Handmaid Of The Most High


September 11, 2020 6:30 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

America, AMERICA, you are a barren nation. You proclaim you are a nation under god. Yes, it is but I AM not it’s leader. I do not know you. You never seek me corporately. When was the last time any sought my face? It has been so seldom. War comes and war goes, and then little groups here and there call upon the church to rise up and shout to all for repentance and soon, I AM forgotten, once again. It is all fun and games unless there is a tragedy. Some mistakenly thought that 9/11/2001 was the wake up call but you have been lulled to sleep by prosperity gospel and rapture teachings, yet again. Scriptures about your soul and your spirit ignored for new toys. Shiny things that soon tarnish. Bigger toys that soon loose their luster or because your best friend has a bigger house, now your McMansion is too small. How disgusting you are. While people around the world live without water, electricity or shelter, you complain that your dress isn’t in style any more. Oh, how you love your shoes and your watches, too! All the things to make you look unique and beautiful are merely tools of deception. They cover your true appearance like a shield, a mask. Secretly hiding who you are but I know. I see that make-up and that shaper and see you run to men with scalpels that carve away at your body or create things that never existed to make you just a little more appealing. You can’t hide, who and what you are to me. I AM calls you to REPENT, TRULY REPENT once and for all. In truth and humility, turn to me and surrender.

My children, my children, listen to me, as I have pleaded and pleaded to have you turn to me, so many have not. You have continued to live in the dream world you have created and have spoiled my house with your entertainment and circuses. Did not my son, despise these same things? You have corrupted my scriptures and ignored my mandates. You have sought your own way, your own thoughts and your own lusts to gain more toys, soon to be tarnished goods that days, weeks, months will not even interest you after you acquire them. You are always lusting for a better car, better house, a better job, a better spouse and all of it is vanity as even Solomon eventually understood. You read the “pretty things” in my gospels. The promise of hope and gain for your future. You believe in my son but you know nothing about him. You preach grace but never repentance. You seek after the tickling of your ears but you do not remove the blinders from your eyes, for it would surely destroy your fantasy life. It would mean that you would have to stop lying (or fibbing or speaking little tiny white lies (which let’s face it is are untrue and deceptive) and you would have to look at the sin in your life with true appraisal. Woe to you children of darkness for truly you know little to nothing about me!

I have released my plans not only in my book but through my prophets, throughout the ages but still in your vanity, you don’t know what I have said or you have trusted in someone else’s interpretation. You look at these things saying, yeah, they’ve been saying that for decades and centuries. Why should I believe them? My grandfather used to talk about this nonsense and it never came to pass. They are just a bunch of lunatics. Leave it to those religious nutcases to come up with that one. I tell you now, if you do not have faith to believe, you will see ALL that I promised! You who follow your own “path”, who say that all religions have truth, that all lead to god, are lying to yourself and to others. You will have time for eternity to regret these words! You will hear them played back to you every moment! And you will cry in anguish to hear your ignorance and pride played back to you, forever.

California, West Coast and all of America, your time is up. Soon the fires will burn all the idols you created with your own hands. Your dream house, your way of life that distracted you for your entire life will be gone in minutes! I am burning in anger that still so many blame me for evil. I did not make these fires, nature is not even having “her way” as you would say. No children, your masters that play in the shadows have made other plans for “YOUR STUFF” and for you. They want it all. Their lusts are unquenchable and they have made their dreams a reality. They don’t want your escape, they want you dead. Your ignorance and your distractions have kept your from seeing and have kept you from hearing me warn time and again. Can you see now?! Come to me! I will guide you, if you will only repent. Leave now, don’t worry about the little details. Take your loved ones and flee! It is only begun! Let me lead you and guide you and hide you under my wings! I AM, GOD, The Lord GOD, There is NO OTHER GOD before Me!

Beloved, cling only to my promises! The government won’t save you, they seek to destroy you because they operate on behalf of those in the shadows, you call them the elites. Trust no man only me. I AM desires all of your heart. I want to love on you but you have refused. Trust in me, sincerely, I say, what have you got to loose? All your possessions and all your dreams were built on sand, it was all a mirage. It will not give you hope and strength but heartbreak. I am here for you. Please turn to me.

Though it hurts me so deeply in my heart, the fires are the rampages of hell but more is coming beloved children. Your enemy, the fallen lucifer is awaiting the souls that were his because they have not repented nor do they trust in me or my love. He is ready to collect their souls. Young and old, of any color, gender, religious or non-religious (for religion is a practice and meaningless unless it is true worship to me), they are marked with his mark and not the blood of the lamb and so they are his by default. He is rejoicing and screaming with glee because as his flames seek their bodies for kindling, he rejoices even more for their souls. It will travel across the lands of the nation {United States} and up into Canada, too. Some regions that had the floods earlier this will escape their deaths by fire but there is so much more ahead. Soon, the earth will shake like it never has before. It will rumble and eventually split your nation in two. I will cleave your land. Many areas will disappear and the people’s with it. Go on your wicked way or come to me. Soon many millions will disappear in a blink of an eye. Many will be horrified and then, again, I will ask, “Will you repent, now?” Will that be when you cry out to me? Is that your game plan? What if you are one of the ones that is already gone and you didn’t repent? Your family gone too? Little do you realize how fleeting life is my children. It is a vapor and none know when their light, will be gone. It is something only I know. I promise you this, those who have allowed death to flourish will see it face them with no apology. They will realize to late, that the blood of the innocents remains on their hands and cries out to be recompensed. I hear it and so does your enemy, only he laughs and mocks you as he comes to collect your soul. Oh, children, I do need to shout. If you do not see the truth before your eyes, you will choose to be blind forever.






August 3, 2020 9:42 AM
Handmaid of the Most High

While praying this morning about the end days, I received a vision.

Some of you who have been reading my posts for the last 18 months, have seen the many words I’ve received on China and Russia and their take over of North America particularly the United States and Canada. I have also mentioned, their control in the Central America (mainly Russia) and China’s efforts to takeover the Entire African Continent. These plans are proceeding quickly! You just are not learning about it from the news. Few even realize the seriousness or severity of U.S. acquiescence to the fall to both! When I had that vision in March of the Fall of the U.S., that was not just symbolic, it was reality. I had had a vision warning of this November 5, 2016. We are in the final stages and the United States is currently in a state of collapse as I and many others have stated.


I saw a world map. The colors of the nations varied in the intensity of their color. I understood that the “brightest” colors were those with the greatest power. The United States was a faint yellow and Canada was a very faint orange, Mexico was very slightly brighter as a light red. So minute were their intensity that you would barely notice them when looking. Meanwhile, China’s shape which was deep red was of greatest intensity among all the nations. The Russian region was medium blue shade but nothing as brilliant in brightness as the Chinese region. China was preeminent in the entire world.


Write daughter write, tell them what you have seen.

I will allow communism in its worst forms of total tyranny to reign over the world and its wickedness. People abandoned me to feed their wanton desires, now I will give them retribution from the most evil ones in the form of total control.

They rejected the liberty that I offered them from sin. They said my words restricted them. That said that I was evil. They said I was too restrictive. They hated my laws, which were only for their good. They {the Ten Commandments} were for their protection. They rejected them and they rejected me

Now, they will be understand what real control is about. They will embrace this system that promises equality but it is a guise for total and absolute control. They thought that Communism in Russian occupied states after WW2 was terrible, that was a day in the park compared to what awaits them when my presence is entirely removed from this planet. They have no idea what will come. At first many will embrace it. My true ones will not be deceived. They will know that this will be the end of them. You are worried about the lack of free speech now, in your Western nations, just wait until you can’t get a job, rent an apartment or interact with others, or even buy food because you are labeled a pariah. Your social credit scores will be so low, those who know you will deny it.

It will be just like they treated my son. Remember Peter? He denied my son three times before the cock crowed! They will do the same to you. Make your choice now my children. Be ready to die for me, if that is required. I brought you to see this now, so you will be ready when it occurs. Yes, some will be gone by this point, those who are gone will be blessed. Others, the backsliders, and the ones who never could make a “commitment” to me, you will face these dilemmas and you will have to trust me completely. If you don’t, you will loose everything and I’m not referring just to earthly possessions, for most will have nothing in this new state, all belongs to the people {the State}. You will what those who live in this tyranny already know, it is that those at the top share in most of the goods with a little given to those who are not as equal.

I cherish my children. I do not impose myself like governments do. You will always have free will to reject me. Tell me does communism, fascism and other forms of totalitarianism allow that freedom? If you answered “yes”, you are wrong.


As I was writing this, I had another vision.


I saw huge troop formations across a map of the United States of America. These men (I didn’t see any women but that doesn’t mean they weren’t present) were marching from the center of the country in various directions to “secure the peace”.

Then I heard the HOLY SPIRIT SPEAK:

“They were acting on behalf of China. For some, they will think this means they are safe and this will lead them to trust them. There is no safety. To trust is to die! They are traitors to your kinsmen. They will betray all trust they “win” from the people, for they are only agents of evil. Trust in me alone.



July 30, 2020 8:46 AM
Handmaid of the Most High

Early Morning July 30, 2020

John 16:33 King James Version (KJV)
33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

Over the years, I have had many visions of people getting beheaded by guillotines. It isn’t something I like to contemplate nor discuss to be honest. The first few times, I was horrified. Now, I am a bit less emotional. I know this is part of confirmation of the other things I see or hear.

Early this morning, I saw another vision of the mass execution of those refusing the Mark of the AntiChrist.

It was of a vast room bigger than an airplane hanger or perhaps, it was an indoor sports auditorium. In it, I saw lines as far as the eye can see. People following one after another in very orderly lines (not socially distanced) to be decapitated. These people seemed very accepting of their end. I didn’t notice fear, alarm, rebellion or anger. It crossed my mind that they may have been sedated to keep them compliant. Though there were a small number men in uniforms with whips and stun guns (or at least that is why I thought they held), as I was quite far away in the “audience” section looking down from the top rafters.

Below, I see a platform the soon to die must climb to meet their fate. At the top stand the guillotines, with one pulling the lever, two people on either side making sure the person stands still once they lay their head down in the device (and then after to pile the body off to the side). Then two people “catching” the heads in a big washtub in front. I asked the Lord why they have to climb this platform to die. He said it was symbolic that they have to ascend to a higher level as an act of submission to the ruler of this world. This ruler is actually mocking them for their refusal to follow him.

In fact, it is a show for those in the audience (all of whom, I knew who took the mark), to reinforce their “correct” decision of bowing to the Antichrist by accepting the mark. To show them what consequences follow “losers”.

We, the beloved in Christ, the TRUE Bride, know for many it is the last moment before we are united with our eternal Savior! The battle has ended here on earth and the reward, we will have is eternal victory! Alleluia! HE HAS RISEN INDEED!



June 8, 2020 8:30 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

June 7, 2020

These past two weeks, the Father has been revealing creatures from the dark kingdom that I could never have imagined. One was so immensely powerful and ominous that I had to remind myself to breathe as it appeared before me. I asked why I was seeing these things, when I have always sought to avoid the dark kingdom fervently?

He spoke that all the many creatures that have remained hidden from human eyes are now released upon the earth. (He had me post something about this 3-6 months ago, but I don’t recall in which prophecy it was contained. He specifically said, “satan” is unleashing every type of creature (creeping and non-creeping) on the face of the earth to terrify the inhabitants sowing terror and chaos wherever they go.”

Then, while discussing these things with a friend, the Father told me to go look up the Hawaiian gods (please know I am not picking on the Hawaiian people).

As I read what was posted on a website, He said “what people have worshiped in the past (tiki gods, etc.) will manifest in the natural and their perceived/believed powers will be in full operation and on display to terrorize the peoples of these regions. The graven images people have worshiped throughout the world will soon manifest to them and exhibit the powers they have been imbued(the power they are believed to possess).”

“It will manifest/appear to the mind (not everyone will see them), they will be as the god to that person, the one who chose to worship them and their activity will reflect the nature and character ascribed to them. They will be seen as that which they have imagined that entity to have existed.”

Then two days later, while in an elevator, I met a young lady around 15 years old, who had nearly died because of a spiritual attack while dancing to music on the Tick Tock app. She didn’t realize was connected to witchcraft (had her mother not heard her collapse and found her when she had, she would have died!). Her mother immediately prayed for her daughter, who had changed in her Latina coloring to being completely black. Once she rebuked the spirit, her daughter began to breathe again. Though still unconscious, she had turned to gray. She has been beset by profound medical impact and getting no answers (hospitalized and discharged and much medical testing) for the remaining aftereffects.

After I asked the correct questions (as directed by the Holy Spirit), I prayed for her. It was amazing what the Holy Spirit revealed! When I shared details on the witchcraft done by her ancestors, her mother got a witness. Even the scriptures I quoted, were ones the Holy Spirit gave her mother that morning that we met. So, we had a deliverance session on a bench outside. Folks, I can say for a fact, that God cares for you! He wants his children free! It was not mere coincidence she was on an elevator at the same time as I live quite a distance from where either one of us live.

As you can see below, the page is very forthright on how to cast a spell and factors to consider in doing so. DO NOT READ THIS OUT LOUD! (Any youtuber please only state that this is present, do not speak it). It is shown to understand how easily we can be trapped and tricked if we are not vigilant!


[444Note: I’m not putting a clickable link]

This is witchcraft! Don’t bother to argue that it is just fables or stories, it is neither, it is the worship of other gods! Our Creator does not look the other way. He does not dismiss this! He doesn’t sit and laugh and say to the Jesus, ‘oh, those silly mortals, what will they think up next.’ HE REBUKES IT!

Do you not see how the reader is made to believe that they are in control? They are participating with the gods? In fact, they are, this is no different than what Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin and others of their ilk are teaching us that we are “little gods”. These frauds are telling us that we are controlling our reality. We can speak fame and fortune into being and be happy because God made us to be happy. LIARS! They are lying. God made us for fellowship! God made a way to be sinless in his eyes through our Savior, Jesus Christ, who died for our wayward, sinful lives! True joy is found only through HIM! We are fooled to believe anything else.

Seek HIM! Repent! Please find Him now before it is too late! We were not created with an intended destruction but to walk with our Heavenly Father. There is still a chance for you to change the path you are on. Do so, you are not promised tomorrow! That young girl mentioned above was having fun when she started to dance, she did not expect a spiritual attack!

YOU ARE UNDER OBSERVATION! The reality of surveillance and mind control in the world today

June 21, 2020
Handmaid of the Most High

As I was going to respond with a comment to “Warning Get Off Social Media” by KarenO posted today. The Father said that He wanted me to post a separate message, so that people would have further insight to her message. Having been raised and trained among the elites due to my bloodlines/family participation, I was privy to certain pieces of information. Certain information would lead to other information, that is to say, that sometimes I’d know a few things not realizing until later how they were connected. For example, I knew that they have been spying on us since the 1980’s through our tv screens. The advent of the High Definition screens allowed them to see us with greater clarity by 3D view and in relation to other things in a room. The newer tvs (I can’t tell you when exactly) also allowed them to eavesdrop on your spoken conversations while in your home (most of you already know that your cellphone is always listening to you (not just when using it). Many people put their televisions in a key room in their house and in the master bedroom, so consider exactly what they have been able to view! The technology allows them to view even without it being plugged in (though I am unsure, I assume this is true for listening access as well) ! So, if you wish, you may want to cover these tvs when not in use, that is if you still want them in your home. This is true of computers. You are observed by the scene. It has been this way for about 2 decades.

While it is true that every social media platform is a device by which your personal interests, thoughts, activities, friendships and other connections are analyzed in great depth via algorithms etc. Your employment records, addresses, tax filings, bank data, insurance usage, census responses, library withdrawals, store purchases, social groups, church attendance, grocery purchases, medical records (pharmacy purchases both prescribed and over the counter), store reward cards, movie selections, political affiliations and your favorite team (caps, t-shirts, cooler, pennants purchases are all noted), information has all been reviewed based on browsing history, attendance, telephone apps, conversations, and even driving history are all analyzed. Even your driver’s license (with its magnetic strip) and your vehicle (all car batteries have tracking devices) and even some clothing having tracking within it (according to someone I listened to, though I have no proof). Realize that the users of these various devices have been monitored for decades. In fact, after the Second World War, much of the espionage has been devoted to surveillance (it isn’t just those store and traffic cameras). You don’t have to do the slightest thing wrong in God’s eyes to be analyzed by others.

Here is what the Father wants you to understand.

“My children, since the very moment you were conceived, I have been watching over you. I am always mindful of you and your needs, even those that you don’t even know of (how often a day do you have to remind yourself to breathe?). Your safety and all that you are concerned with are also my concern. I have watched over your every concern from every moment and even when the enemy plans and attacks, I am aware, I am watchful and I am ready. Remember I told you that ALL THINGS, work together for good for those who love me! I meant this. You who have chosen to be my own are still hidden under my wings. You are part of the world but you are not in it. I know every hair on your head! I know when you fall into situations that seem hopeless but I promise you they are not! They are tests, my beloved children. They are there to help you to learn and grow. They are there to teach you how to war, how to rely on me for guidance. How to be victorious and more than conquerors through Christ Jesus.

My words and warnings are always for your good. While they may frighten you, that is not the purpose, it is so you are mindful of your situation. So, you are not caught unawares with even greater challenges. I called you to be wise as serpents but gentle as doves. I don’t flood you with details for the intricacies will not help you overcome them. No, I help you with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to overcome. You can’t undo what has been done in ignorance but you can ask me to hide that information from those who desire to persecute you! You can heed my warnings so that you don’t provide more information than you already have! You don’t have to cooperate with the enemies desire to manipulate you into telling him and his accomplices every last detail about your thoughts, actions and desires! I have been warning through so many prophets since the very beginning of the sale of these devices yet nearly all of my children ignored my warnings! You chose not to understand how imperative this was. Now, I tell you that I can only protect you from your folly but that should not be an excuse to continue engaging! STOP! Don’t think ‘well it’s too late’…

These devices have tremendous power over you! They not only observe what you do but they feed you programming to continue down the path of destruction. It is subtle most of the time and few have any awareness whatsoever and your enemy laughs and mocks you, as he leads you down paths you should never have followed. One minute you look at that lingerie ad and the next minute you are looking at porn. One minute you are watching a news story that may not even be true and then you are redirected to a youtube video that tells you why you need to involve yourself in fighting the “evil” and the people who caused the problem. When in fact, none of it is true and not even something I ever called you to participate in!

Why are you called sheep? Because almost all of you follow whatever looks interesting, important, rewarding, fulfilling or otherwise enhancing how you look to yourself and others. That is vanity my children. Sheep should follow the True Shepherd not some person who has little or no credibility, who has not even been investigated for their history, motivations or affiliation. Don’t just assume if they tell you that they are an authority that they are. Don’t spend two minutes on google and assume what you found on the internet is truth. To many of you accept what ever has been told to you by your “leaders” of you church or political group and you didn’t spend one minute, not one, praying to me if what you believe is actually my desire or my cause! So, many of you, think you are on the narrow path and you are on a wide road to destruction. Don’t fall for what the crowds are doing!!

When you blindly follow leaders, that say they are of me but they do not show the fruit of Galatians 5 and don’t lead you into a deeper walk with me, they are false shepherds and you should RUN in the opposite direction! Take nothing they say as true. Sure, they may feed you some truths but when sown with lies, it is poison to your soul. Many of you are going to the slaughter with no idea that you have already been sold for their filthy lucre. They got 30 pieces of silver for each head and laugh and mock you behind your back but show you a “sincere smile” when you look their way. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Don’t continue to mock the prophets I’ve sent with warning after warning when they have done their job with excellence and compassion; their only hope that at least a few will have their heart pricked by the truth of my words and turn away from the snare they has held them. It is the deepest pain in my heart to see my beloved being lulled to sleep by the mind control programs these devices have instilled, wasting many hours of your time, when you could have spent that time praying to me and doing my work. Oh, how I wish it were not so!

Few warnings will be going out in the future. They will suddenly cut off your supply to these devices and your inability to cope will allow them to take further advantage of you. Some of you sit and read these words laughing at them. You think this is another nutcase speaking nonsense (and I know you say much cruder things), and you know better! One day you will know your response to what I say was error, you will discover that these spoke what is true. It will be a shock. It will be the thing that destroys you and you will have no excuses. The blood will not be on the hands of the prophets who warned you, time after time. Speaking such great words of wisdom straight from my heart, to your stony one. Your arrogance and pride will be the end of you! It will be your destruction, dear one. I had said long ago, pride goeth before a fall. Once you fall for the lies, it be the destructive force that ultimately destroys you!

Children, please heed my words. I love you. I love you, I AM your Heavenly Father, some of you didn’t have a good earthly father, I am not he. I am the one that made you in my image! I called you from deep. I showered you with my love and mercy. I have given you my own son! Turn away from the things that imprison you in darkness. Turn to my son, now, the light of the world! Hear these words and do them! Time is so very short!

Your Heavenly Father.

I hope these are words of life brothers and sisters. I hope you will renew your relationship with Christ, the true Messiah. I hope you have said the sinner’s prayer, but beyond that I hope that you nurtured your relationship as though he were sitting next to you on your sofa. Listening to your every word and responding with words of wisdom, hope, love and kindness and rebuke when you need it. Why? Because that is the spiritual reality. He promised never to leave you. Thus, He truly is sitting right next to you! GLORY! All praise and honor is due HIM! He died for you and nobody else has offered to do so…

~ Handmaid of the Most High ~ Acts 2:18, Psalm 37:30

Please check out this link to a dream I’d posted in April, 2020 https://444prophecynews.com/satan-is-ready-are-you-end-time-dream-handmaid-of-the-most-high/

June 10, 2020 11:53 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

Beginning June 1st, 2020, the Holy Spirit had begun speaking to me that “the nation will not be recognizable to most American’s by the end of summer”. This is not just a reflection of the protests, although this is going to be a significant part of it. It is going to be the new reality of the economic picture that will beset this nation and those around the world.

He spoke:

Children, my beloved, you are ever on my mind and always in my heart. I hear the cries of the people’s far and wide as they worry about their living situations. I know many of you have lost your jobs and your efforts to find new employment has left you feeling hopeless and untethered. You feel that no one cares – I do. You worry about how you will pay your basic living expenses, rent or mortgage, car payment, food, clothing, insurance and bills already past due.

I have been warning for years to get your financial situation in order, to those who have listened, I will provide. It may not be what you expect. It may not be comfortable. It may be a situation you never even imagined but I will be there in the midst of your situation. Many will have to ask relatives for help, that may cause new and unpleasant situations. Pray to me and pray for them. This may be a doorway to share your faith. Remember your behavior, your walk can often be more powerful than any words someone else taught you to say. Pray to me for guidance, always, I can speak the words to say or the facial expression needed to silence the mockers and the angry. Remember they have pain they haven’t shared, they may not even realize why they act a certain way. They may be in fear. When people see other’s struggle, the situation and the consequences become much more real.

Remember, my kingdom is not of this world. All situations, good or bad are temporary, you do not take them with you to heaven. I can lead you to people and circumstances that you never expected because you never trusted me like you will need to now. Remember, I said, ” And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 I certainly meant this. You must trust in me. If you lean upon your own understanding, instead of trusting in me, you will be lost and frustrated. Proverbs 3:5 This is your time to shine! This is your time to walk in my blessings! Do you really believe in my provision? Do you know that I am always present? Do you realize that you have had many opportunities to learn about me but often you looked for an easier way to handle your problems?

Now, there will not be an easier way! You must learn to discipline yourself and since many of you have not done so, I will allow things to become evermore increasingly difficult, so that you will see there are only TWO choices! It will be clear. Either you will submit to the “easy” way, which is the beast system (but quickly you will learn that you have lost EVERYTHING that matters in the process, including any chance of SALVATION!!!! It will be forever gone if you go the last true step by taking his mark!!

Or, you can choose the narrow way, the “hard” way for that is how it will seem through the distortions you will believe. However, it will be easy, when you trust me. How? It will be easy, because I will be guiding you. I will see the perils ahead and I will tell you what to do and when to do it. At the end, you will be rewarded with eternity in me, my son and the Holy Spirit. You will be united with others like yourself. There will beauty, peace and joy, that you can only experience in my presence. It will glorious and the peace and serenity as you share in this incredible place will make it all worthwhile, whatever you have suffered in this present life will pale in comparison. How wonderful will be the rejoicing and shouting and chorus sung ‘that all was worth it’.

To those who will continue to go your own way. Your path will be rocky. Your future dark and insecure. Things will change from moment to moment and just when you think you can take a breath and relax for a moment, a new challenge will come at you and you will be overwhelmed. Grief will follow you as you see unspeakable things, people you know murdered. Others will take their life for they will be terribly hopeless.

The things you relied on to soothe you drugs, alcohol, dancing, binge watching tv, and other escapes will be in short supply. Those of you that do use, will discover no longer provide the buffer, it once did. The relief, the shelter, the reprieve will be very momentary if at all. You will be angry, frustrated and rudderless. Your toys will be stolen and gone will be that escape, that exit into another reality.

Likewise, the people you partied with and escaped with and even those you called your friends won’t be around. Those that still are will prove that they are not truly your friend for they will be willing to take advantage of you and even betray you if they think that it will benefit them. Yes, this new reality will be scary and unpredictable. Robberies, threats, assaults, disease, pestilence and lack will be part of daily living, so will quarreling with family, neighbors and friends. Betrayal will become common and things will be questionable. You will be promised one thing but never believe until you see it because every around you will be unpredictable.

You won’t be able to talk about the deeper things because you don’t know who is looking to use such information that could be used against you. Nations will become realms of suspicion. No one knows who is safe. It is always this way in an era of crisis. Look what happened in World War 2, people betrayed life long friends because they wanted to be good “Germans”, “Poles”, “Dutch”. We have seen it repeated in other continents such as Rwanda and Vietnam. I said that there isn’t anything new under the sun. This is part and parcel of how the enemy works to destroy society. Look at all the evil George Soros has done and continues to do. He is a Hungarian Jew that betrayed many Hungarian Jews and has spent his life “depopulating” the planet. He is behind so much wickedness in today’s events. He is being used by satan. They have regular meetings. Some times it is nearly daily. He is completely possessed as are some of your other icons. You read their books, watch their interviews, buy stock in their companies and brag about it. You follow their phony tales about their “discovering” their gadget when really they were guided by evil. You never ask me about it, for I would tell you if you did. You like these fanciful stories because they encourage your prideful and arrogant desire to believe that you too can do something like them, just maybe not as grand of a scale. Nonsense! They are carrying out dark evil and they are protected by evil.

Nothing in this world is free BUT my son’s sacrifice on the cross for your sinful acts. I call to you again, come to me, I will give you the peace and fulfillment you seek. The promises by the world come at a very high cost. You can not serve two masters. satan will lie to you that I am not watching and that the evil you do is no big deal. I say, I see everything and everything will be judged. Every lie, every theft, every time you lusted, fornicated, spoke evil, worshiped your flesh or served it with meaningless things, I will test for righteousness, and they will fail. Unless, you have asked my son to be the one to cleanse you, you will be found unworthy of me. I can not look upon unrighteousness and overlook its effects. I gave you the opportunity to be forgiven. If you continue to reject it, I will not receive you, I can not go against my own word. It is unfair to those who walked in righteousness and it renders my son’s act, as meaningless. I will not do that! It broke my heart to see him die! I did it anyway. He chose to do it! Do not act as though it was unimportant. It was the most significant act in all of history!

Seek me, now, while there are a few moments left. Call on my son, to rescue you from your torment.

My precious ones, I do not promise that you will not be impacted by these circumstances. I do promise that I will remain with you when you remain in me and my will by continuing forward to have faith and trust in me. I promise that I will bring you peace. Miracles will happen! You will know that you are beloved of me.

Your loving Heavenly Father

Those of you not serving God, repent for your sins by repeating this prayer or say it in your own words:

Jesus, I am in need of you. I am a sinner, I have followed my own path. I need forgiveness. I know you died for me. I know that you are the only way I can be free from sin. I ask you to forgive me and cleanse me from my evil ways. I thank you for dying on the cross for me and my sins. I ask you to guide me now and in the future, as you rule in my life, directing my path. Thank you Heavenly Father, for giving your son, so I could be free! Amen.

The Heavenly Father directed me to add that those who do not have resources to prepare, He knows that. He will provide. Message “Famine Famine Famine” posted Spring time last year FAMINE FAMINE FAMINE… – Handmaid of the Most High – 444 Prophecy News.  Some things mentioned have already come to pass! It will be much worse this year! See my multiple prophecy’s on Civil War, which will become violent especially when they do not have access to food. Hunger does things to brain and temperament and causing even typically reasonable people to do unreasonable and unethical and immoral things !!! Yes, it is going to be a summer many will fear. We know that’s the enemy’s intention, God warns so you will trust Him, He knows the future and He can protect you, when you trust Him.


Ezekiel 5:17 King James Version (KJV)
17 So will I send upon you famine and evil beasts, and they shall bereave thee: and pestilence and blood shall pass through thee; and I will bring the sword upon thee. I the Lord have spoken it.

Eventually, food will become so scarce that cannibalism will happen in society, then it will no longer be practiced as a hidden activity of the occultists. This was mentioned in my vision of May 2016 and posted on February 20, 2019 “The Coming Destruction of the United States of America”.


A quick view of my past postings reveal that many things have come to pass. Furthermore, some things have happened that were never released to the public! This includes many (the Holy Spirit says thousands!) of earthquakes that are felt by government in the U.S. and abroad, that are being erased later from records. Also, the Holy Spirit has stated a number of other things He has revealed have come to pass. Some will never be known except among those in specific areas (they either are unable to relay their observation/witness of the event because no one will report it or they have been threatened to keep it secret). Just remember God knows.

As the summer progresses, there will more fear and unrest among the people. Choose now to trust the Heavenly Father, decide to be firmly planted in His garden of the righteous and to see you through whatever challenge you may face. Other people, those in your community, church and workplace are not your enemy, realize that they may make the same choice, if they choose to serve darkness, they will receive dark rewards.

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