Important Prophecy About Praying For The Lost

The following words given to Rachel Adamus and Cheryl Adama are extremely important reminders of how important it is to pray for those around us when we out in public. We can make a big difference in the Lord’s harvest by praying for the lost. Also listen to Joannie Stahl’s video further down the page at the 23 minute mark, it is further confirmation that will encourage you to pray for strangers everywhere you go. Her whole video is worth the listen. She has many more on her YouTube channel Joanie Stahl’s Field notes.

What Should I Pray?

Rachel Adamus April 23, 2018

I was in prayer with Abba, telling him that I have been praying for the souls of the lost but feeling so hopeless because I know that the destruction that is about to come upon this earth is final and must happen. I have been feeling like a broken record in my prayers for the lost and have grown numb from exhaustion. So I asked the Lord, “What should I pray?”

“My daughter, I have loved you with an everlasting love. It is my good pleasure that you should pray for the souls of the lost, yet I feel the burden immensely more than you do. I feel the despair* to a degree you cannot fathom. I long so deeply that none would perish and be lost to utter destruction. Yet, the time has truly come for judgment because the cup of wrath has indeed been filled up to overflowing. My daughter, keep praying for lost souls. Pray for all the people that you know. Pray for your neighbors. Pray for your fellow church members. Pray for your pastors and elders and deacons. Many of them are facing a greater measure of wrath because of how they have led my sheep astray and have lulled them into apathy. Pray for the clubs in your town. Pray for the people you are around when you go into restaurants, when you enter hotels or any venue. Pray for all the souls that are in the store as you shop.

I have ordained in my great mercy to greatly bless those with whom you have had contact, whether directly or indirectly. If you pray for all the souls in the store in which you have shopped, you are blessing every one, though they are nameless and faceless to you. Yet to me, I know each one by name. The prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective! Do not think that they are as a broken record to me. Do not despair as to their power. It is the means that I have ordained to bless the world through you. Indeed, you are also called to bless the world through your good deeds, your love, and your gospel message, yet your prayers go before you as the bombardments that break down the enemy’s walls.

Do not rely on your feelings to determine whether your prayers are heard. Though your body is weak, as I know, yet I know that your spirit is willing. Do not give up, my daughter! The time is short! The great bombardment of enemy lines is at hand! Your prayers are storing up great canon balls of power to be cast at the Evil One and his authority on the earth. You and your generation of warriors for my name are about to witness the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen! Rejoice!”

“I am going to do a mighty thing among my prophets. I am going to send great fire from heaven to consume all the dross that remains in the flesh of my prophets. While the world experiences my wrath and judgments, they will experience the final purging of their souls. This purging will make them white in the blood of the Lamb. They will shine like the brightness of the stars in a very dark and hopeless world. They will reveal the glory of my love to lost and hurting sinners, yet this glory does not come without cost. Just as my Son, Yehushuah, had to face the cross before His glorification, so also His bride must face the cross of trouble and tribulation, that they might be kept humbled before me, utterly dependent on my power and grace to sustain them.”

AUGUST 3, 2018

Received by Cheryl Adama

I will fill mouths that are hungry for Me.  I will make Myself known to the ear and eye that desires to hear and follow Me. I will also do this with those who do not look for Me, do not desire Me – for am I not the Lord God Almighty?  I make rivers in the desert lands and roadways in wilderness places, nothing is too hard for Me!  For this reason, I will tell you this; pray.  Pray for the lost.  Your prayers are not the nothings you think, they are not unheard – but instead, as you pray, and continue to pray – and do not waver, they become heavy in My Kingdom and accomplish much.  So I say, pray My children! And pray some more!  For My ears never tire from those who would make this their daily sacrifice! 

Most do not fully realize that prayer is a great work here on earth, that they have access to the Living God with supplications to Me- whose arm is not shortened that it cannot save, nor is My ear heavy that it cannot hear!   I count each prayer you make and save it, for in My kingdom your prayers are a treasure that increases and is stored.  So I say, ask Me, continue to ask!  Pray for your neighbors, your neighborhood!  Pray for your friends, and your enemies!  Pray for one another!  Pray without ceasing.  Don’t just watch the news, or read it, use it to show you what to pray for! 

When you are standing in line, at the doctor’s office, stuck in traffic, look around you – pray for those who you see!  For as you grow in prayer, I will guide you, to show you who specifically needs prayer and what it is to pray for! As you go for your walk, or run, pray for all who you pass by!  When you feel angry at someone, make it your task to instead – pray for them! 

For you do not realize the impact this has, in you, and in them.  I look for those who have the heart to pray, and I will bless all who take this as their mission – and you will grow in the Spirit and be a mighty warrior for My kingdom.   Do not take this lightly, for prayer is a vehicle in which accomplishes My will to extinguish evil – begin this day to pray as you have never prayed before.

Joanie Stahl, be sure to listen at the 23 minute mark!


Given to Joanie Stahl (June 2017)


As I was reading the word today, the Lord spoke this word very strongly to me word for word.  I wrote it down exactly as I heard it.  I know that this word was not just for me.  He let me know that this word is for many that He wants to speak to.

So here it is:

Word from the Lord

Do not fear to go with Me where I am taking you.  You have been afraid all of your life, even of Me.  My arm is with you to deliver you from all of your fears.  Not to harm you.  

I have heard your voice.  It echoed through My whole heavens.  That is how I hear your prayers, all of them.  I am giving you a glimpse into heaven’s realm to know and to understand that prayer is actually heard like this.

In fact, all of heaven, from one end unto the other, hears it. It fills the entire upper atmosphere with all of your prayers, so that all of heaven hears as I do because we are all one in love. Everyone who prays to Me is heard this way.  I am telling you this so that you will know the power and value that is placed upon prayer.

So, when the time comes that I answer prayer, all heaven partakes in the joy of it.  Great rejoicing goes on continually in heaven because of the thanksgiving and offerings of joy answered prayer returns to Me, and everyone rejoices in my rejoicing, and they love what I love, and have great delight in seeing My interests fulfilled.  

Do not be afraid of where you are going. I am with you to deliver you out of everything you have feared.  I am setting you into your own space.  Did I not command you to be of good cheer because I have overcome the world?  These are not dead words or words of the past meant for a few.  These words belong to you as I belong to you and you to Me.  We are one.

I am with you.  Do not be afraid of where I will take you.  You will rely on Me and trust Me for everything.  Do not worry about your life and the things in this life, they are all my servants, and I do with my servants regarding you as I please and as I see fit; and not to hurt you, but as lessons of trusting Me and Me alone.  

I am honoring your heart’s cry for deliverance.  There is no need to worry or fear.  Fear shall no longer be your master. You have one Master.  I am your God. Your wonderful Father to deliver you.  You will be delivered here shortly.  I did not bring you this far to dishonor you and to take what I have invested in you, at the end to cast it away to the pigs.  

What is of Me and from Me in you is forever and has no end and I waste nothing.  I want you to hear this again.

I waste NOTHING.  Even everything you think you failed at, or who failed you, and every point of suffering in between.  It is meant for your learning, growth, and the power to stand as an overcomer in this world and in the world to come – as well as to instruct many.  

I invested all of My Son in you.  I will honor your life.  I will command what I know is good for you.  I am not through with you.  In fact, I have waited long for now, for this time.  You will go forth to honor Me. You will rise up high above all your neighbors, family, and friends, only for them to hear the new song of power released from your mouth and they will rejoice in Me.

They will see the outcome of your war and sing like the women who followed David after a large-scale battle; that you have “slain your tens of thousands”.

I will not suffer your feet to be moved.  I am honoring you and delivering you from poverty… both spiritually, physically, and from lack.  Your weight that has been placed on others, I will deliver from off of them, because you are Mine first and I take care of My own.  I do so that they will see and know for themselves that I am God; that I am their God and that I am God, the God of past, present and future.  

I have called you from the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same, so that men will know that I am God that gives and takes away.  That I raise up, I cast down to the ground, and that I deliver whom I want and keep in chains whom I will.  

I am a just God, the God of all the earth, skies, seas, and the heavens of heavens.  No one will or can outsmart Me.  No, there is no rival throne. My eyes go to and fro throughout the whole heavens and earth, and there is no other than Me because I fill everything, everywhere, all the time.  There is no room for anyone else but Me.  

Your longings to serve Me are heard in the chambers of My councils.  I am He that delivers you.  I am jealous for you.  I am jealous over you.  You are mine.  As a sparkling, priceless jewel, so have I prepared you for this last hour to command My name in the counsels of hell, prepared and designed for you.

I will and I am going to raise you up.  You will hear My voice of My command.  You will know the moment, the hour, the minute, and not a second before.  I will put My Spirit upon you.  You will be given proper command and the life you are now living, you will live no more, and neither will it come to your mind; except to be reminded of everything I taught you in relation to what I am giving you to do.  Guard what I have given to you and do not give it away unless I tell you.

I am the Lord.  I will hasten it in its time.

Time and chance are now upon you.  You are not someone else’s burden.  Whoever considers you as a burden will no longer know you as such.  I will release them as well.  They also have work for Me yet to do.  I will accomplish My heart’s desire in them for My own sake.

You have many loved ones and friends that are falling down under the great weights and burdens of this present world, too grievous to be borne.  There is a moment coming that I will appear to them to pick them up and set them on their feet again.  They will come again as little children and know Me as such.

You are no one’s responsibility. You are Mine and always have been.  I am causing those with great gifts to move over to make room for your great gift, and they will know I have sent you and placed you among them.  They will know it as sure as they know the sun will rise and set in its place.  They will see Me in you and they will honor you as they honor Me.

I will take care of all you are worried and concerned about.  

You are no longer a diamond in the rough.  I am not in your life to cause you to go from one fearful experience to another, neither will I allow that fear to pass on to your children, and their children’s children.

I am He that causes you to prosper, to employ you for your good and for Mine.  Your years shall have no end in Me, and your days of living in the shadows are coming to an end.  I will plant you in new fertile ground, near springs of water to produce much fruit in Me.

I have seen your tears; I have heard your prayers for deliverance.  Now I am coming down to deliver you, and to create new dwelling places for you, to walk with Me beside still waters, restoring your soul in Me.  

Do not be afraid of where I am about to take you.  Those who have had to take care of you are free from doing so.  I am your Keeper, the Holy One of Israel.  I am your God and King; your Friend and your Deliverer.  

Release everything to Me and come away with Me.  Your mortal years are nothing compared to eternity.  This life will be over in a blink of an eye.  When your years are come to an end, I will be there to take you home.  It will be My honor to do so.  Do not fear but begin to rejoice.

Do not fear to live.  Do not be afraid to live anymore.  I am now taking over your very life.  I am taking you in and I am taking you up.  Be calm, be sure, and be free.  Free indeed by Me, Jesus Christ, your King and your trusted Friend.

You will soon see My glory; My glory from all ages past now wrapped in robes of inapproachable light.  You will glory in My splendor. You will forever delight yourself in Me, and I will save your children and see to it that they too will enter into My glory.  They will depart from their garments spotted by sin and the shame of it.  I will clothe them Myself in robes of My righteousness and eternal glory.  I will see the travail of My soul, and they will prosper world without end.

Be confident in Me and I will bring it to pass.

They will see My glory and they will know Me.  

Furthermore, they will know of you; that a king and priest was among them dressed in plain clothes of the poor.  Their eyes will be opened and their ears will hear My voice the same way you have always heard My voice.  I will cause them to know it and hate the sound of any other.  

With your own eyes will you behold your own children become Mine, and enter into the upper glories of My heaven as mighty eternal kings and priests, and it will all be worth it.

I am coming again!

My footsteps can now be heard by My faithful one’s who daily watch at My gates, and wait daily at My doors.  

I employ My best.  I am calling you in from your fields of labor to come and work for Me this day, and in the coming days, in My vineyards.  The time of ripeness is here, it is here.  The time to glean as Ruth did is here.  The time is now and I will show you how.  I will direct you to your prepared place I have assigned for you.  I need you now in My fertile fields.  

The appointed time is now.