words “Obama” replaced “this girl”

Barack Obama, Immortalized in Plastic?


What’s six inches tall, made of phthalate-free PVC plastic, and said to be powerful enough to transform a nation? It’s the Barack Obama action figure created and manufactured by Brooklyn-based Jailbreak Toys. “I decided that whatever I put out, it has to be more than just a product for product’s sake,” says Jason Feinberg, 31, who launched the company three years ago after spending a number of years working various odd jobs.

From the start, Feinberg made action figures favoring historical icons who have contributed positive changes to our world, such as “The Oddfellows” line, which includes Malcolm X, Mahatma Gandhi and Che Guevara. In January of this year, he decided to add an Obama figure, with movable arms and extended index figure, in true Obama leadership form.

“I was looking at what was going on with his campaign,” says Feinberg. “I was like, ‘Wow, this guy is for real.’ He could be the first president who is a part of the post-Vietnam generation. After the last eight years, I wasn’t expecting to have a candidate who thinks like us, talks like us and cares about all the things that my generation cares about. He’s become a symbol of our time.”

Orders have been coming in from all over the country. This month alone, Jailbreak Toys took in 20,000 requests for the Obama action figure. Wholesalers like Urban Outfitters have partnered with Feinberg to distribute the novelties, but many of the individual sales are coming from campaign field organizers who use the figure as a motivational tool to remind people of his message. To support the cause, Jailbreak Toys donates one dollar to the Obama campaign for every figure sold on the company’s Web site. (You can get your own presidential hopeful for $12.99, plus shipping charges, at

“Those of us from Generation X remember all of our fictional heroes like Batman and Superman,” says Feinberg. “It’s so fulfilling having a hero based on a real man with real accomplishments.”

Credit: Courtesy of interviews Jason Feinberg, creator of the Obama Action Figure

youtube.com10 years ago

Talking Barack Obama Action Figure

Push the button, his mouth moves and he speaks! The talking Barack Obama action figure! Hear his words! Feel the change, the hope. Yes, we can! by Gemmy Industries Corp, Coppell, TX  youtube.com5 years ago

Thanks, Station Obama: Scientists immortalize the former president in a way never seen before

This article originally appeared on Climate Central.

Barack Obama officially left office on Friday, but scientists will be saying, “Thanks, Obama” for years to come. Or more specifically, “Thanks, Station Obama.”

Eight years ago on Jan. 20, scientists named a climate monitoring location in a desolate bay off the Antarctic Peninsula after the 44th president to mark his inauguration. They took the step as a way to honor a president they viewed as a someone who would bring scientific integrity back to the White House.

Now they’re returning to the site in the next few days as part of a five-week research cruise underway in the Southern Ocean and plan to make it an annual visit. The data they collect at Station Obama shows how climate change is altering one of the most fragile places on the planet from melting ice to massive ecosystem changes.

New statue of Barack Obama with Sasha unveiled in South Dakota
A life-size bronze statue of President Barack Obama and his daughter Sasha was unveiled at the Elks Theater in Rapid City, S.D. (Adam Fondren/AP)
The love of Obama continues.

A new statue of former President Barack Obama alongside his youngest daughter Sasha was unveiled in South Dakota on July 15.

Located on the corner of Fourth and St. Joseph St., the sculpture is located in Rapid City and is part of the City of Presidents collection. It depicts the 44th president waving to the crowd and holding his daughter Sasha’s hand.

It’s the latest tribute for the POTUS who made history as the first African-American to be the leader of the free world.

Obama, who left his eight-year term in 2017, has been immortalized in an array of forms, from books and in film to collectible figurines and even fried chicken restaurants (in China).

In May, a 3.5 mile stretch of street in Los Angeles was renamed Obama Boulevard.

The new sculpture is the product of two years of work by sculptor James Van Nuys, who also created the figures of former presidents, Franklin Pierce, Andrew Johnson and Millard Fillmore.

According to CNN, members of a private group had planned to show only Obama standing and waving when they decided to brainstorm more ideas.

Barack Obama‘s wax replica took office in several European capitals this week.

In AmsterdamGeorge W. Bush was booted to the sidewalk with his baggage (where he remained for about 90 minutes) as a beaming Obama figure was put on display in the window of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

Standing in Berlin between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy at Madame Tussauds’ newest museum, the waxy President Obama was smiling broadly with his arms crossed across his chest.

In LondonObama was installed Thursday amid a mock-up of the White House Oval office.

Real Obama in D.C. (left) Wax Obama in London (right)Real Obama in D.C. (left) Wax Obama in London (right)

The first wax Obama was unveiled in February 2008 in Washington, D.C. More figures will be unveiled in New York and Las Vegas, while those in Hong Kong and Shanghai appeared on Obama’s actual Inauguration Day, January 20.

The figures are created using professional sculptors and more than 300 detailed measurements, at a cost of roughly $260,000 each.

Shepard Fairey isn’t the only artist to make an icon of our 44th president. The folks at Chia, of 1980s mossy chachka eminence (ch-ch-ch-chia!), recently introduced the ultimate in Barack Obama memorabilia: the Limited Edition Chia Obama. Now we can have in our homes a clay figurehead of the commander-in-chief whose full fern-fro will grow in 1-2 weeks. And fortunately, we need not be limited to one presidential countenance; the keepsake comes in both “Happy Chia Obama” and “Determined Chia Obama” (pictured above). What better way to usher in ch-ch-ch-change?

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Flesh eating Obama worm invading Europe

Published on Jul 25, 2019

Flesh-eating ‘Obama worm’ invading Europe through Spain, threatens local ecosystem A 7cm-long flatworm with hundreds of eyes along the length of its body has been accidentally imported from South America and is now threatening soil quality and local wildlife in Spain, with possibly more drastic consequences. The Obama flatworm (Obama nungara) has been spotted thriving in the rice paddies of the Parc Natural de L’Albufera in Valencia. Conservationist group SEO/Birdlife raised the alarm earlier this week.… #FAAFO #1800GETTRIGGERED

Moscow: US Cheered storming of Ukrainian Parliament with ...

Flesh-eating ‘Obama worm’ invading Europe through Spain, threatens local ecosystem

Flesh-eating ‘Obama worm’ invading Europe through Spain, threatens local ecosystem
A 7cm-long flatworm with hundreds of eyes along the length of its body has been accidentally imported from South America and is now threatening soil quality and local wildlife in Spain, with possibly more drastic consequences.

The Obama flatworm (Obama nungara) has been spotted thriving in the rice paddies of the Parc Natural de L’Albufera in Valencia. Conservationist group SEO/Birdlife raised the alarm earlier this week.



??? Los voluntari@s de  son la caña!!! No se les escapa ninguna especie exótica invasora ? que esté en la red  @LIFEprogramme   Gracias por vuestro trabajo! ???

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter
While this predatory species feasts on earthworms and land snails, it has no known natural predators itself, because it tastes so foul that birds refuse to eat it after one bite. Researchers believe it came to Spain in exotic pot plants imported from Brazil.

The parasite, which is named after the Brazilian Tupi words for leaf (oba) and animal (ma) rather than the former US president, threatens to decimate the native earthworm population and, in doing so, disrupt the health and fertility of local soil, which will spark a domino effect for the entire regional food chain.

In addition, the decreased soil stability would increase the risk of both flooding and landslides, as well as diminishing crop production. 

The Obama worm is one of at least six invasive species of Latin American origin that have been detected in Spain, while other European nations have experienced similar invasions in recent years.


Unexpected things named after Barack Obama

  • 6 January 2017
President Barack Obama participates in a moment of silence during a ceremony to mark the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorists attacks at the Pentagon Memorial.Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionA newly discovered flatworm is named for Mr Obama

As Barack Obama closes out his final days as US president, local governments are naming the usual libraries, motorways and schools in his honour.

The Barack Obama Presidential Center library is being erected in Chicago and students across the country are already enrolled in schools named after the nation’s first African-American president.

But as well as the ceremonial plaques, sculptures, and buildings there are a few other things bearing Mr Obama’s name that you may not have expected.

Parasite –

Baracktrema obamai (turtle blood fluke)

Holotype of Baracktrema obamai, named after President Barack Obama.Image copyrightAP
Image captionHolotype of Baracktrema obamai, named after President Barack Obama

Baracktrema obamai is the second parasite whose moniker was inspired by Mr Obama.

The flatworm species, which has a long, thread-like body, infects Malaysian freshwater turtles and can be fatal.

“This is clearly something, in my small way, done to honour our president,” said Dr Thomas R Platt, an expert on turtle parasites who discovered the species.

He also said he was a distant relative of Mr Obama.

Researchers have previously named a hairworm, the Paragordius obamai, found in Kenya, after Mr Obama. The worm was discovered near where Mr Obama’s father lived.


US President Barack Obama tours Midway Atoll in the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument in the Pacific Ocean.Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionThe fish is found inside the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument

As part of a tribute to Mr Obama’s marine conservation efforts in the Pacific, scientists named a maroon and gold fish found off Kure Atoll at the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument off Hawaii.

In 2012, researchers named a vibrant blue and orange freshwater darter, Etheostoma Obama, after Mr Obama. The fish is found in the Duck and Buffalo Rivers of the Tennessee River drainage.


The Obamadon, an extinct, foot-long lizard with straight teeth, was named for the president due to his smile.

U.S. News & World Report

Ancient Extinct Lizard Named After President Obama

Yale researcher says ‘The Obamadon’ was wiped out by the same asteroid that killed off dinosaurs.

By Jason Koebler, Contributor
Dec. 10, 2012, at 3:32 p.m.
Meet the Extinct Lizard Named After Obama
Lizard, at left (Carl Buell/Handout)

A modern-day iguana. The ancient Obamadon, which died out 65 million years ago, was about one foot long.(ISTOCK)


A NEWLY DISCOVERED lizard that went extinct during prehistoric times now shares a name with President Barack Obama.
new study by Yale researcher Nicholas Longrich published Monday has found that 85 percent of lizard and snake species, long thought to have survived an asteroid blast that wiped out dinosaurs some 65 million years ago, went extinct at the same time. Among the casualties was a foot-long lizard that lived in Montana, that Longrich has named “The Obamadon.”

“The Obamadon was probably a foot long, with these tall, slender teeth it used to eat insects and plant matter,” he says. The Obamadon died out after the Chicxulub asteroid impact, along with many of the larger lizards and snakes still alive at the time.

“It’s something a lot of people haven’t thought about—we have a variety of large lizards and snakes now, and we did then, too,” he says. “But the fact is many current snakes and lizards aren’t related [to the ancient ones].” Obama also has a species of fungus (the Caloplaca obamae) and a fish (the Etheostoma obama) named after him.

Longrich arrived at the idea of naming a lizard or dinosaur after Obama shortly after he won the presidency in 2008, and finally got the chance while conducting research for the study, in which he describes nine new species.

“The name was something we came up with back in late 2008, in the wake of the election when everything was all hope-y and change-y, we said we should name a dinosaur after him and call it the Obamadon,” he says. “I think everyone can find something to like in it—liberals will think it’s an honor, conservatives can say, ‘Well, it’s some wretched extinct lizard.’”


Mr Obama is among the US presidents to have the distinction of a mountain named in his honour – but in Antigua. The island nation renamed Boggy Peak, its highest mountain, for Mr Obama on his birthday in 2009.

Mount Obama

Announced his intention to rename the mountain, previously known as Boggy Peak, shortly after the election. The gesture reflected the U.S. leader’s widespread popularity in the country, where it is common to see Obama bumper stickers and T-shirts.

The prime minister has also announced plans for Mount Obama to become a national park with a museum and other amenities. The tree-covered mountain has pineapple and mango farms at its base and rises about 1,300 feet (396 meters) along the island’s southern coast. Its peak, topped with a radio antenna, offers views of the Caribbean Sea and the island of Montserrat and its active volcano in the distance.


Antigua’s reigning calypso monarch, Trevor “Zacari” King, played a rendition of “For You Barack” for a crowd that included American actress Angela Bassett, who wept during the performance, and U.S. Congresswoman Yvette Clark, a Brooklyn native of Jamaican heritage.

“It wasn’t only about Barack Obama. It was about the history of black people around the world and the struggle and sacrifices that have been done so that he could rise to the position that he is in today,” Bassett said.

Logo: The Washington Times

The Washington Times – September 1, 2012, 04:15PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A torrential downpour that struck Charlotte on Saturday afternoon damaged the Mount Rushmore-style sand sculpture bust of President Obama — an ominous beginning to what many fear is a plagued convention.

Workers were trying Saturday afternoon to reform the base of the sculpture, built from sand brought in from Myrtle Beach, S.C., pounding and smoothing out the sand that had washed off the facade of the waist-up rendering of the chief executive.

The sand sculpture was protected from above, and Mr. Obama’s face didn’t see too much damage. But the storm was so strong that its heavy winds blew the rain sideways, pelting the president’s right side and leaving the sand pockmarked and completely erasing his right elbow.

Democrats’ choice of Charlotte has drawn criticism from unions that don’t like North Carolina’s labor laws, and the state seems to be tilting away from Democrats politically.

The large Mount Rushmore-style sculpture drew comparisons to Mr. Obama’s 2008 convention in Denver, when he accepted his party’s nomination on a stage that looked like a Greek temple.


Caloplaca obamae growing on Pleistocene soils on Santa Rosa Island.Image copyright JC LENDEMER/UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE
Image captionResearchers named Caloplaca obamae in honour of Mr Obama’s support for science education

In 2007, researchers named the fungus, Caloplaca obamae, after Mr Obama at the close of his first presidential campaign. Scientists made the distinction in honour of Mr Obama’s support for science education.

Petrol station

The County Offaly village of Moneygall was the birthplace of Barack Obama's great-great-great-grandfather
Image captionThe County Offaly village of Moneygall was the birthplace of Barack Obama’s great-great-great-grandfather

An Irish countryside service station located in County Offaly, between Dublin and Limerick, was officially named for the US president.

The Barack Obama Plaza includes a petrol station, food court and visitor centre that provides information on Mr Obama’s connections to Moneygall.


Brack bread made in the president's honourImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionIn 2011 Irish bakers made Brack bread in the president’s honour

Ahead of Mr Obama’s visit to Ireland in 2011, bakers rushed to create Irish “Brack” bread – something Americans might refer to as a fruit loaf.

Moneygall resident Joseph Kearney delivered fresh orders to Mr Obama’s ancestral Irish family members preparing for “O’Bama’s” visit.

brack bread deliveryImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionNo word on if Mr Obama sampled one of the Irish treats


A Western Striolated puffbird, known as Nystalus obamai, is also named in honour of the president. The bird is found in western Amazonia.

Nystalus obamai (western striolated puffbird)

(Joao Quental/Flickr)

The Western striolated puffbird (nystalus obamai) is a bird of Amazzonia that belongs to the bucconidae family. It was discovered in 2015, along with fourteen other species of birds. It has brown head with darker crown, white underparts and darker wings, tail and back. The plumage is barred and mottled.

Teleogramma obamaorum (African cichlid species)

In 2017, Mother Nature Network reported that the snail-devouring Congo River cichlid, formally known as the “teleogramma obamaorum,” was named after the former first lady and her husband, former president Barack Obama

Tosanoides obama (coral reef basslet)

MIDWAY ATOLL, PACIFIC Ocean—The maroon and gold creature was found 300 feet deep in the waters off Kure Atoll. It’s the one fish known to live only within the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, a pristine expanse of coral reefs and seamounts home to millions of seabirds, endangered turtles, endangered monk seals, and more than 7,000 species.

So scientists thought it only fitting to name this fish, in the genus Tosanoides, after President Barack Obama, who dramatically expanded Papahānaumokuākea in August 2016, creating the largest swath of protected land or water on Earth, an area roughly twice the size of Texas.

The male’s distinctive dorsal fin coloration, a circular red spot ringed with blue, hastened the team’s decision to honor Obama.

“It’s very reminiscent of Obama’s [campaign] logo,” Pyle says. “How appropriate that a fish we were thinking about naming after him anyway, just to say thank you for expanding the national monument, happens to have a feature that ties it to the president.

Etheostoma Obama (spangled darter)

The darter fish is a large and varied species. They’re small fish that typically live in rivers and creeks. They got their name because of their ability to dart around and under rocks in a fast-moving current.

While they were studying the difference in the coloration of certain darter fish, researchers noticed that some of them were so different that they actually belonged to a different species. With this discovery, researchers decided the new discoveries should be named after presidents. One of them is the Etheostoma Obama.


Pupils of Senator Obama Kogelo primary school head home after classes in Kogelo.Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionA Kenyan village names two schools after Mr Obama

A Kenyan school in the village of Kogelo, where Mr Obama’s father was born and buried, bears the name of Mr Obama.

The Senator Obama Kogelo Primary School and Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School were named in his honour while he was an Illinois politician.


Aptostichus barackobamai is one of 33 new trapdoor spider species discovered by Jason Bond, a biological sciences professor and curator for the Auburn University Museum of Natural History.Image copyrightJASON BOND
Image captionAptostichus barackobamai is one of 33 trapdoor spider species discovered in 2013

A trapdoor spider, Aptostichus barackobamai, was also named for Mr Obama, a known Spider-Man fan.

The spider species, which is found in California, is one of 40 that belong to the genus Aptostichus.

Other notable species include Aptostichus stephencolberti and Aptostichus angelinajolieae.


Trapdoor Spider Named for Obama

Female specimen of Aptostichusbarackobamai photographed live Credit: Jason Bond

First it was the Obamadon, a newly identified (though extinct) toothy lizard from the Late Cretaceous of North America. And now the 44th U.S. president is getting a living creature named after him, too.

Meet the Barack Obama trapdoor spider, or Aptostichus barackobamai, a species found in California. It’s just one of 33 newly identified species in the state among 40 in the Aptostichus genus. Several of the other new-to-science spiders have pop culture-inspired monikers, from A. pennjillettei (for illusionist and comedian Penn Jillette) and A. bonoi (for U2 frontman Bono) to A. sarlacc, named after the fearsome “Star Wars” creature, the Sarlacc, from the fictional desert planet Tatooine.

Spiders in this group are rarely seen because they live in burrows underground. As their name suggests, they build protective trapdoors made from soil, sand and silk, which they hide behind, waiting to pounce on passing prey.

Jason Bond, a trapdoor spider expert and the director of the Auburn University Museum of Natural History, described all 40 species in article published online Dec. 19 in the journal ZooKeys. He expressed amazement at the diversity of environments that these spiders call home, including coastal sand dunes, oak woodland forests and in alpine habitats of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

“California is known as what is characterized as a biodiversity hotspot,” Bond said in a statement. “Although this designation is primarily based on plant diversity, the region is clearly very rich in its animal diversity as well. While it is absolutely remarkable that a large number of species from such a heavily populated area have gone unnoticed, it clearly speaks volumes to how little we know of the biodiversity around us and that many more species on the planet await discovery.”


Say hello to the Obama ant

Zasphinctus obamai3D Model

Ant species, Zasphinctus obamai, was discovered in the Kakamega Forest National Park, Kenya, located near Mr. Barack Obama’s ancestral family village. The OIST researchers chose to honor Mr. Obama for his prodigious contributions to global biodiversity conservation.

Desmopachria barackobamai, a diving beetle from French Guiana


One of the earliest complex lifeforms to exist on Earth has been named in honor of Barack Obama, continuing a strong love affair between scientists and the former president of the United States.

The ancient, disc-shaped animal has been dubbed Obamus coronatus and lived some 550 million years ago. While they may not be much to look at now, flattened and time-beaten, the Ediacaran organisms were about half an inch long, had a soft body and spent their entire lives in one spot, stuck to the ancient ocean floor.

Placida barackobamai McCarthy, Krug & Valdes, 2017

Placida barackobamai

Maximum size:  about 14 mm.

Identification:  This species has a pale orange body with a few small cream flecks. The distal half of the cerata, the ventral surfaces of the rhinophores and the sides of the head are velvet-black. The rhinophores have sharply bounded, dorsal white stripes extending their full length (in contrast to the similar-appearing Placida kevinleei in which the rhinophores have diffuse white stripes confined to their bases). The width of the stripe is variable. (Note 1)

Natural history:  Placida barackobamai is a rare species found in moderately exposed to exposed rocky habitats at depths of 1-6 m (3-20 ft). It shows a diurnal activity pattern when held and secretes a very strong mucous “drag-line” when dislodged. It may also release opaque-white, defensive mucus when disturbed in a manner similar to some other sacoglossans. (Note 2) It lays a flattened, cream egg mass that hatches in about three days in the laboratory. According to McCarthy, et. al. (2017), it’s been found to feed primarily on the filamentous green alga Derbesia sp. (Note 3)

Distribution:  Big Island, Maui and Oahu: widely distributed in the western & central Pacific.

Taxonomic notes: It was previously lumped (with Placida kevinleei) under the circumtropical species Placida cremoniana (Trinchese, 1893). The latter, however, was recently found to be a species complex as reported in McCarthy, J.B., P.J. Krug & A. Valdes, 2017. It was first recorded in Hawaii from Hekili Point, Maui by CP on Oct. 27, 1997.

Photo:  CP: 11 mm, narrow stripes: Ulua Beach, Maui; April 2, 2005.

Lasioglossum obamai 

A Cuban bee 

This Cuban sweat bee genus Lasioglossum is the largest of all bee genera, containing over 1,700 species in numerous subgenera worldwide. Most Lasioglossum nest in the ground, but some species nest in rotten logs.

A Parasite: Paragordius Obamai, the hairworm parasite, was named for the President because it hails from Kenya, the area where his father was born and raised.  Interestingly, these parasites infect crickets, forcing them to commit suicide by jumping into water.
Monday, December 24, 2012

Obama has a Parasitic Lesbian Worm named after him!


Paragordius obamai

Sex is one of the great mysteries of evolutionary biology – why do organisms have it? It has numerous costs associated with it, including the two big ones, which are that only half the population will produce offspring in the next generation (technically really a problem more of anisogamy than sex, per se) and that successful gene combinations can be broken up via recombination. There are other costs as well. For instance, finding and wooing mates can be costly to an organism.

Nematomorphs, sometimes called hairworms, are parasites that live inside arthropods as larvae, but then exist as free-living aquatic adults. They often induce suicide in their insect hosts, by causing them to jump into water, where the worms then escape (see this previous post for another example). The adults typically seek out the opposite sex and can form “Gordian knots” of mating worms. Today’s species, however, is found in larger and faster-moving waters – and in these big, complicated habitats, finding a suitable mate can be really tricky. So, today’s parasite, has solved this problem through the evolution of parthenogenesis. Meet Paragordius obamai, (named after President Obama, in honor of it being discovered in Kenya, where his father was raised), a species of nematomorph that has completely given up on males. When brought into the lab, P. obamai only released female worms and nowhere inside these stringy parasites could male reproductive organs be found. Because bacterial symbionts can sometimes produce severe sex-ratio biases or even male-killing in insects and other invertebrates, the authors used pyrosequencing to look for evidence of these micro-manipulators, yet found no sequences similar to the taxa that have been observed to cause these biases in other hosts.

The authors now plan to use this new species, in comparison with a sexual congener, to test hypotheses on the evolution of and genetic mechanisms responsible for this novel parthenogenetic situation.

Source: Hanelt B, Bolek MG, Schmidt-Rhaesa A (2012) Going Solo: Discovery of the First Parthenogenetic Gordiid (Nematomorpha: Gordiida). PLoS ONE 7(4): e34472. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0034472 Susan Perkins

Barack Obama’s name has been immortalized in these places outside the U.S.

Francis Akhalbey


January 15, 2019 at 03:00 pm | WE TOUR

Photo Credit:

Barack Obama Drive – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Previously known as Ocean Road, it was renamed in honour of Obama when he visited as president in 2013.

Screenshot via Sin Filtros on YouTube

Avinguda Barack Obama street – Valencia, Spain
There is a street in the town of Naquera in Valencia named in his honour.

Barack Obama Plaza – Ireland 
Located at Moneygall in Co Offaly, Ireland, the plaza, which has a fuel station, an eatery, among others was named in honour of the ex-president. Obama’s great-great-great-grandfather was born in the village of Moneygall.

Université Barack Obama — Photo via

Université Barack Obama – Conakry, Guinea

More cities add Barack Obama’s name to landmarks, highways

A group of people are requesting that the block of Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower be renamed “President Barack H. Obama Avenue.” Veuer’s Sam Berman has the full story. Buzz60

Video Player


LOS ANGELES – Barack Obama hasn’t been the president for nearly two years, but his fame is still spreading – at least when it comes to naming things after him.

The nation’s first African-American president need not go far around the country these days to find something that carries his name. There’s Barack Obama Way in New Albany Township, Indiana, and Barack Obama Boulevard in Pahokee, Florida. There’s a long list of schools now named for him, like Barack Obama Academy for Academic & Civic Development in Plainfield, New Jersey, and Barack Obama Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia.

Obama even has animal species named after him, like placida barackobamai, a sea slug.

We’re probably seeing the “opening salvos” in the Obama naming marathon, said presidential historian Douglas Brinkley, who expects the former president’s name to start showing up in heavily Democratic or predominately African-American communities.

As Obama becomes even more of an elder statesman, his fame could rank right up there with Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt and become bipartisan, said Brinkley, a professor at Rice University in Texas.

“At the end of the line, 20 or 30 years from now, there will be hundreds of hospitals, schools, bridges and statutes” in his honor, said Brinkley, whose most recent book is  “Rightful Heritage: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Land of America.” “He’s going to be one of the four or five most celebrated figures in U.S. history.”

But the renaming process can be drawn out and sometimes isn’t without controversy, as naming efforts in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York show.

In Los Angeles, the idea recently surfaced of naming the international airport in Obama’s honor.

The recommendation came from the City Council in West Hollywood, a small but prominent city in the heart of the L.A. metropolis, that recently voted to support the renaming of Los Angeles International Airport for the former president last month.

After all, New York renamed its international airport in honor of President John F. Kennedy, and Congress added President Ronald Reagan to the formal name of Washington National Airport.

So when a constituent suggested the notion of an Obama airport,  West Hollywood Council member Lauren Meister said she didn’t hesitate. “I said, ‘Yeah, sounds like a good idea.”

Meister said Obama was admired globally and was the perfect image for welcoming visitors to sunny southern California.

“Having an airport that (recognizes) the first African-American president, someone who won the Nobel Peace Prize, who got us out of the 2008 economic crisis and gave us affordable health care, should be celebrated,” Meister said.

She said the resolution is being sent to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and could go to the airport commission. A spokeswoman for the airport commission said it had no comment.

If the airport idea doesn’t fly, Obama can still count on L.A. to have done its part. A stretch of Ventura Freeway, which is State Route 134, was renamed in his honor last year. It’s now the President Barack H. Obama Highway.

State Sen. Anthony Portantino, who pushed through the legislation to make the designation, said Obama would certainly be familiar with the route: He commuted on it when he attended Occidental College in Los Angeles starting in the late 1970s.

“It’s the actual stretch of freeway he used,” Portantino said. “There is a proud connection. His early political career was inspired by his days here.”

Portantino said he raised the nearly $7,000 to buy the freeway signs by throwing a fundraiser – with tickets priced at $35. The outpouring was so great that he said money was left over, which was donated to the Obama Foundation, the Chicago non-profit that is building the Barack Obama Presidential Center.

As if the freeway wasn’t enough, Rodeo Road in central Los Angeles, not to be confused with the famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, will be renamed Obama Boulevard.

In Chicago, a proposal to rename a crucial freeway after Obama has become enmeshed in local politics.

Bill Daley, who is running for mayor, proposed last month to have the Dan Ryan Expressway renamed for his former boss. He was Obama’s chief of staff.

“Our Chicago expressways are named after towering figures in our history,” Daley said in a statement, citing Kennedy, former President Dwight Eisenhower and former Democratic presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson. “We should have one for Obama.”

Obama began his political career as a community organizer in Chicago and rose to prominence first as a state legislator, then as a U.S. senator from Illinois before seeking the presidency.

But Daley’s suggestion has run into opposition from the family of Ryan, a local politician for decades, the Chicago Sun-Times reported last month.

Obama already has a freeway named for him in Illinois. A section of Interstate 55 near the town of Pontiac is the Barack Obama Presidential Expressway.

In New York, an online petition by progressive organization MoveOn has gathered more than 32,000 signatures calling for renaming part of Fifth Avenue President Barack H. Obama Avenue. Which part? Only the block between 56th and 57th streets, which just happens to be the stretch in front of the Trump Tower. The choice of that particular stretch was no coincidence, said the Los Angeles legal secretary who started the petition after getting the idea from an internet meme.

“Honestly, (the idea) is petty and vindictive, but as someone pointed out, so is Trump,” said Elizabeth Rowin, who watched the popularity of her idea balloon over about three weeks.

As the president who oversaw the commando operation that netted Osama bin Laden, Obama deserves the honor, Rowin said. She plans to deliver the petition to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council once she has some more signatures. “I think we could get 100,000,” she said.

The question is, amid all this activity, does Obama actually care which roads or schools get his name?

“We don’t keep a running tally of these proposals or actions, and we also don’t comment on them,” his spokeswoman Katie Hill said in an email.

Will Obama end up on Mount Rushmore?

Will Obama end up on Mount Rushmore?
A 60-foot version of President Barack Obama’s face will eventually be carved into Mount Rushmore, forever gazing down from the historic mountaintop beside the faces of four other US presidents. At least, this is what some college professors predict.

Immortalized as a giant granite carving towering over South Dakota, Obama would always be remembered as the first African-American president. Nothing he does in the White House will take away from that fact, which has led thirty percent of George Washington University professors to believe he will end up on Mount Rushmore, according to a new survey conducted by The College Fix.

 “History undoubtedly will accord President Obama a special place by virtue of being the first African-American president,”said Prof. Paul Wahlbeck, chair of the political science department at GW. But although Wahlbeck confidently acknowledged his belief that Obama will soon join the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, he said he is also “reluctant to venerate political leaders while or shortly after they served.”

Barack Obama (AFP Photo / Saul Loeb)

Two other professors mirrored Wahlbeck’s thoughts, all stating that it is too early to make plans regarding the addition of Obama’s face, but that it could happen in the distant future.

“Historical judgments take time to form and Obama is still in office,” history and public policy professor Edward Berkowitz told The College Fix. “It could be that he will be one of the great presidents, worthy of having his likeness carved on a mountain, but certainly not yet.”

The GW survey size was small, consisting of only 10 respondents, but the news has nevertheless sparked a debate on whether or not the current president belongs among the ranks of America’s most celebrated leaders. Six of the respondents said Obama does not deserve a place on Mount Rushmore, which has not added a president since the memorial was completed in 1941. But while the professors warned that it is too early to worship a president who is still in office, some Americans have already begun to advocate for Mount Rushmore’s addition of Obama.

A Facebook page titled the “Campaign to Put President Obama on Mt. Rushmore” already has more than 800 “likes”. The page depicts an image of Mount Rushmore, with Obama’s face added via Photoshop. The idea has also been brought up numerous times throughout Obama’s terms in office.

Reuters / Lt. Anthony Dobson-US Navy / Handout

In November, Huffington Post blogger Bill Lucey examined the feasibility of adding another head to Mount Rushmore. The U.S. National Park Service claims that there is no additional room to add a granite carving to the site, but some organizations continue to advocate it.

“Mount Rushmore and Mr. Obama are invoked so frequently in the same sentence that I began to wonder if in fact there is a movement in place to chisel the 44th president on the South Dakota mountainside,” Lucey writes.

But even if a 60-foot version of Obama’s head doesn’t end up in South Dakota, he has already been memorialized on parts of the American landscape. In Pennsylvania, an international magnet school was named “The Barack Obama Academy for International Studies” just two years after he took office. A Florida street was named “Barack Obama Avenue” in Feb. 2009 and an Orlando parkway was named “Barack Obama Parkway”.  Across the US, several other schools have been named after the president, including elementary and high schools in New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin, and California. Even though Obama is unlikely to find himself on Mount Rushmore anytime soon, his name has already arisen on street signs, parkways and schools, despite the fact that his presidential legacy may have not yet been formed

List of things named after Barack Obama – Wikipedia



  • Barack Obama Charter School – Compton, California – Qued Charter Elementary School renamed after Barack Obama in January 2009[9]
  • Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy – Los Angeles – Built in mid 2010[10]
  • Barack Obama Academy – Oakland, California – Alternative Learning Community renamed after Barack Obama in March 2009[11]


  • Barack H. Obama Magnet University School – New Haven, Connecticut – Connecticut school to be named after former President Obama[12]


  • Barack H. Obama Elementary Magnet School of Technology – Atlanta, Georgia –opened in January 2017
  • Barack and Michelle Obama Academy – Atlanta, Georgia – renamed in November 2016.



  • Barack Obama International Baccalaureate Elementary School – Jackson, Mississippi – Renamed as of October 2017, from Jefferson Davis, the Confederacy’s only president.[17]



New Jersey

  • Barack Obama Academy – Plainfield, New Jersey – Plainfield Academy for Academic & Civic Development renamed to Barack Obama Academy.[20]
  • Barack Obama Green Charter High School – Plainfield, New Jersey – Charter high school opened in September 2010.[21]

New York

  • Barack Obama Elementary School – Hempstead, New York – Ludlum Elementary School renamed to Barack Obama Elementary School.[22]






  • Barack Obama School for Career and Technical Education – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – PK-12[27][28]




  • Barack Obama Drive – A road in the Tanzanian city Dar es Salaam was renamed in honor of Obama’s visit to the country in July 2013.[31] The road, located by the Indian Ocean, leads to the Tanzanian State House.[32] It was previously known as Ocean Road.

United States




  • Barack Obama Way – New Albany, Indiana – a section of Reas Lane was renamed in the last week of Obama’s presidency to honor the fact that “Obama’s stimulus plan has helped the city create new jobs and facilitate economic development.” [38]



  • President Barack Obama Boulevard – St. Louis, Missouri – Part of Delmar Boulevard given honorary renaming to Obama Boulevard, even though the postal address will retain Delmar Boulevard.[45]



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