MS Sophie


July 8, 2020
Ms. Sophie

(Interesting thing happened; as I was typing this word all of a sudden a quick thunderstorm came and the electric went off for about 3 hours so I could not finish typing it up but finally lights came back on so I could type. This is not the first time strange things have happened and satan has tried to stop me from posting. Here is the Word finally starting with the verse)

Seek and ye shall find and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33) Seek ye first the Kingdom of God for this is where your treasures are to be stored.

My child, Beloved child of God, prophecies are now unfolding that have been foretold years ago. This House Of Cards called America is about to fall; hard it shall go down and at the speed of light all will be taken by surprise. MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN. Double judgment—a nation that spills blood of innocent ones, blood shall spill in their land. Blood will flow for the crimes against My treasured created beings, My babies.

They say “He does not see, He does not see, He does not know”. The hour has come when all will see and know that I AM is very much alive and they will come to know the Almighty on MY TERMS, not theirs.

Child, most Christians themselves believe they can escape My chastisement; the testing I will send their way. Many will fall at this time as it becomes more apparent who were truly never of Me. Their hour too is coming. Persecution will refine them as they go through the fire of testing. I love My children but they too must come back into alignment with My commands. This is NOT My wrath but My correction to those who must be corrected. The lukewarm will be forced to make a decision; either they repent, return or fall away. They want to live their lives for themselves. I created man to live for Me, to Obey, to desire Me, to have a relationship. I am NOT just a “happy meal!!”

I AM love but now they will see My severity. It is not all about them. What about Me? What about the respect, reverence to Me? Where is the fear of God anymore? Now they will be awakened in ways they never expected. My children shall go through the fires of trials, tribulations and afflictions. As in the days of old, so shall it be again. As in the days of old and as in other countries it has always been—persecution has always been ongoing but Americans want to “jump ship”, “get wings”, “fly away”. This shall not be! Not all will be martyred but many shall be. Cushy lifestyles will no longer be. Life as it once was will no longer be!

I will no longer tolerate complacency. The lukewarm will be spewed from My mouth like vomit unless they repent. If they repent they will receive the crown of life. Many perish for lack of knowledge and their denial to acknowledge I AM a God of love, A God of judgment, A God of severity, A God who will have no other gods before Me! I am Sovereign, Holy, Pure and My Bride must be purified and Holy. I accept nothing less.

I despise this nation of wickedness. America’s heartbeat is about to go into “cardiac arrest.” I, the Great I AM, have pitted nations against her for all her crimes against humanity. Invasion from all sides I will allow in. This nation is no longer one nation under God, indivisible but a nation that is divided and a nation of people who believe they are their own “gods.”

All will see there is ONE GOD, ONE TRUE LIVING WORD, ONE WAY, ONE TRUTH. It is My way. The Father of Creation blessed this nation and now will laugh at their calamity. I AM THAT I AM AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

All will stand before Me on judgment day; those who are righteous and just, walking upright in My Way will enter into My Kingdom. Demons tremble before Me for I am a Fearsome, All Consuming Fire and satan and his demons cannot cross the lines I have given yet man fears Me not. How many tremble and fear My Name? Fear is the beginning of wisdom yet fools despise My wisdom and instruction. (Proverbs 1:7)

At one time child, my heart was for America. I blessed her beyond measure and gave her increase and then watched her turn her face from Me. Now, I turn My face away. Let her fall! Let the blood she spilled now spill over her! I will show her how it feels to be invaded as she had invaded many a nation for her own greed and power wanting full control. Let her experience the pangs of despair, lamentations and wailing for she afflicted many all across the world. Let the fire burn her ‘til all evil is purged from her and she is no more. I will let her know that I cannot and will not ever be removed; by throwing me out of a nation that was blessed by Me and by discarding and not living by all I commanded her to live by destruction befalls. A nation without Me is a nation destroyed!!!

Things will increase at an alarming rate, pestilences will continue and get much worse. Shortages and famine will become the norm. Millions shall die as this House of Cards falls!

Either My people will repent or they will perish and go to the master satan. Games are over. My cards are on the table—either they play by My hand or they will go and burn and be in everlasting torment and separation from Me. I have had enough of the arrogance, pride of a nation of people against Me. Time to call many home but for so many that think they are coming home to Me they will be in shock when they see where they made their eternal home. They believed in the lies of eternal security, Once Saved Always Saved and didn’t believe they could fall. This “live as you wilt mindset” brings many to hell.

Life will never be the same here. Time is short; crunch time upon all. REPENT, REPENT, REPENT!!! What is coming will increase exponentially. Nation of America, I despise you. You are an abomination to Me. I will enjoy watching the smoke of your burning arise to the heavens. Everything will crash. You have NO power. I was the Power; the Hand that upheld you. Without Me, you are nothing!

Welcome to your new world children that you so eagerly allowed in. See how well you do without Me as evil takes hold, as you become enslaved, as you die by the sword, as your wives and children are ravished and your houses are plundered, as your goods are taken away, as your lives unravel before your very eyes. The New World Order is here but because I am a God of Mercy the New World Order will never be fully implemented for no soul would be alive if I allow them to completely annihilate all of you. I will have mercy upon all souls who cry in repentance in sackcloth and ashes. I will save these.

I will also display great acts of mercy, healings and miracles to allow all to see that I am alive and I AM GOD; to allow those to see they were deceived. These will come to Me with a contrite heart and many will be saved. Rest will be chaff and perish. My shining lights will bring many sons and daughters back to Me as I will perform great exploits threw My Chosen Vessels.

So, in the midst of much darkness, some things too horrible to mention that are coming, I will shine through. I am the Light of the World; My greatness shall be seen. It is My love for you to let all know I am the King of Glory and every knee will bow and every tongue will confess. I do love you My people but you have wandered too far and pushed Me aside.

Let the Judgments fall where they may. This is the year of the fall; as the year progresses, the fall will be more profound in the fall.

My Beloved daughter, this is all.

All You Need Is Me

Feb 24th 2020

My daughter, I want you to write these words down

Children, I am watching from My throne room. I see all! I know all! There are many going into sheer panic because you are living on very little income; cannot afford to get all the necessary items. Again, you are relying on yourselves without coming to Me. If you would turn back, confess, admit you need a Savior you would not be in a panic. So many of you suffer needlessly when the answer all along has been ME. I am Yahushua HaMasiach, your Lord and Savior. I am always calling you children!

Satan is a “fearmonger”—wants to keep you locked in anxiety, panic and depression. Without true repentance, these will take over your lives. I am the peace you need to alleviate all your fears. I take care of My children who return to Me.

What you are seeing now is only the start of many more to come. Are you understanding that all the warnings throughout the years I sent your way were for your benefit, not Mine? I have always been looking out for you but you have been dismissing My Words as nonsense, as conspiracy, as false. I cannot lie nor would that ever be My desire. I have no place with satan—he has lied, deceived, maimed, destroyed yet you remain following this broad road to separation from Me.

If you desire peace, then you need to Rest in Me and humble yourselves; submit—realize you cannot do anything without My assistance. I am not there in you if you are willfully sinning. I am not in your rebellion. All have fallen short and all have been born into sin because of the First Adam. I came down from heaven to crush sin and death. First Adam was earthy. I am heavenly. I am Spirit. When I was crucified, I left My Spirit upon those who repented. This is a gift!!! You have a Comforter available to you. Why do you reject this free gift of new life, salvation? Doesn’t everyone need comfort during trials and tribulations in life?

The Comforter brings all things to remembrance, opens eyes to see, ears to hear. My Holy Spirit moves and breathes in you. You become like a child again—born again to see through new eyes, My Eyes. Those who truly have My Spirit living in them have set aside the old man and become new; not on their own was this accomplished. I bring the change, heal the wounded heart. I remove the strongholds of addiction and deliver you. I AM THE ANSWER TO ALL THAT AILS YOU.
I open doors! I close doors! I allow judgments to come as a means of correction. You have made it much harder on yourselves for your defiance and rebellion! Who knows the heart of man but I? Where is the fear of a Holy Almighty God as in days long ago? You fear now what man is bringing upon you with this “manmade” virus yet you fear Me not!!!


Who created the heavens and the earth?  Who created you? Who knew the date of your birth and knows the day you will leave? Who is My equal? Who calmed the raging seas? Who has numbered every hair on your head? Who knows each star by name? Who laid the foundations of the earth? Who spoke and it was done? Who has gathered the wind in his fist? Who was there at creation?

Why do you not acknowledge this? The universe I hold in My hands! The universe did NOT bring you into this world. The universe CANNOT create itself. I AM BEHIND IT ALL! You are My created beings. I knew what your name would be before you came out of your mother’s womb? I love each one of My created beings. I speak not of the unredeemable—the sons of satan. They will be destroyed once and for all!

The changes are here children. Lives forever will be changed. The lamentation and the wailing has already begun. Soon much more will be heard throughout the earth. Sin destroys; allowing abominations in allows satan to have a foothold in the lives of men.

Rejection of the Most High brings judgment. Am I to idly sit back and tolerate your wicked deeds and your blatant sin as you flaunt it before My Face? Where is the fear of a Most Holy God? Who holds the keys to hell and death in His hands? (Revelation 1:18)

You forgot who I am so I am going to wake all of you who slumber up! I am active, always moving. I neither slumber nor sleep. I am not altogether like you. You must not lean on your own understanding and understand you are now in the days of the progression to the end. Time soon will be no more! Time soon will be no more for many of you will not be here much longer.

I implore you to repent and let Me wash you clean. Have you prepared your spiritual houses or will you die in your filthy stained garments? The time of procrastination is over! Decision must be made NOW! Your eternity is not secure if you are in unrepentance, in willful rebellion and disobedience.  All must reach for the prize and endure until the end. For instance: If you said a one time prayer at age ten and live as you wish to this day and remain in willful sin you make a mockery of My sacrifice. There is a special place in hell for mockers and scoffers! I am not one to be mocked nor are My words in vain.  My prophetic timeline is in motion. Daily you need to seek Me, to confess. This is not a game! You are playing Russian Roulette with your lives. Your eternity is at stake!

While you are ignoring what is right before your eyes and refusing to admit changes are here, you will also be the ones without in times ahead—food shortages, cupboards empty. All the weather disasters have ruined this year’s crops. These too will become worse; in some areas—famine.

You had your days of leisure, days of plenty. How many pray? My heart is heavy. My tears have fallen. My anger has risen. The purging has begun. Many things will be purged this year. This nation America has been in a slow decline for decades and now the escalation comes. A nation without Me will never survive. I raise kingdoms up! I take them down!

Be ready at all times. Pray that you will endure until the end. Pray for the lost. Pray for your families. Pray for your brothers and sisters in Me all over the world.

Persecution, pestilence, famine continues as well as volcanoes and more as earth groans for My Return.

Children of Mine, Rise up! There is work to be done. My Kingdom come, My will be done. There is still much refining needed in most. Very few are ready. I work in each of you. Be patient! I am working on your behalf. You will be the salt of the earth. You will be of great help to those in need. I will bring you forth. My Light will shine through you. You are My chosen vessels. Listen, seek, and heed My instructions as they come.

I call—Make Me yours and I will make you Mine. When all else is gone, I remain

Yahushua (Jesus Christ)

That is all child

I, Yahushua Hamashiach, Am The Answer

February 10th, 2020

My child, write these words down for Me

Many of My children are perplexed as to why they have not heard from Me on whether to move or stay put. There is a great misunderstanding of My timing as coinciding with the timing of events and what is now happening around the world.

Children, everything I do will be for your benefit though you perceive nothing is moving on your behalf. Trust Me on this; in heaven all is being aligned for the time you are to go—If you have been told you will move, you will be moved. Everything in heaven for your life has to be done in the right order. There are no mistakes made here. Do not become disheartened as you wait. My daughter, you too, need to remember all is being worked out for your good. Child, you and so many others are also asking Me the same questions waiting on answers.

I am answering all now—I AM is moving. I AM has not forgotten you. You, who are My Chosen vessels, I am refining so that you will be like gold. Everyone is in a different stage of refinement as I transform you from the inside out. I am NOT speaking of full transformation so do NOT misinterpret My Words. All must go through the refiner’s fire for I am the Potter and you are the clay.

Keep in mind I am outside of time and in My timing it is all moving along quickly but in your earthly time it appears to you that not much is going on and that your answers will never come. This I speak to My chosen children that I have spoken to before about re-location. You will have your answers soon. To all those who walk with Me, stay very close to Me at this time for the enemy is on the prowl looking to keep you from fulfilling your destiny, from the call I have on your life. Wear your armour and wait on my instruction. Keep yourselves ready for some of you will be called to move quickly. Others will remain where they are now.

You see many changes are occurring in the earthly realm. To those who have yet to return you need to open your eyes and realize this “Leave it to Beaver” horse and pony show is over.

They have put out viruses and there are more to come. They must have a reason to round masses of people up and it must always come under the guise that it is for your own good; that they are here to help. Children, do you see how they are “enforcing their will” upon all? Will anyone ever find those that have been taken? Their agenda has been “in the works” for decades but now application is going forth. You ask “why would you God allow this?”

There are many things you children do not fully grasp and understand but you must look to the “root cause” of all of man’s problems. It is SIN. SIN IS the cause. SIN permeates and where sin is satan is. When the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has been removed what happens? Look into your own lives. What happens when you allow SIN TO DOMINATE your lifestyles? What good will come of this? You children scoff at repentance believing this is not needed. It is this UNBELIEF that takes most down in the end. I cannot look at SIN, cannot have anyone in filthy, stained garments enter in. I AM PURE! I AM HOLY but I am expected to let all in while they are covered in sin with no desire to repent. If any of you believe you will get in dressed in filth, you are sadly mistaken and been misguided.

Repentance is MANDATORY for all. Daily you err. You SIN in your thoughts, your words, deeds and actions. You must be washed daily and humble yourselves—realize you are not infallible and open your eyes to truth. I am the way, the truth and the life. Without Me, there is no life everlasting. Come out from under the heretical doctrine of Once Saved Always Saved. Do you not have free will to choose righteous living or to live as thou wilt? The doctrine of OSAS is taking more people to hell than you can ever imagine!

All have sinned but even a backslider returns and falls on their face in true remorse. How many have made the decision that they would rather die in their sins and perish? My arms are always open to receive one with a contrite heart. Rest shall perish. I have given plenty of time, plenty of warnings, much love calling out to so many.

My judgments will continue. Some I allow from the evil one, satan and others are solely by My Hand. I use evil for My purposes so you will see and comprehend the difference between good and evil. This is how many will be saved—it is only through the worst of times, through much anguish and despair and through tears bringing one to brokenness when you realize you can’t fix yourselves, your lives. Man cannot do it for you. You need a Savior and I am the One that lived, died and rose again for you. You need Me—there is absolutely no other channel, god, mystic, diviner that can save you.

I, Yahushua HaMasiach, IS the Answer! Many will eventually come to this realization as the world crumbles around you. You cannot channel “spirits” to help you unless you want satan to take your soul to hell as he manipulates and plays with your mind. False gods are made of stubble and stone—WORTHLESS!! Mystics, diviners, witches, warlocks are all walking with Satan. Have nothing to do with any of this. Get rid of Ouija boards. Stay away from séances. Stay away from everything that allows satan in. Demons are actively at work taking over many souls.

Remember, life is but a vapor—partaking in the kingdom of darkness brings death and hellfire. Disconnect from those partaking in any occultic practice. Re-connect to the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob!! RENOUNCE the devil, REPENT to Me. I offer eternal peace, love, joy and salvation. Death loses its sting over you when you return. Breath of heaven or the smell of sulphur—which would you rather have?

MAKE DECISIONS NOW!!! You are not guaranteed tomorrow and I know the number of your days on earth. I created you. I brought you into the world and I know when you will leave it.

STOP playing around in these false religions of man, demonic doctrine of OSAS, of all occultic activity. TIME IS NOW!!! Tomorrow may never be nigh for you! Will you listen or continue to play “tug of war” with Me? I hate SIN and all that is an abomination in My Eyes should be in yours too!

WAKE UP! Life is not a bed of roses. Plagues, persecution and famine is fast becoming the mainstay—the way of the future.

PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE. It will get much worse, not better until My Return. Spiritually, mentally, physically, prepare yourselves. DO IT NOW!! Remove all that is not of Me. NOW is the time to get very close to Me. I am your shield and the defender of the weak. You must be hidden under the shadow of My wings. I am your shelter. This comes through seeking intimacy with your Creator—ME!!!

TIME IS SHORT. Make use of the time you have left wisely. STOP buying your gadgets and trinkets and start investing in Me. Use mammon wisely. Get the things one would need in dire times. Make wise choices. Do not delay what you can do today. Come into the “secret place” in Me. I am your provider yet man has a responsibility to take care of his own. Prayer is essential. Direction comes from Me if you diligently seek Me.

Walk in love. Count it all joy when trials and tribulations come your way. I chasten those I love and satan comes after those I love to stop you from going further, from pursuing Me. He will do anything to hinder you and he uses the same tactics from his “bag of tricks”; anything and everything to keep you frustrated, busy, distracted so you will give up. Use your armor and gird up your loins daily!

I am here. Where are you? Seek Me now as the sand in the hourglass will run out. Return or perish.

I love you! Follow Me! Repent, Return or Perish!


Come back home My children. All things work together for good for all those who love Me!

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 2/9/2020 ending at 4:44 pm)

Deuteronomy 18:10-12 KJV 10 There shall not be found among you [any one] that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, [or] that useth divination, [or] an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, 11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. 12 For all that do these things [are] an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee.

Leviticus 19:31 – Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I [am] the LORD your God.

Jeremiah 3:22 – Return, ye backsliding children, [and] I will heal your backslidings. Behold, we come unto thee; for thou [art] the LORD our God.

My Hand Is Stretched Out Still

January 7th, 2020

My daughter, the time is now coming for more prophecies to be fulfilled. The naysayers will squawk as always until it is right at their doorstep.

My Hand is stretched out still and for all their wickedness, idolatry and abominations before Me, recompense is due. They say “ah ha, who sees us?”—I, the Lord Most High sees you, you evildoers who oppress My people, who have stolen the food out of the mouth of babes, who have slain My innocent ones, who send young men and women to die all in the name of war; wars that you have started here in America. You are altogether worthless and will be bundled up together as chaff and thrown into the lake of fire with your father of lies.

You are nothing more than “murderers”. Criminals, children, run this nation—all in the name of filthy lucre. Every unborn, every child, every adult you have slain you will be held accountable for. You are hell-bent on killing and destroying. The time for the wicked too shall end. I will smite you with My Fury!!! I am a God of Judgment but I am also a God of Justice. Justice will prevail and nothing has escaped My eye. I hear the cries of My children!

Children of Mine, take heed to what I declare to you this day. My Judgments must fall in order for the sleeping masses to awaken. Along with judgments comes My Mercy. The light can only shine when darkness is rampant upon a disobedient, sinful nation that has discarded My laws and My statutes.

You who call yourselves Christians, why do you sit silently and not pray? You, too, will be held accountable for sitting in your comfort zone doing nothing! Where are the consistent prayer warriors? You say two little prayers in the morning and go on your merry way. Are you praying for those who have just been deployed? Are you praying for My severity to be lessened as My Judgments fall? Are you praying for those who are out at sea? Are you praying for your brothers and sisters in other nations that are being persecuted that they may endure ‘til the end? Are you praying for the lost whom you never met or is it all just about prayers about you, your wants, your family only? Yes, I hear those too but in this day and hour there are many drastic changes coming to the landscape of America and you MUST RISE UP against the enemy of your soul. Prayers avail much if done with the right intent of the heart.

The Script is written; the scenery changes. The playing field has changed. The main players will change. You are heading into the “leanest times” you have ever known. Luxuries will soon and I state, very soon be a thing of the past. Do you know how to survive during war? During famine? Your favorite take out will no longer be in operation. Your toys and gadgets are about to be taken away. Your heads are buried in electronic gadgets and they should be buried in My Word for I AM THE LIVING WORD and the SUSTAINER OF ALL LIFE. Pull your heads out of your rears—your remaining time on earth is short and for many death awaits. You think nothing about where your eternal soul will end up.

My children, My Words are harsh and My chastisement shall be even harsher until I break you of your stiff-necked attitudes. You are the most stiff-necked generation of all. Many of you will be called to leave this earth and most are UNSAVED believing they are saved, and the rest believe there is no need to repent for our church leaders told us “all good people go to heaven, even the abominable ones”. You’ve been handed a cheap “bill of goods” with no sustenance. There ARE NOT many roads to My Kingdom. Do you know how many good people are burning in hell today? One MUST and I emphatically state REPENT!!!

I, Yahushua, is the ONLY Way, the Truth and the Life. You MUST go through Me to get to the Father’s kingdom. STOP believing your lying false preachers, your Oprah, your Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland and the multitudes of all your sensationalist preachers. They only want your mammon. You made them all rich while you are still praying for the miracle and all the while you are still poor. How did their “motivational prosperity gospel” fill your pockets? STOP tithing these false Pastors, Preachers, Tele-Evangelists.

You want to tithe? Talk to Me. I will send you to ones that need help. I am about to take down these false apostate wolves fleecing My flock. You are about to hear from Me; not only have you stolen My mammon but you have kept My children from hearing the truth of My Word. You have a lot to answer for and you will answer as I call you to judgment. Who of you is preaching sin and repentance? Where is the reverence of My Name? I am NOT in your houses of entertainment. I do NOT play games! I do NOT mince words! I do NOT lie! I do NOT steal! I do NOT sell anyone a “bill of goods” to make them like Me!!!

I am the KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS and you’re all about to hear Me ROAR! You either REPENT OR PERISH! There will be none in filthy garments allowed in. Your door will be shut!

My Word says “Be ye Holy as I am Holy”. Your childish excuses are over children. Come out of your “manmade doctrines”. Most of you are lukewarm at best. I have given all so much mercy. I have wooed you to return, blessed you to return yet you remain hanging onto your traditions unwilling to give up anything. You have picked apart My Word to justify your lifestyles. I CHANGE NOT! MY WORD CHANGED NOT! I AM THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER!!!

I am coming back with a Scepter in My Hand and a Two-Edged Sword—then you will know how fearsome I truly am!! I am a WARRIOR KING and all those in enmity with Me will fall! I AM UNCONQUERABLE, INVINCIBLE, STRONG AND MIGHTY AND OF MY KINGDOM THERE SHALL BE NO END!!!

My Hand is stretched out still and My Way IS the Way—you will either return to Me or you will end up with the father of lies, satan for all eternity. Enough said! Do you understand? You stand on the precipice of war on all sides! You are going into Captivity, Poverty, Famine. You are already a Third World Nation; look around you! The homeless line the streets and soon many more will be in the same predicament. You hunger and thirst for all the vile, degenerate things of this world when you should be in hunger and thirst for My Word—to Know Me!

I love you but you love Me not! Will you die for Me or will you reject Me to the end?

My anger has risen to a boiling point for you refuse to listen; even in My anger I am still for the salvation of souls for this is who I AM. I am Love and My heart’s desire is that none perish! Stop wasting time on things that mean nothing in the end and seek ye the Kingdom of God first and foremost. You must prepare your hearts spiritually for what is ahead and confess your sins and invite Me into your lives if you have not done so already. For those that think they know Me then you should know that this is a daily washing of your soul for if there is any unrepentant sin then you cannot enter into My Kingdom.

Your king is soon to be replaced by the 8th king. Your love Obama will take center stage and you will marvel as he destroys from within. You will then know what I told you was truth—that he is the SON OF PERDITION.

All is in place! Prophecy comes to pass! My Word never goes Void!

My Hand is stretched out still!

My Father and I are One—Return and you too will become one with us.

I have spoken. All comes to pass according to the prophetic timeline ordained in heaven.

Yahushua HaMasiach (Jesus the Messiah)

Greater Shaking On The Horizon

January 2, 2020


I address the children of America this day—the start of the Gregorian calendar New Year.

This will be a year unlike any others before it. This will be a year of GREAT SHAKINGS!!! There will be a:

SHAKING in government, political upheavals, civil war, nation against nation as each battle for full control. War surrounds on all sides against you America

SHAKING as more weather catastrophes occur

SHAKING as your economy will fall, crippling America. You will not be great again

SHAKING-awakening where blinders will come off; eyes and ears opening as people realize tyranny is their main objective. Your government is not for the people but against the people. It is all about their agenda, their New World Order/One World Religion. Extermination is the name of the game.

SHAKING as the severity of redemptive judgments go forth

SHAKING coming upon the House of God

SHAKING coming to the wicked and justice for My People. It will be the worst times but the best times for many will see things never seen before on this earth. Where darkness is, there will also be light!

Woes and lamentation, tribulations, not peace and safety are coming upon this nation. I will SHAKE ALL THAT CAN BE SHAKEN!!

The SHAKING, QUAKING will resound throughout the earth and My Name will once again be known. No longer will people dismiss Me—saying I do not exist. I am and have always been.

A GREAT SHAKING will arise as My Chosen will be brought forth. The enemy’s kingdom shall be shaken for the enemy fears My Power but evil will continue to rise exponentially.

You children WILL KNOW the FEAR OF THE LORD and that I AM NOT DEAD AND GONE BUT FULLY ALIVE! I was the Lamb brought to slaughter for the salvation of souls but now you will hear the ROAR From the Lion of Judah. I am HE and I hold the keys to hell and death. I will not be ignored any longer.

Earth will tremble, the wicked will try to run and hide. None can escape Me. My Kingdom will come, My will be done—everything according to my timeline. Prophecies will be fulfilled for My Word never goes void. Judgments have already gone forth but how many have noticed?

My true children have suffered extensively at the hand of evil and now their season to shine is upon them. There will be a great upset to the kingdom of darkness as My Chosen go forth for they will bring many sons and daughters home to me. The lost shall be found! For those fully surrendered, obedient to My commands, doing My Will as I have asked of you, blessings. I will bring you forth in My love. There is much work to be done.

To those who do not believe I AM and do not believe hell exists you will see the enemy tremble at the sight of My Chosen Shining Lights for you will know how short his time is by the rampage he will be on as he hunts down those who call themselves Christians. These will be the days of persecution as I will test and try all hearts. You WILL SEE HELL ON EARTH and it is only a foretaste of what hell will be for all who refuse to repent to Me and bow before the Master.

All this comes at a cost for your refusal, disobedience and acknowledgement of My Sovereignty.

Your futures hang in the balance of whether you bow, repent or continue in your rebellion, refusing to submit. Those who repent will suffer less but the severity that shall fall on the stiff-necked unrepentant ones will be greater. It all hinges upon your response. You will cause greater sorrows to fall upon yourselves if you refuse.

Many of My children are crying out for answers. This is the year you will receive your answers. Many do not know where to go and have gotten mixed messages from well-meaning friends and family. Satan wants to keep those who are Mine in confusion in order that you doubt Me. Children, I am working on your behalf and there will be great moves of My Hand and greater strides of moving forward. I will grant even greater clarity and even those who have not heard My voice or heard it clearer will receive this of Me. Just hold on children of Mine. Heaven does not nap. All of heaven is working on your behalf while most on earth love to sleep!

There is much despair coming for the “disobedient” in order that you may be saved. Again, it all hinges on your response for I desire the best for you and not to harm you. What will your answer be?

THE SHAKINGS WILL AWAKEN THE HEARTS OF MANY AS WELL AS PUT FEAR IN MANY. If you come to the way, truth and life, I, YAHUSHUA, you will no longer fear. My peace will envelop you and I will guide and lead you.

TRUST AND OBEDIENCE will be paramount in 2020. Without faith, you will not please Me. Faith is believing and trusting Me for all your needs in 2020 for it will be a most lean year. Obedience mandatory for you must NOT veer to the left or right and go off on your own. I am here to help and you will remain protected if you listen to instruction and stay in My Will. If you run out of fear, you will lose your way completely. I require that you continue to stay in repentance and come before Me daily. I REQUIRE STRICT ADHERENCE TO MY INSTRUCTIONS—it will very well be a matter of life and death for many. DO NOT act irrationally.

Love the least of these as I have loved you. You will be needed to help others for so many will be in dire need. There will be much devastation coming but do not fear for I am with thee.

2019 was mild compared to what is coming this year and beyond. If My people would repent, I would heal their land but My people have chosen the broad road to destruction. You will wake up from your slumber but it will be in the way I CHOOSE to wake you up!

Love came to save and love will prevail in the days of much adversity, persecution, unrest, loss of homes, jobs, mammon.

Come back into My love and I am more than able to provide for your needs. You are worth more than a mere sparrow to Me yet it will be fraught with hardships along the way. Nothing in life will be easy. Life will NOT be getting easier but much more difficult. Ready yourselves! Will you die for Me or take the Mark? Will you blame Me or stay with Me?

Will you allow Me in? Everlasting life I gave to the dying thief on the tree and everlasting life I will give to you if you repent, open your heart. It brings Me great joy to forgive you. So forgive others so you, too, may be forgiven. As a flower fades and soon is gone, so shall this world.

So REJOICE for there is a Kingdom coming far greater and more beautiful than your hearts and minds can perceive. I desire for you to be with Me! I am a gentleman and will NOT force Myself on anyone. You must speak it to Me alone—confess it, let it go and you, too, will dance and sing with the angels. Refuse and torment in hell will be your everlasting home. Which abode would you like to abide in?

DO NOT wait for the last minute—procrastination will cost you dearly. Do it NOW for in the midst of all the chaos fear will overtake you. Repent NOW and I will still the fear for there is no fear in Me and the peace and love that I give surpasses all of man’s understanding and reasoning. This door won’t be open much longer and soon all words of warnings will go silent.

Listen to My Words of love this day!



(Given to Ms. Sophie on 1/1/2020 shortly after Noon this day)


NOVEMBER 8, 2019


My child, write these words down for Me

You have heard My Kingdom shall have no end and when My Kingdom comes it shall be the restoration of all things. This day is not far off but I exist outside of time and space and this day shall come so you are to diligently seek My Face, pray that you will be accounted worthy to escape all that is coming until then.

You children will have to endure until that day comes which will entail much persecution. The persecution coming to the children of God will be brutal. You have read accounts of what other children of Mine have had to endure in other countries and you, too, will need to stay steadfast and NOT fear what man will do to you.

Americans have become lazy in their walk, wanting to sing songs of what I can do for you, dance and enjoy your social hour with your friends, showing up in your churches to please your Pastor, your Preacher and to gossip with your friends.

Children, it is good to fellowship but fellowship is not just in a building. Have you been out fellowshipping to the homeless or do you just throw a $1.00 or $2 their way and get away as fast as you can? Have you visited the widow, the widower, the orphan? Have you gone to someone that is alone and reached your hand of companionship out to them? There are many elderly people who have lost everyone or have no means and are so poor they cannot afford groceries. You call yourselves by My Name but you stay behind locked doors, surfacing to fellowship only with those you know. Meanwhile, those lost ones are not being sought out. Are you afraid? Are you above them? You should have been doing this all along for you were born to help one another.

My children, you are about to experience some very hard lessons in life. Do you see how many more are living in tents, makeshift homes, campers in this land of plenty now? Don’t think you won’t be next!! Your economy is in a “death spiral” with barely enough “breathing room” to survive.

Do you think money grows on trees? The majority of Americans receive government assistance and you expect the small number of hardworking people to keep you afloat so you can remain nice and lazy laying on your couches, watching your violent and perverse movies, playing on your phones and you expect them to sustain your lifestyle!! I speak to the majority that are “slovenly”, “selfish” expecting everything to be handed to them when they were very capable of working all these years. You will be the FIRST to go hungry since you waste money on your useless pleasures instead of preparing. Your spiritual houses are void of Me. Some go to a church and right back to their sins—in one ear, out the other. (He said to put a notation here that those that truly need assistance that this word is not about you).

This nation is full of gluttonous, complacent, lazy children. What does it say in Proverbs about this? I created all beings. I, the Great I AM gave you two hands, two feet; you were to work. How do you think some of the rich got rich—by sitting on their backsides doing nothing? They worked; they toiled hard to earn their keep. (again daughter notation: I am speaking not of the families that control this nation through extortion, greed and murder to rise to the top; these will not be able to stand before Me on that day of judgment).

I AM is speaking about the ratio of those who work and the imbalance; those who rely on government assistance and received it through lies and deception—the working class cannot hold this nation up. This is your liberalism—take, take, take; give nothing back. Your nation is in for a GREAT FALL ECONOMICALLY, with promises of recovery yet you will fall even harder after it, never to rise again. America, the land of the rich and beautiful, the land of plenty will be the land of the “destitute and hungry”. Where is the beauty then? I gave you such blessings in this nation and all I receive is “UN-THANKFULNESS”, “DISRESPECT” as you continue to push My Name, My Word out of the picture.

So you want to do it your way without Me—So be it! You will lie on the streets begging for a morsel of grain; those you shunned will soon be you!!

Love thy neighbor as thyself does not apply to most of you in your hearts. It’s all about you—the me, me, me generation. Nothing is free and all will pay. You will reap what you have sown. Your deeds are ever before Me and known to Me. I SEE your pride, the arrogance; the disregard for your fellowman. I SEE the vanity, the selfishness. I SEE the broad road to your demise that you are on. I SEE your hatred, your unwillingness to forgive. I CANNOT use these in My Kingdom for I will have none of it.

You were created to become the likeness of Me; to pray, repent, to fast, to give of your heart (this does not always require money), to give of your time to Me, to praise, to worship. To look like Me, you must KNOW Me. Drop to your knees in lamentation and I will hear your cry. The cry of a sincere heart I will not cast away.

CIVIL UNREST will bring in martial law. Children, your nation is in shambles, in wickedness, perversion, full of abominations. Murder is the answer to everything now. How far you have fallen from the days of your youth America. Your air, land, sea is polluted; nothing clean and I will purge this nation of all its sins.

The woes coming to a nation that has refused to repent will astound those in other nations. The invaders will invade. Invaders are already on your soil but so many live in denial. Many things will hit you from all sides; sometimes even simultaneously—one event after another. This nation is “drowning” for all the blood she has spilled and it won’t be long before she “drinks” of the wrath of her fornication with the world and the wrath of God. Many WOES, WAILING—a nation who has forgotten her God—a nation in a free fall from grace—a nation that has embraced everything that satan brings to the table. Satan has sold you a bill of goods and you have taken the bait and he will inevitably destroy you hook, line and sinker.

Your heads are barely above water now. Did I not say come, repent, return to the Giver of Life? Did I not say turn from your wicked ways nation of America and I will heal your land? Did I not say to hate what I hate but instead you push the LGBT movement, bring in openly and flamboyant homosexuals to run your churches! You embrace every foul, unclean spirit. All things that are abominable in My sight you have welcomed in. You will now see what it has brought onto you.

Satan only brings death; this nation is dying at an alarming rate—her heartbeat soon to be stilled. It was his purpose—to kill and destroy and America has been holding hands with the devil and shall ultimately fall—DEATH to a nation that has forgotten who blessed it!!!

Life everlasting you reject—death appeals to your senses so shall it be. The stench of death will permeate this land. Am I to sit back and “wink” at what I see—to turn a blind eye and not recompense evil done to My babies, My children? Am I to allow it to continue? Children of America, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess.

I AM a Merciful God. Have you been merciful towards another? You HAVE NOT learned your lessons and for this you will be chastened by Me.

My love does not wane and My lost will be found. My harvesters will gather them unto Me as I use My vessels as instruments of My Power, My Goodness, My Love. There is much work to be done. My Army is about to rise!

In closing, if you die child in an “unrepentant state” you WILL NOT enter into My Kingdom. Keep this in mind for many will lose their lives when they least expect it. Do not be so arrogant that you think you have a lifetime of doing as you please left.

Who am I to you children? Do you know Me? Do you know the Great I AM?

I AM, I AM, I AM and I always will be!!!

Child, this is all for now.

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 11/7/2019)


Oct. 14 2019

My child, write these words down

Children of America, all is now ready to go as their preparations are finalized. I have held off allowing the enemy and his cohorts to implement more of their destruction upon the sleeping masses who choose to ignore all the signs that are clearly not hidden from sight as they once were years ago. I will hold off no longer and allow more to happen. Every nation reaps what it has sown and it is now your time to reap.

I AM allows certain events to occur but satan must do as I say. Children, he bows to Me yet you do not even acknowledge I exist (many of you). Satan obeys Me and cannot cross over at will. You children live in complete rebellion, have crossed the line and refuse to acknowledge you need a Savior. My Son’s sacrifice means nothing to so many of you.

As all things now converge unto a defiant, obstinate, stiff-necked, self-serving people, who follow every god but Me, will see how ensnared they will be. Your false gods won’t come to your aid nor save you. To those who are their “own gods” you cannot save yourselves. What and who will you turn to? I do not exist you say—so be it! Your sins find you out and in them you will perish!

WAR IS COMING upon an unsuspecting nation full of foolishness believing America is great and can defeat any nation or any insurrection against them. You are blinded by your own conceit. You are powerless and you will broken in two. The traps you have set for others you will fall into; you will fall into your own pit.

The atmosphere has changed. Evil will burst forth as darkness consumes your land of nothing.

You believe in everything false: climate change hoax, vaccines are good for our children, DNA gene-therapy is wonderful and such a blessing, abortion is a woman’s right, being transgender is normal as you push these children into becoming abominations, Drag Queen story hour is a positive move of acceptance—all your false definitions of love.

How many of you are standing up against all that is not of Me? Very, very few do as the rest of you embrace every foul, unclean and abominable spirit into your homes, your churches, your schools, your children’s lives, your families and your own lives. You are altogether useless for kingdom purposes for your hearts are for all the things I hate!! Your hearts are NOT WITH ME, NOR FOR ME but for your master, the deceiver of millions, your father, satan.

I AM is thoroughly disgusted and you people shall perish for lack of knowledge. You cling to immoral behavior, the lusts of the world and your storehouses in heaven are empty. So many of you will be shocked on that day when I say “I never knew you” for you are smug in your own minds that you are saved. IF YOU EAT AND DRINK WITH THE DEVIL THEN YOU WILL SIT AT HIS TABLE, NOT MINE.

Only those who are purified and Holy will feast at My table—these I will sup with. I turn away from stained and filthy garments if you refuse to allow Me to thoroughly wash you clean, which requires a DAILY WALK with Me, A DAILY TIME of repentance and prayer. Does the husbandman want a filthy Bride? Does a Bride want a husband full of abominations in her sight? I accept nothing less than a Holy, purified, blemish-free Bride.

Only I can strip you, purge you, wash you, refresh you and renew you. You CAN overcome sin if My Holy Spirit truly resides within the reservoir of your heart. Only I can save a soul from eternal damnation. You MUST deny yourselves, you MUST resist the devil and he will flee, you MUST do your part and BE AN OVERCOMER. The only way is through Me but most you live in disbelief of this and believe in the false narrative of “there are many ways to get to heaven”. You neither know the Father of all creation nor know the story of the cross or understand what this means.

A walk is a walk—pressing forward for the mark—reaching for the prize! LAZY Christians are a dime a dozen; just sit around, do nothing, just wait on Me, the Great I AM to hand it all to you on a silver platter. Where is the sacrifice on your part of living your life for Me? Where is the cry of your heart in earnest seeking Me, who is the better way? Where is the mourning?

The days of the preaching by righteous men speaking of sin, repentance, warning of what is to come are over in this day and age for the most part. I AM raising up MY ARMY who will put your false Pastors, preachers, teachers, evangelists to shame. There is a new way and it will be MY WAY. You will either return fully to My truth or you will die in your false manmade doctrines. I DO NOT COMPROMISE MY WORD to appease your palate. My Son didn’t come and suffer an incredibly violent death just so you could pick and choose how you wish to live.

It is NOT about you! I created beings to be a part of Me; to be ONE with Me—to seek My face, to commune with Me, to walk in My Ways, the narrow road. Most of you pick and choose to justify living the way you want; you believe I changed everything after My Son came to suit your needs. My Son came to crush sin and death and to open the way to Me. At his crucifixation, the veil was rent in two and the earth shook violently, the dead arose so all would see whom they slaughtered.

While He was on earth did He Obey My Commands or pick and choose which ones to follow? Did He change the tablets—what was written by the finger of God? Did He live as he wanted to, in fornication, drunkenness, adulteries—partaking in the devil’s playground? NO!!! Did He believe the lie that there were many roads to Me and “live and let live” or did He live a life of prayer, fasting, repentance, speaking truth, obeying My Commands and demonstrating to the world that the way to everlasting life is the narrow way—narrow path to the kingdom? The broad road leads only to destruction of your soul and total separation and forfeiture of your kingly inheritance. FREE WILL—YOUR CHOICE TO CHOOSE!

I sound like a broken record to many but I, your Father, continuously warn because of My undying love for you. My desire is for you to be with Me. It saddens Me deeply as each soul perishes. Return to Me while you can NOW. Time is that short!

Children, all will hit America SUDDENLY! This will be your wake-up call and you will see the seriousness of the time you live in. Either look up and repent or be ready for your descent to hell. All hell about to also be unleashed on earth. Your hero, Obama about to come and make his grand entrance. Trump shall be removed; out with the old, in with the new. NONE of your leaders have done what they were supposed to do for My people.

Come to Your Master—the Father of all Creation; let Me lead you. Stop following man and manmade traditions. Their ways amount to nothing. Those who rely on man won’t make it. You must lean on Me even if you don’t fully understand. You MUST put ALL FAITH into Me. I will protect those who are Mine. You MUST trust Me—Obey Me. Obey My instruction. Many still await those instructions but they are coming. I have not forgotten you.

To All: SUDDENLY, SUDDENLY, SUDDENLY and then the nation of America crumbles! SUDDENLY, SUDDENLY, SUDDENLY..tick tock, clock struck twelve and down she fell.

WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP before it’s too late for you.

ARISE, ARISE, ARISE out of your white-washed tombs. Stop playing church—dead people in dead churches.



WAR DRUMS—Do you hear the sound?

The Lion of Judah ROARS—Do you hear the sound?


The greatest display of who I AM will be shown to all shortly. My vessels of honor will go forth. Their light will shine when all else is dark.

That is all My child.

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 10/13/2019)


Original article can be found here


My child write this down for Me.

My patience has run out over an obstinate, stiff-necked people. You claim My prophets have lied whom I gave the Words, dreams and visions to share. You children have professed to Me that I AM is a liar! You are about to experience what I am bringing forth now. You will choke on your own words.

I said heed the warnings, heed the warnings, heed the warnings and what did you do—spend time mocking My chosen ones—laughing at Me. Now you are unprepared and your spiritual house is in total disarray. The lamentation in this land will be witnessed by all other nations. All who have read and heard messages yet refused to warn, their blood will be on your hands. Where is your love for others?

The coastlands will see much devastation. What happened in the past along the coasts now will be more severe—some areas totally destroyed. If My children were doing what they are called to do and that is to pray and intercede then the severity would be lessened. So where are you children? Why are only a few interceding while the others sleep? This is not the time to sleep but to be on call at all times. Pray for them! Show your love this way for those you don’t know; they, too, are your brothers and sisters.

My severity you are all about to see. I am long-suffering but I will no longer sit back while you mock and scoff, lost in your own empty minds. You fill your minds with mindless things when you should have been preparing for the days to come which are now about to be upon you.

I stated many are about to lose their lives for the events that are coming upon this nation. Did you even think about praying for mercy during judgment—of course not; you are too busy in your own selfishness with no concern for your neighbor. I do not speak ill words against those who are good Samaritans but against the lazy, the ones who expect that the world revolves around them. To those who do nothing; you are about to be brought low.

Isaiah 9:10 KJV 10 The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change [them into] cedars.

What will you rebuild—with what? After all the devastation there will be NO mammon left to rebuild anything. I AM the Master Builder. You, America, are about to see what it is like to no longer be free and do as you wish. As all falls around you, many will lose everything. You are about to watch everything crumble while other nations jump with joy and come and take the spoil. You have become your own worst enemy. You listen only to yourselves when you should have been listening to Me.

I am about to shake you to the core and strip you layer by layer of all your luxuries until you are naked for you are wretched, poor and blind and despicable in My Eyes. Vengeance is Mine and I recompense. Curse Me all you want children for all that is about to transpire. I know your hearts and who are truly Mine. Where were your ears attentive to My call to return unto Me? As you turned your faces and hearts away from Me, I will turn My face from you!

The earth will open and the seas will roar! All is at My Command! You are about to see your “happy face God with flowers in his hair” about to ROAR. You children have made me something I am not. I am NOT your toy; I am NOT your Sunday date; I am NOT your happy meal; I am NOT there at your beck and call to do your will.




You don’t want to repent then so be it. It will be as you so desire. DO NOT blame Me for your own choice. You have free will. You want to walk away as all the calamities hit like a freight train then do so; again YOUR choice. I desire none to perish. I AM has called all to repentance NOW for the Kingdom of God is at hand. The end of days is upon you. This is the start of the days you said would never come to your nation. It is at the door and what will you say as it all tumbles down?

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and all the King’s horses and all the King’s men could NOT put Humpty Dumpty back together again. YOU WILL BURN and YOU WILL BE DESOLATE IN THE END. What is to befall America can NEVER be rebuilt. She is not worth saving—only the lost yet to be found shall be saved. I would have saved her had she repented but she has gone the way of Ba’al.

Trump cannot save you! Your hero Obama won’t save you! Only I CAN save you but you do not wish to be saved. Have it your way. MY anger is great against a most wicked, murderous nation. All are about to see who I AM—whom you came against. The Great I AM has NEVER LOST a battle yet but America, you have lost all that once was good—you are about to lose it all!!! You will be taken hostage; you will be ravished and spoiled. Your blood runs red as do My Eyes with FURY against you!


To My Dearly Beloved Ones—Do not fear all you are about to see. It must be. It is the only way or else none be saved.

Your earth will open up; many shall fall there within. Your seas will roar and will sweep many away. Your own sins Oh America has brought this upon you. Now you reap what you have sown. Fires will rage.You will not be able to keep up with what is coming—one thing after another. You are a stench in My Nostrils! Now I must wake you up in ways you never thought I’d do. You will repent then or you will perish. Everything imaginable will start coming in your nation with more intensity!

WAR, WAR, WAR The biggest mistake you made oh children of America is to war against Me—The Holy One. Those who continue in this rebellion will lose this war against Me.

The earth shakes and the seas roar at the sound of My Voice!!! Some of what you will see are by My Hand alone and some I will allow the enemy to have his way for your disobedience to My commands. I AM in control of it all!



(Given to Ms. Sophie on 8/27 into 8/28/2019, finished at 12:23 a.m)

Read Matthew 24

Ezekiel 3:17-19KJV 17 Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me. 18 When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked [man] shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. 19 Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul.


AUG 26, 2019

My child, write these words down for Me.

I am going to make this short and to the point children. You are on the precipice of seeing incredible and swift changes. This fall will start the fall of all; your government and political arenas are in shambles, businesses are failing, job losses are great, crops failing, the greatness of prosperity fast becoming a thing of the past.

Your King Cyrus is completely deceived by those he holds in high regard. I chose Trump as a final warning to the nation of America. He is NOT the chosen Messiah, the Antichrist that all these who follow Lucifer are salivating over. They follow their false god Lucifer and they will be where they have put their allegiance to. He promised power, mammon, riches of this earth giving them kingdoms that are about to fall. They chose their path; darkness over light and there they will be for all eternity.

My children, Trump was the “last trumpet” call to repent and return to Me. Instead, My children hang onto the words of man over Me. This nation is no long one nation under God, indivisible we stand, with liberty and justice for all. This nation is divided and a divided nation will never stand.

A One World Religion is NOT a nation in unity. There is only one God and I do not allow other gods in. The One World Religion is a “farce” and a “powerful deception” of the enemy and all those who know not My Word, nor My commandment of “there shall be no false gods before Me” will fall and be taken as sheep to the slaughter. You call yourselves a Christian nation yet you know not My Word. You sit in pews with blank stares believing anything told to you by these charlatans on their pulpits. What does it take for Me to shake you awake? I must take down to build up.

Oh generation of vipers; your end is near! This nation full of satan worshippers will soon come to blows with Me, the Greatest of the great and Mightiest of All—the Great I AM. I AM terrifying to stand before and you think you will contend with Me. You will FEAR ME and cry out for the rocks to fall upon you. You will NEVER reach My throne and I will crush you under My feet. I will purge evil off the face of this earth. I will avenge My babies, My little ones and My chosen ones. Your kingdom will fall for My Kingdom is coming and the gates of hell will NOT prevail against it.

All you who put man over Me, follow false gods, worship mammon and the lusts of the world (idolatry) will soon see how truly deceived you were but then it is too late. Many of you are already “unredeemable ones” but I call to all those now who are still “redeemable” who follow the beast to come out from under and cry out to Me. This is a call to salvation—Repent to Me for you still have a chance to be saved but time is short and I make no deals with anyone. I speak this to all who follow witchcraft, to My lukewarm ones, to My backslidden ones and to all the lost. NOW is the time to seek Me!!!

The ways of this world are coming to a close and an “unrecognizable” nation is on the horizon!

There is nothing Christian in this nation. Where is My Son? Is the story of His life being told in your schools?—NO, but every abomination is!!! Where is My Son in your churches as you invite in destiny cards and jezebels that run your churches? Where is true worship of Me? I AM is not in your white-washed tombs of dead people who worship their Pastors and Preachers over Me. I AM NOT THERE!! You charlatans, too, in these establishments are about to find out who I AM and you will not be able to stand before Me. All knees will bow before Me and all tongues will confess that I am the King of Kings, Yahushua HaMasiach!!

Let us stop these games now children for none of you can win or defeat Me. Only those who truly repent will I receive into the sheepfold. DO NOT WAR AGAINST ME—YOU WILL LOSE!!!

War games already in motion. All is going according to plans made decades ago to take you to your extermination children. Your days are numbered. The clock is ticking—soon the clock strikes twelve and down she fell!

Remnant, My Bride, while all falls around you, you will shine!! Your days are upon you to do great exploits in My Name. You will be My vessels I operate through. I will use your mouths, hands and feet as you will be instrumental in bringing in the final harvest of souls. I AM with you and IN you. My chosen Bride, you are Beautiful to Me. After all is said and done, many rewards await you. What all will see none has ever been seen before. All will be done according to My Master Plan. You will be My witnesses unto all the ends of the earth and then the end will come. Arise! Shine My Shining Lights!

The calamities on this earth will be many; losses too numerous to mention and the loss of life in numbers too high for your human minds to truly conceive.

I say Cry out NOW to Me to save you for at the time it all falls apart you very well might not have that chance. LET THIS SINK IN. Cry out from the depths of your heart in sorrow and I will forgive you. As you go through the hardships coming (for those who have not yet lost their lives) stand, stop your foolishness, repent daily and endure until the end and then I will call you. REPENT, STAND AND ENDURE AND YOU WILL MAKE IT!!

Dire times call for dire warnings! Blind eyes lead the blind to their demise. Repent and I will open your eyes.

I say it again, war on all sides—kick-off, economic crash, civil unrest, attacks by invaders along with much more in weather catastrophes, famine, pestilences—it’s all coming at you faster than you know. Once the kick-off starts the rest will follow quickly.

Be Sober! Be Vigilant! Pray for your families and the lost you do not know. Pray unceasingly!

This is enough for now child.


(Given to Ms. Sophie on 8/23/2019)



My daughter, write this word down for Me

Children of America, do you know how close you are to your lives being changed forever; as water in a pot boils over so does My anger! You have rejected My counsel to get back onto the narrow road. You are wallowing in filth and mire, so steeped in sins, slated for hell yet believing you are saved. You can’t even see the face in the mirror looking back at you for if you did you would see your own soul through your own eyes. Your hearts have turned to stone; you are heading into destruction.

This life you were given was never only about you. I owe you nothing! You want Me to bless you yet you blaspheme My Son’s Name, turn a blind eye to your neighbor’s plight, spew hatred towards your family and relatives, refuse to help when you have it to give. It’s all about you! You expect everything to be handed to you.

When is the last time you went out of your way for someone else? When and how many times do you pray for others? You pray to Me when you want something but have no love towards those without. When is the last time you stretched out your hand to one in need? This does not always require finances—a gesture, a smile, giving of your time, visiting someone who has noone. Will you help those during the times of distress coming upon this nation? Will you share your food to those I bring to you? You were born to serve others; when you show love to the least of these you will find Me there. I will NOT answer prayers if it is only about you and your selfish desires. I will be merciful to those who are merciful!

Do you pray for the lost to be found? Do you pray for your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your child or children? Do you speak life or death? Do you speak blessings or curses over others? Your words condemn you. The way you live your lives condemn you. DO NOT spew vulgarity, hatred towards others. DO NOT gossip! DO NOT pray for anyone to burn in hell. DO NOT speak ill will over another. Watch your tongue—it is a lethal weapon!!!

You think sin is just limited to sexual deviancy—sin comes under many disguises. You sin with your mouth, your thoughts, against your bodies. True repentance is a heartfelt desire to turn from your wickedness, not live therein. I, the Great I AM, watch your every move. There is nothing hidden from Me.

Your lives are about to change forever and in a blink of an eye all that you had will be gone. America, you are about to receive what you deserve! You have rejected Me and I now reject you! I will not relent! Your world is falling apart at the seams yet you see it not. You ignore what is right in front of you.

Your idea of love is acceptance of all that I hate. You tolerate anything and everything yet cannot tolerate My truth. You have rejected My Moral Laws, My Ethical Laws, My commands. You have NO integrity. You look up to those who run your nation(s) and elevate them when they are nothing but criminals, murderers, thieves, liars, corrupt to the core!!! You call evil good yet My Ways you say noone could adhere to. It is because you love evil so evil is upon you! I was your only good!

You are a cursed nation and many of you children have cursed yourselves in your refusal to repent. You have proclaimed to Me that you would rather burn in hell than to return to the righteous path—the NARROW road! Now you will see what this BROAD road has brought upon you. You will never dance on the streets of gold with Me.

WARNING AFTER WARNING AFTER WARNING and as in the days of Noah they too refused to listen and believe until that day came when the floods raged. Did I let them into the Ark? NO, they all perished except for Noah and his family. Destruction comes in many forms and it is well on its way.

You have used grace as a license to sin so you will perish in your sins. I AM is Sovereign over all. Your reverence towards Me is non-existent except for a select few that obey Me, fear Me, trust Me and love Me. Your churches are dead; you move your lips in song yet your hearts are far from Me. Everything is merely for show.

Well, this pony show is about to close! I despise your false gods, false worship of Me, false ways. When your idols fall oh how you will cry! Children, you will cry over losing your phones and the luxuries you had. How many of you will cry out to Me for mercy so that I save your souls?

Life is about to change drastically. You will cry over your King Cyrus yet you care not that I am God Almighty. Most don’t notice that I am no longer holding America up. Without Me, you can defeat noone! As a nation your fate is sealed. If this nation would repent as a whole then I would come and heal her but she has done the opposite and turned away even further.

Get ready—you say nothing is coming—again you do NOT know Me at all that when I turn My face away, destruction comes. I have turned My face away from your nation. America will burn!

My hidden jewels will gather in the harvest during the darkest days ever. Their lights will shine and I will save those that repent. The rest will go to their demise.

You have fallen from My grace Oh America and I will show you no mercy as you have not been merciful; as you have destroyed, I will destroy you; as you have slain My unborn, the dead will be in your streets. Bloodshed will be everywhere; a double portion of judgment for you Oh America

Children, to you I say, I will be merciful to only those that will fall to their knees in genuine repentance and I will save you.

My judgments are harsh…My judgments are just!

To those who are walking in obedience to My commands, I AM Protecting you. My angels are with you at all times. Stay in My will at all times. I am with you. You have nothing to fear.

I love My creation but My children, so many of you, love Me not. I am no longer your First Love. My anger is fueled yet it saddens Me that it has come to this. I gave you all free will to choose. I said choose wisely did I not, but you are choosing death over life—a very UNWISE choice.

I will remain; all else that is not of Me will cease to be. You have lost your power America and you shall be defeated! A double portion of Judgment I have decreed upon you!!!


(Given to Ms. Sophie on 7/21/2019 at 12:21 a.m)


My child, I want you to add this.

What is going on now in the Middle East will directly impact America as well as other nations. You have NO Power America; nothing like in the days when I was over you protecting you. Your ships will go down, you will be invaded by foreign troops. War is coming in more ways than one—the people will rise up and War against government. You said nothing will come as you live in the imaginations of your minds.

Well children, time is here that you will be shaken to the core. America has made many enemies in other nations and they will retaliate and take you down. You are HATED, not loved America. They will enjoy watching your demise!

Mourning—the sound that will resound through the land—you will be stripped bare.

Had you listened not mocked and scoffed at the Words of Warnings, dreams and visions I gave to those I chose, the result would have been different.


That is all child. WARN THEM!

Read Isaiah 30:1-18, Hosea chapter 13, Jeremiah chapter3

Isaiah 59:2 – But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid [his] face from you, that he will not hear.

Psalm 34:16 The face of the LORD is against them that do evil, to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.

James 2:13 – For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy; and mercy rejoiceth against judgment.



SEP 22, 2019

(He was speaking with me about other things and I asked if He had a Word for the public and then He gave me this and I don’t normally get words of love like this so please listen and sit before His feet and allow Him into your lives. It is so important to get close to Him now)

The depravity of this nation has caused its ills. Sin pollutes! Sin permeates! Sin destroys! Sin is what has brought this nation down. Sins this deep must be washed away. I must purge, cleanse and destroy the wicked.

The heart of the matter is that the heart is a most deceitful organ: It is not what goes in and what comes out through the draught but what comes out of your heart. By this I am not talking about food—unclean food is still unclean food. What comes out comes from your heart; these displease Me greatly. Out of the heart comes envy, strife, jealousy, division, discord, hatred towards each other, rivalry, murder and much more. All this is SIN.

Sin permeates—eats away the soul. Sin keeps man in bondage. How is a man free if sin dominates? Being free from sin means putting to rest what divides you from Me. You say you can never be free from sinning? This is true to an extent—if you proclaim My Holy Spirit resides in you, can I not heal and make you whole? Isn’t it I that helps you with these weaknesses until they no longer keep you in bonds to your sin? Did I not have to crucify My flesh daily as I walked the earth?

The other side of the same coin: If you say you cannot stop sinning, is it because you do not want to stop? Yes, My children—how many of you want to stop fornicating, to stop doing your drugs? How many of you want to stop gossiping or hating family? Children, many hold onto sin because it has become their crutch. It is your identity—that identity of whom satan says you are.

If you want to look like Me you must repent, let go and surrender yourselves to My Will, not yours. If you continue to keep this crutch or crutches, you will die in your sins. Letting go means just that—letting go of it all! I can’t help you if you won’t let it go. If you have My Spirit abiding in you, why are you holding onto the “old man?” SURRENDER is what makes one a “new man”. Your fleshly lusts are what caused your problems to begin with.

You children hear the Word “obedience to My commands” and see it as a noose around your necks. This ought not to be! If you say you love Me then why is obedience hard? Those who love Me obey Me simply because they love Me. Is this too difficult for you to understand?

Love and obedience go hand in hand. It brings blessings, it brings freedom and liberty from all your strongholds and chains you are still in. It is what carries you to living waters of life. I cleanse, I heal, I deliver, I break the chains, I sanctify, I redeem and I open new doors and close off these old doors that have not served you well. I am for you, not against you. I breathe new life into every fiber of your being.

Don’t you want new life? This old life only will destroy you in the end. How are you truly saved (born again) if you live as the “old man” and willingly sin against Me? That is rebellion. You are still in enmity with Me. You are choosing death over life. I AM THE ONLY WAY, THE ONLY TRUTH AND THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN GIVE YOU EVERLASTING LIFE!

Stop wallowing in sin. There is NO sin that is too great that I cannot wash away. Most of you are in stained and filthy garments but it is YOU THAT REFUSES to walk away from temptation, to resist satan. An undefiled Bride I will bring into My Kingdom. You are to seek Me, to seek Holiness, to seek purity. If you come to Me in full surrender, I will bring you to the healing spring—the healing waters of My love.

You will find love you never had before. No man is capable of the love I bring to all who are willing to walk with Me in full surrender. Confess to Me. I already know you. Do not shy away and listen to the enemy lie and say “He does not care”, “you’re in too deep”, “you are worthless”, “He can’t use you”, “He’ll never love you”……..all BLATANT LIES of the enemy of your souls—satan. Do not listen to his condemnations to keep you from returning to Me.


I know pain. I suffered pain and anguish so that you would have a way in. I gave Myself up just to have you. I laid My life down in exchange for yours. This is love child!! There is NO Greater Love than this!! Come Home to Me.

Why do you think and believe that repentance daily is a burden? Do you like a shower each day to feel clean? This is what daily repentance does—a daily washing as I renew and refresh you! If you were to die tomorrow in unrepentance I cannot bring you into My Kingdom.

Let Me restore all the broken, fragmented pieces of your life. Let Me heal the deep wounds you forgot are still within you. What more can I say? Without Me, you can’t make it in on your own. Come Home—the hour is late!

I offered Myself up on the cross for you. Won’t you offer yourself as a “living sacrifice” to Me in surrender? We will walk hand in hand and you will never feel alone again. Serve Me in love. This is not “works” as your false Pastors have sold you a bill of goods about!!! You cannot earn your salvation but it is by your deeds you are known. When I come, I bring rewards with Me. Live for Me.

Is it not written that without faith no man can please Me? So what is faith if there is no substance, nothing with it? Wasn’t Abraham walking in faith when he offered up his son Isaac for Me? Wasn’t it accounted to him that he was in faith by his works—his obedience? Was he not blessed for this?

Faith without works is dead faith, just like Once Saved Always Saved is a false dead doctrine of demons—it is the walk that matters! Change is required; a willingness to walk the walk. There is too much of a false Christianity in this nation that has keep most of you in complacency. You have been lulled to sleep and I must wake you up or more will end up in hell.

So children, redemptive judgments are needed. It is of My love and mercy I do this. Chastisement brings one to repentance. Make it easier on yourselves. Do it NOW and repent before all the destructive blows come upon this most sinful nation.

I cannot make it any simpler than this so all can understand. I do not care how much money you make, your house, your car, but I care about your soul, for this is eternity. I will provide and I do care about your needs but it is your soul that is paramount to Me. I desire none to perish.

I love you with all of My heart. Will you love Me with all of your heart and soul? Will you obey so I may guide you and lead you? Deny Me and I will deny you before My Father. Obey My Father as I obeyed even to the point of death. As I and My Father are One do you not desire to be One with us?

I am love, I am salvation. I am all you need. Deny yourselves—pick up your cross and follow Me. Many rewards await all who do.

I am your all in all for I am all you truly need!

Will you be My friend, My love is Unfailing!!


John 10:30 “I and my Father are one.”

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 9/21/2019)

(He requested I put a short sinners prayer for you. I know many have not been taught to repent by speaking it out just to the Father so here it is but be sincere and you just need to speak from your heart to him and confess. This is then the beginning of a new journey/walk with God. It is a daily walk)

Dear Lord Jesus,
Thank you for dying on the cross for my sin. Please forgive me. Come into my life. I receive You as my Lord and Savior. Now, help me to live for you the rest of this life.
In the name of Jesus, I pray.


June 8, 2019

My child, there is a resistance rising up against the leadership of this nation. More and more people are slowly waking up to all the corruption and how they have deceived the masses. There will be a revolt against government, just like what you have seen happening in other countries. People are sick of the lies; they trusted in a system that has failed them. They trusted in man to deliver them and give them what they need but it was I that they should have trusted in!

Many have lost everything because of the greed of the globalist Luciferians that own most of what is in America. They have literally taken all what people had through the escalating costs of living, housing, property taxes and as they filled their pockets and prosper over the despair of the common man, the common man loses it all.

Now they are losing their tempers over what is happening and seeing how government has not been for them. There will be civil war and fires as they burn cars and whatever else they can get their hands on. There will be fires in different areas. The hearts of men has waxed cold and soon there is coming a day where it will be every man for himself. These are days of much uncertainty, dreams lost, to live daily and survive will be impossible for many. The prosperity of this nation is disappearing; she is very close to being a third world country.

She has forsaken Me, her sustainer, the One that breathed life into this nation who once was called blessed and is now a cursed nation. She has made many enemies and they are rising in retaliation against her. A nation forsaken by the Great I Am will cease to be a nation. It will become a dung heap of lawlessness and evil that prevails and nothing of any worth comes from it. She is nothing more than a breeding ground for jackals and ravens.

The stench of her sins against Me, the Father of Creation has risen to the highest heaven and My Hand will fall hard on a nation that has forsaken My Laws, My Statutes and My Judgments. She is now in over her head and she will drown in sorrow as I laugh at her calamity that befalls her. I number her days, I watch her ways.

Where are My children in sackcloth and ashes praying for mercy, praying against abortion, human trafficking, pedophilia? Where are My Warriors—so many gone astray—churches with NO power but lots of fluff of all is well singing Kumbaya and lives forever lost to hell for believing the lies of the false doctrines of man; prosperity gospels.

Where is the prosperity children? Do you not see all the homeless on the streets? Do you not see your crops have died? Do you not see famine is coming to this land once called the “land of plenty?” Do you not see or simply not care? Do you not see the animals are dying; all the dead fish washing up on shore? What will you eat soon?

Wake up foolish children; take your head out of your apps and social media sites. Come back to reality—fantasyland is over!

America is wretched, poor and blind yet she believes she is rich, proud and a super power! You are weak America and you will be overrun by invaders easily. My Power is no longer behind you. I was the force that kept your head held high! NOW I bring you low!! This is only the beginning but events are coming that will shake you to the core; one after another it will come. I will break and remove everything that is not of Me.

I, the GREAT I AM, gave you everything and so very few are thankful—Once a great nation, now a putrid, vile nation. Her demise will be beautiful to see if she refuses to repent to Me. Pray for mercy during judgment, pray you escape what is coming, pray for your families, pray for yourselves in fear and trembling that I will save you. Many that think they are saved are NOT saved. Sin is sin; does not enter in!


For those who are truly Mine do not fear for I hold you under the shadow of My Wings. I AM your Provider, shelter, refuge, strong tower and deliverer. Hold fast; never fear for I am with you!

I have great love for all My children but the unrepentant are in enmity with the Most High. Come home; don’t argue with the Master. Don’t choose hell over life everlasting. Don’t let the enemy steal your inheritance. Knock, knock, do you hear the cry of My heart? Give your heart to Me, confess with a contrite heart and I will forgive you.

The battle is upon you—your souls hang in the balance.

Make Me your First Love and I will open your eyes to see and ears to hear.

It’s about to get ugly children—gird up your loins!!!

I love you,


(Given to Ms. Sophie on 6/7/2019)


May 30, 2019


(I was asking if He had anything He would like to say and share and then He gave me this)
My daughter, write these words down.

Children, as you continue to follow man’s ways you are drifting further away from Me. You need to think on these things—do not let the lures of life pull on your flesh. This is NOT the time to go back into the lusts of the world but should be a time of getting closer to Me and putting aside all other. You children must remain sober and vigilant for the enemy is always on the prowl looking for whom he may devour. Trust Me Children—DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN. He comes upon you suddenly yet uses his charm and subtilty to bring great gifts to you. Other times he will attack hard and fierce but this is done more often than not to those who war against him, those who stand up and fight!

The atmosphere has changed. There are many now experiencing the judgments in their towns and cities as I allow it. Are you My seasoned followers who live in these areas, are you out there offering assistance, speaking to them of the importance of repentance? Souls have been spared for I hear the prayers of My children and I have been extending Mercy. Does anyone see this or have you turned a blind eye to it? I have extended My Hand to so many yet they walk away. My arm is not too short to save and I desire the salvation of souls and that you desire to be used by Me.

There are many in need of My Word, My truth. Extend it to them. Show them the way to Me in their broken state. Houses, material possessions are going, weather will continue to get worse, food will become very scarce; with floods come diseases. Many will lose everything including their lives soon. There is a war raging in your nation; they have much more up their sleeve to take all down.

You have been blinded by the soothsayers saying all is well or will be well again. You have given your devotion and ear to your King Cyrus yet he is not a King looking out for his people. He is a king that serves the elitists and globalists. Children, have you not yet awakened to all the lies and deception? You are fed with false hope; your interests mean nothing to them. They feed you with just enough jargon of twisted information to make themselves look like they are golden in your eyes and to keep you into believing they are for you.

CHILDREN WAKE UP!!! WAR IS COMING! WAR ON THE STREETS (CIVIL WAR IS COMING), ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, DEVASTATIONS, MARTIAL LAW, INCARCERATION IN INTERNMENT CAMPS AND MORE. All these have been planned long before some of you were ever born. WAR makes them richer while all the rest become poorer and poorer.

I AM was the one that raised America up from infancy and she has betrayed Me, spit on My good graces towards her. She has allowed every foul, abominable, wicked way to become her mainstay.

She has robbed the innocent of life, she has murdered My little ones on altars to their Molech, she has robbed the poor, the widow, the widower, she has robbed children of a proper education instilling indoctrination in its place, she has stolen from Me—robbed the House of God, profaned My sanctuaries, allowed what is unholy to mix with the Holy. Can oil and water mix? NO—what once was considered holy is no longer.

Church leaders and those who go to them and call themselves Christians do NOT walk in holiness—how many lukewarm children look NO different than the world—partaking of the filth, are in fornication, in adulteries, drinking, doing drugs, partaking in all forms of witchcraft and rebellion, defiling their bodies which was to be My Holy Temple.

How many of you are on bended knee in fear and trembling that one day you will stand before Me and be judged? Very few yet you expect the rewards of being in My Holy City. You WILL NOT enter in for your garments are stained and dirty.

Let us eat, drink and be merry; this is how you live with no thought to where your eternal home will be. Let Me tell you children—it WILL NOT be with Me!!! Everlasting life will escape you and hell will claim you. Your choices and how you live today are the deciding factors of where you will spend eternity—you choose the way of the world, no daily repentance, no turning away from sin and so be it then—you chose whom you want to be with you forever and it was not your Heavenly Father. You cannot simply live as you wish without being forgiven because you believe you said a few lines years ago so all is well for you. This is a lie straight from the pulpits of the wolves in sheep’s clothing taking their flock down to hell with them. A one-time confession many years ago does not guarantee your salvation. This walk is daily, repentance is daily, changing your ways is ongoing. This is a progression and OSAS is a lie straight from the commander in chief of hell, satan himself. Read the Word and you would know this.

Your Savior is Yahushua and he is the way, the truth and the life and without Him none can come to the Father. If you walk away and live for the world as the world you will forfeit your salvation if you do not turn back and repent. To those who reject and refuse accepting Him as King of Kings, your Messiah than you walk away from your inheritance (I speak this to those who have never yet truly repented). You children then have made your beds and you will lie in them and reap what you have sown. Do you understand the importance of this? YOU decide whose side you are on; those who choose My Son come home, those who rebel and refuse have chosen satan to be their father for all eternity.

As the minutes and hours go by so do your lives. Make each minute, each hour count. Draw Close to Me. Stop hiding and running a million miles in the wrong direction. Confess your sins to Me only; I can hear you wherever you are. Come from a place of your broken heart, cry out, let Me in. I am more than willing to forgive you if you will just let it go. I do not desire anyone to perish; many tears have been shed over those lost forever.

This world is fading away and only I remain. Get used to it for this nation soon will no longer be recognizable!

My daughter, this is what is on My heart for you to share with all.

I love you children,

El Shaddai

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 5/29/2019)


June 20, 2019

(I sensed in my spirit I really needed to address this and hope this helps you to understand how the enemy has deceived the masses of people and the differences so your eyes will open and ears can hear and receive this message. I love you all)

True repentance is a permanent change of character and conduct. It involves a change of opinion respecting the nature of sin, and this change of opinion followed by a corresponding change of feeling towards sin. To one who truly repents, sin looks like a very different thing from what it does to him who has not repented. Instead of looking like a thing that is desirable or fascinating, it looks the very opposite, most odious and detestable, and he is astonished at himself, that he ever could have desired such a thing. He looks back upon it and exclaims, “How hateful, how detestable, how worthy of hell, such and such a thing was in me.” When he views sin in its tendencies, it awakens a vehement desire to stop it, and to save people from their sins, and roll back the tide of death. It sets his heart on fire, and he goes to praying, and laboring, and pulling sinners out of the fire with all his might, to save them from the awful tendencies of sin. When the Christian sets his mind on this, he will bestir himself to make people give up their sins. Just as if he saw all the people taking poison which he knew would destroy them, and he lifts up his voice to warn them to BEWARE. Repentance, when true and genuine, leads to confession and restitution. (Charles Finney)


FALSE GRACE has people in this perpetual state believing they are saved while they are actually living in disobedience (sin); disobedience is rebellion (sin). They do not believe in repentance daily. They are in danger and know it not. False grace is saying that they have no power to overcome, they are hopeless, and says that Yahushuas (Jesus’s) sacrifice is insufficient to keep them from sin. It is saying that the power of His shed blood has NO power. In other words, they are confessing that the Holy Spirit is incapable of ridding anyone from weaknesses of the flesh and cannot change anyone from the inside out. Those that believe in this false grace are then not in Yahushua (Jesus) and put themselves under condemnation (nobody has to do it for them), put themselves under God’s wrath and they will not receive salvation if they don’t come out from that way of thinking. False grace says we are all exempt from penalties of sin; this would be called heresy and they believe certain parts of the Bible no longer apply. It is a false sense of security but this is a lie and so far from truth because one must believe from the 1st word written to the last word in the Bible. False grace keep us in total selfishness. It is all about self; what one wants and desires. These people do not believe in holiness or that they will ever achieve it yet the Bible clearly states only those that overcome sin and the deeds of the flesh enter into the kingdom to come. We must have fruit in our lives and we are judged by how we live (our deeds) and He brings His reward at that time with Him to each one of us. When one believes no repentance daily is necessary they are easily ensnared into self and they make no effort to change. They feel they are fine with God yet they take no responsibility for their actions and just ride through life doing as they please thinking they will enter into God’s kingdom to come.

TRUE GRACE speaks in a whole different language and will lead you to Holiness, to obedience and not because of works but simply these people truly love God. These people turn to God daily in true repentance admitting they need His help and need him in their lives, they ask for mercy, desiring to walk in obedience out of love and respect for a Most Holy God. They know God can do anything and nothing is impossible and they allow His Spirit to operate within them to bring about this change and as they are purged and purified, they grow to hate sin for they see how it has even hurt them and those that they love. They know that God helps us through all addictions and whatever else is deep within our hearts, our souls and empowers us to win the race and to overcome. This is how one defeats satan in the end.

People must stop identifying with their sin because then you are in agreement with Satan to keep you in these strongholds and he wins and you lose and each one of us needs to kick him to the curb daily and start only identifying more with Holiness and the nature of God, His character. We must rid ourselves of our temptations and patterns that are not working in our favor and just get fed up with all the schemes of satan and how he pulls on our flesh. It is not as hard as people make it out to be because we have a friend called the Comforter who helps us along the way once we have accepted Yahushua (Jesus) as our King & Savior.

To overcome we must walk the walk, not just talk the talk! Talking does nothing for anyone but there must be evidence of a changed life. How is anyone going to believe you are a true Christian brother or sister if you hate, are steeped in unforgiveness, slander, steal from family, sit at home drinking and doing drugs, in fornication, adultery, envy, jealousy, greed (list goes on and on) or whatever else your poison is. Do you truly think you are a Christian or do they see how you are lying even to yourself? You must come out from under that false grace way of thinking because without change, how are you really saved? Did Yahushua (Jesus) party on and partake of all the lusts back in his day, did He slander, steal, hate, or stay in unforgiveness or did He walk the walk and show us how to? Did He say to the Father, “sorry dad, I am not about to give up anything on this journey called life for you or for anyone else?” Yahushua (Jesus) walked and lived by God’s commandments and never went against Him.

Think about this because it is so very important. Do not live under the lies of satan that God is good with us in sin and that we are fine dying in it. Remember satan is a deceiver, a liar, a thief and even a murderer. He is the one that took from you, caused your problems, makes you feel bad about yourself, talks you into vulgarity, perversions, lusts of all sorts. He could care less about you but drools all over himself making sure he sends his minions to keep you locked in tight in sin and in enmity with your Father who has always loved you from the start.

Wake up for the hour is ending and this world is fading away and anyone who cannot see that I do not know what to say. It is all around us; here and in other nations & if you can’t tell things are rapidly going away then you are truly in the dark still. Once truly repentant, your eyes will be opened to see! Remember, SIN is a “heart condition”. God seeks the heart and if we live in disobedience, in constant hate, unforgiveness, bitterness and slandering others then our heart condition does not align with our Heavenly Father. Yes it is hard to get over things but if one truly repents from the heart, then you allow His Spirit in to do the work in you which frees you! There is much freedom in letting go.

I speak from experience about satan and his tactics; he did everything he could to try and destroy me. There is no love for us in him…he is a snake charmer selling you a bill of goods that says you are a child of God forever if you remain in sin; instead he will escort you or have one of his generals do so on the way down to hell.

Let love in; love that never fails…let the One who loved us all from the beginning. How hard is it to say you are sorry? We were born into sin through Adam and Eve so there is no getting around that part of it but we have an advocate, the Holy Spirit who was sent to us to help us, change us, intercede for us if we allow Him into our heart by asking for forgiveness with a contrite heart. Father in heaven loves us all very dearly and if He didn’t He would not put out so many Words about how important repentance is. He keeps reaching out His hand, so take His hand and let Him in!

True grace gets you into New Jerusalem because you can overcome sin and false grace sends you straight to the pit of hell at the end of life’s journey. It is you that puts yourself into hell. God is Holy and cannot bear to be around sin so He cannot and will not let those enter in. Daily repentance cleanses and purifies and why it is so necessary.


1 John 1:5-10 KJV 5 This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. 6 If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth: 7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us [our] sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 10 If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.

1 John 2:9-11 KJV 9 He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now. 10 He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him. 11 But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not whither he goeth, because that darkness hath blinded his eyes.

1 John 2:15-17 KJV 15 Love not the world, neither the things [that are] in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that [is] in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. 17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

1 John 2:22-23 KJV 22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. 23 Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: [(but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.

1 John 3:4-10 KJV 4 Whosoever committeth SIN transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law. 5 And ye know that he was manifested to take away our sins; and in him is no sin. 6 Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him. 7 Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous. 8 He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. 9 Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. 10 In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother.

1 John 3:8-10 KJV 8 He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. 9 Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God. 10 In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother.

1 John 5:2-3 KJV 2 By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God, and keep his commandments. 3 For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

1 John 5:7-8; 12 KJV 7 For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.8 And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one. 12 “He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.”


1 Corinthians 3:16 – Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and [that] the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

1 Corinthians 9:24-27 KJV 24 Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain. 25 And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they [do it] to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible. 26 therefore so run I, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air: 27 But I keep under my body, and bring [it] into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.

Hebrews 12:1-2 KJV 1 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset [us], and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, 2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of [our] faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Matthew 24:13 – But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.


Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Psalm 23:1-6 KJV 1 (A Psalm of David.) The LORD [is] my shepherd; I shall not want. 2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. 3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. 4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou [art] with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

2 Peter 1:4 – Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.

Revelation 19:5-9 KJV And a voice came out of the throne, saying, Praise our God, all ye his servants, and ye that fear him, both small and great. 6 And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth. Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. 9 And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.

Revelation 21:1-8 KJV And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. 2 And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them,and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. 5 And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful. 6 And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. 8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

Revelation 22:1-5 KJV And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. 2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner offruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. 3 And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him:And they shall see his face; and his nameshall be in their foreheads. And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever.

Ms. Sophie 6/15/2019

7/5/19   MsSophie  

My child, I want you to write this Word down for Me.

Children, there will be an increase from this point forward in earthquakes, tornadoes, storms; the intensity will increase as I keep sounding the alarm through My chosen ones to WAKE YOU UP! There will be a greater severity of My Hand as I call upon you America and all nations to repent of your wickedness, idolatry and the multitude of sins against Me.

I AM will allow the enemy to have his way and you will witness what he can do. There will be planned attacks in your cities and on your streets. You will see what evil is when it is loose upon your land. America, I will NOT shield you as I have before. You children of America continue to live in rebellion and defiance. The more defiant and rebellious you become, the heavier My Hand will fall on you.

You celebrate yourselves, you believe the lies that everything you have was because of “your own greatness”. IT IS I that created each and every one of you. IT IS I that gave you your talents. IT IS I that sustained you. IT IS I that blessed this nation. You have taken it upon yourselves and convinced yourselves you are your own “gods”. When is the last time you ever thanked Me? When is the last time you ever gave Me any reverence?

You kiss the ground your leaders walk on, hanging on their every word, idolizing them when they are all in on this takeover together. They have one thing on their mind and it is to put forth their New World Order, enslave those they can re-educate and exterminate all others who refuse to bow to them, who refuse the Mark, who rebel against the tyranny. Children, you mean nothing to them; you are just parasites and insects and their goal is to kill as many as they can as fast as they can. They have been planning your demise for decades. The shadow government works behind the scenes and those in the forefront do their bidding. Yes, children, they even use their own and once they have gotten them to do what they needed them to accomplish they remove them. Your KING CYRUS does NOT have much time left. After he is removed, there will be an outcry and an uprising will ensue. This will culminate into many more events taking place.




OH YOU WILL PAY, each and every one of you that agree to these laws. This is MURDER and as My precious ones are sacrifices to Moloch through your laws your blood will pour in your streets. You DARE stand against Me!!! YOU DARE KILL MY UNBORN AND MY CHILDREN WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A BLINK OF AN EYE!!! The blood is on your hands and all who are in cohoots and in agreement with this will be “judged” as “murderers”. If you do not repent of this hell awaits you!!!

I SEE ALL, I HEAR ALL, I KNOW ALL. Nothing is hidden from Me. I see your secret sins. I see how you gather yourselves in your assemblies. I see your plots, plans and schemes. I see how you celebrate homosexuality and rejoice in this abomination to Me.

The Great I AM does NOT make mistakes. You have made a mockery of Me. You have called me a liar saying one is not a boy but a girl; one is not a girl but a boy. You have twisted the minds of children and stripped them of their true identity. A boy is a boy and a girl is a girl; there are no deviations. I never created “trans this” and “trans that.” THIS SICKNESS OF THE MIND ONLY COMES FROM SATAN; the master you believe in each time you play into this. He hates My creation. He has manipulated DNA and his fallen ones have given man the knowledge. He uses man at will. When you believe that I, who am perfect in all ways makes mistakes then you are in agreement with the evil one!

You children follow every whim and fancy, embracing names for “he” and “she”. There is only man and woman. There is satan and his demons and he has every plan in motion to take as many down with him. You were given free will to choose Me or him. Many more now are following all his “mumbo jumbo” convincing My created beings that they are not heterosexual, you are not the gender I created you as. Many of you are altering all your body parts as you have given yourselves over to satan who is working in your thoughts/through your minds. This is all NONSENSE and how many willingly submit to this belief system. Children, you are completely lost and only I can open your eyes to all truth so repent to Me and I will guide you for I AM THE ONLY WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. Anything else is a lie straight from the pit of hell.

Oh, how I have wept over you misguided lost souls. How it has grieved Me to watch you desecrate your bodies; sinning against your bodies. Children, your bodies are My temple. Would I sleep with a man? Would I dress up as a woman? Please children WAKE UP! Common sense you are to use.

Everything now satan has made ‘upside down’—every foul, unclean spirit, abomination permeates this nation America as well as all nations. The stench of your sins are deplorable!!! Come out from under all the lies, smoke and mirrors and deceptions. Your time is short. Where do you think you will spend eternity in your filth and unrepentant state? You must give this serious consideration for you will NOT inherit the kingdom but forever be tormented by the very one you followed—satan. He will be your father for all eternity. Does this appeal to you? If so, you will perish!


Come to Me. You are looking “for acceptance and love in all the wrong places”. It is I that your heart is hungering for. Nothing on earth will ever satisfy the way My love will. I will heal your broken hearts, make you whole, love you with pure love, open your eyes and ears to see and hear. I will hold you in My arms and you will feel My warm embrace. There is but one thing you must do—it is to admit you are a sinner for all are, ask in contriteness of heart for forgiveness. The arms that were stretched out on the tree in Calvary were so that a way was made to enter into “relationship and fellowship” with Me, your Father. I AM is the Only One that can give you everything you truly need.

There is always room for more in the kingdom but it is your decision that determines where you spend eternity. Choose Me and life everlasting will be yours. Children, repent daily, remove those thoughts that have deceived you, remove your temptations. Resist the devil and he will flee.

Repent and come back into the arms of your Father. I love you with all My heart. Come home children, come home. I have shared much information; take it to heart.

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 7/4/2019)

My daughter, This is a severe warning for My children to wake up!!

Read Matthew 24

Hear The Lord