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Somber Days for Some

NOVEMBER 3, 2019

My daughter, write My words. Somber days will come upon your once great nation. The stench of your nation’s sin has long reached My nostrils. I do not allow catastrophic events in haste, as many after My own heart reside within your shores.

There is a time coming, My loves, where the only place to put your reliance will be upon Me. These events will surely pull everyone’s eyes off of this world and place them back upon their Creator, for I will make myself known to many. if there is no way of survival, I will make ways. If there is no food or water, I will supply these things supernaturally.

The enemy is an imitator. He imitates Me in all that he does. He pursues men’s hearts just as I do. But he uses great deception in doing so. Much of My creation have fallen into his great snare. They live from pleasure to pleasure, and grind away for their riches in between. Their only prayers are that nothing bad befalls them. They live with zero thanksgiving, and zero faith. They take no time to commune with their Creator and are solely worried about what their friends and their neighbors think of their status. They have no heart towards the suffering around them, and they bury their heads in the sand when it comes to seeking anything to do with a Savior and a plan of Salvation. Quite simply they are asleep. They are ignorant to the time in which they exist and expect to live out their days in their “as is” state. Sleeping, numb, and distracted.

These, the wayward of My creation, I love. I love them too much to allow them to remain hypnotized by the enemy. Though their earthly journey may end in fear and pain, their heavenly eternity will be offered to them as a choice. The enemy has been allowed to blind and eclipse My majesty for many generations. It is now time for Me to reveal My majesty once again, that My creation will see and believe their very Creator.

It gives Me no pleasure to see My creation suffer, but each heart that needs to call upon Me will be presented with it’s share. I come to those who are awake to share with you this warning but also encourage you with My truth, for those that know Me will remain safely tucked under My wing no matter what they are facing. These that are in relationship with Me now will be the one’s to be bring hope and My truth forth when the smoke begins to clear.

Most of those that suffer tremendously in the coming events will long for even a glimmer of hope to be gleaned. The suffering will be hard to watch for My own, but they will understand that for My salvation and My eternal rest to find it’s way into the hearts of many lost, it is the only way for their eyes to be opened.

I have prepared My army of noble warriors for a time such as this. These will be My voice within the chaos. Full of charity and love towards the lost that are in search of Me. Many hearts will receive Me, as I use the enemy’s own plan against him to open the eyes of My creation. Be still now, My soldiers. Await your marching orders. Let not one occurrence bring fear upon you. Prepare to go forth in My power and light, for the harvest will be made ripe by Me.

The body of Christ is a unit made up of many parts. I will call upon various parts of My body to carry out their duties at their specific times. Be patient and await My calling upon your heart fearless and in great and unwavering faith that is freely given to those that receive it. There’s nothing that will be asked of you that will not be supplicated to carry out. My glory will shine upon and through you, and you will be untouchable. The evil upon your earth will flee from you, and the hearts that belong to Me will be drawn to you like a magnet.

My miracles will abound, and the hearts of men will once again be softened and willing to open to their very Creator. The blinders will be removed from the eyes of many, and they will see My truth. The truth of My salvation. The truth of My glory, and the truth of My Majesty. I love you, My loves. Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.

The following word posted on April 28th 2019.

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TRANSCRIPT: February 5th

It will be in times of great distress that the winter wheat will call out to Me. It is with great sorrow I allow torment to strike the land, for I must shake your earth to awaken the hearts of My sleeping Remnant. When they awaken, their power will be granted to them – My Armor unremovable, My Presence upon them visible to every eye, and My protection undeniable.

Few are awake, and many still sleep. They are unaware of My calling but their hearts have been circumcised and made ready for a time such as this. They have already entered the open gate and will go forth inviting the last to receive Me. They will bring My truth to a broken world, and transverse the vast expanses of your earth supernaturally.

This great shaking will soften many hardened hearts, and they will finally be open to receiving My truth. For not only is this great shaking allowed to awaken My Remnant warriors, it will be used to prepare the hearts of many to receive the seed of My salvation. Some seeds will have just been sown, while others in mature crops will be harvested.

This is a matter of the heart, My Loves. Some hearts are ripe and ready to be harvested, while others have rejected My seed as the soil of their hearts was ill prepared to receive it. My glory will be cast upon the reapers and every man’s heart that can be will be freshly tilled and fertilized and prepared to receive My seed.

It is difficult for your Creator to see and hold firmly to the knowledge that there will be many of His own creation that reject him, but even greater is My joy that many will awaken and receive the seed of My salvation into the fertile soil of their hearts. Vast lands are empty, freshly fertilized, and ready for My seeds to be sown, and My crops to take root and grow to maturity. You see, My Children, My creation is sorted by readiness of heart, I am the I AM, and I know each man’s heart. Good fertile soil ready to receive the seed of My salvation, a sapling plant that has just broken through the crust of the soil, longing for sun and water, a fledgling plant still moved by the winds, or a mature and ripened crop that is ready to be harvested. All of these will receive salvation, but their journeys home will look nothing alike. I will nurture the saplings and the fledglings as they come into closer relationship with Me. I will harvest some ripened fields, and empower some to do more planting. My plan going forward breaks My creation down, not into specific groups, but into specific hearts. Some know their standing, but many do not. Some have received their mantles, yet many have not. Rest assured, when your mantle has been established upon you, you will receive perfect and clear understanding and the power in which to carry out My directives. Be still in Me, and patiently await your callings.

More warriors are being developed as you wait. More hearts being softened in order to receive My seed. Do not fear, and trust in My ultimate plan for My creation. Do not look to the right or to the left, but keep your focus upon Me. My strategies are without fault and I assure the greatest harvests. I will sustain you and grow My own, as they cast My light upon the darkness. I will lift My own up and cover them with My wing of perfect peace and protection. Do not doubt My ways, and do not fight against the plans I have for you. Surrendered hearts are hearts that I can use. Do not harden your hearts due to your time spent waiting. Open your hearts and receive all that I have for you. Those prepared to receive their mantles will be receiving them shortly. It is by My great mercy more time has been allowed to pass. Hold fast to Me now. Yeshua Ha’mashiach

Transcript for “Fully Ripened” given to 278pikelk on March 17, 2019, followed by the reading of Psalm 97 My daughter, write My words to those with ears to hear and eyes to see and to hearts that firmly rely on My wisdom and forgo their own human reasoning. Only those that have given up their own fleshly reasonings are presentable as My first fruits, the first fruits of the harvest. Those with one hundred percent trust in My ways, My authority, and My timing. These have given up their own authority and have submitted fully to My authority alone. They give heed to Me alone and live with the assurance that My wisdom is beyond their own comprehension.

I will present these, My first fruits of the harvest, as they have reached their fullness not by their own volition, but by the helping force of My mighty hand. The maturing and ripening process of these, My first fruits, was different for each, but in the common, they share My fullness. They comprehend that it is not by any of their own power or will, but My decision alone that they have reached this point in their manifestation. Humbled, they will shine in My glory alone, shedding the ways of this world to walk engulfed in My wisdom and glory. My first fruits walk one hundred percent in my authority; and, despite the human reasoning still existent within them, they become slaves to My will alone and exist solely to achieve My goals for them. They will walk under the authority of the Most High, and there will be nothing that will inhibit their abilities to carry out My directives. These share in human brokenness. These share in human emptiness for they have been brought low in order to be brought high. They have been pressed down in order to expand exponentially, not by any power of their own, but only the power that I’ve imparted within them. My first fruits are a representation of My redemption and sanctification that was plotted and planned and executed among them, occurring while they were not fully aware that this process was even taking place. This has been the surgical process of circumcision of heart. It was surgical precision executed by My perfect hand.

These, My first fruits, forgo their earthly desires for heavenly ones and have waited patiently for this manifestation of My kingdom within them. These were chosen not based upon ability, characteristics, works, knowledge, or wisdom, but were chosen and placed in this time upon your earth at the foundation of creation for the execution of My wisdom and plan of reconciliation of My creation to Myself.

Just as all parts of My body serve various purposes, these in My first fruits will each serve My purpose with different abilities, tasks, and undertakings, with the fulfillment of My ultimate plan being their ultimate destiny.

It is with undeniable joy and assurance of victory that soon I will present these first fruits to My Father so that the process of harvesting may begin. Their circumcision of heart has been completed to perfection and the battle plan laid before them with My assurance of victory. Set your eyes upon My majesty, and watch My victorious plan unfold. I love you, My creation, Yeshua HaMashiach

My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. My Holy Spirit is sinking deeper and deeper into the hearts of my own now. These are not processing things with their human reasoning, but processing by My Holy Spirit alone. These live in my peace. They walk in my fullness, with complete understanding, that all that is to come I will ordain. My own are selfless and realize that all I will do, going forward, is for the benefit of those who are lost and those who still reason in their flesh, and not by My Spirit.

There are many who will be surprised as to what I will allow – to bring My own into understanding and to bring the lost to the point of receiving Me. These things will bring no fear to those that have been closely watching. For these have received, wholly, My comfort and protection and they will not waiver. It is those that still remain in doubt and fear that unintentionally do the enemy’s bidding. They will not believe until these things lie before them. But to these I say open your hearts now to what is possible in My realm and begin to focus on that. Do not remain in your carnal thought patterns. Nor should you encourage others to pursue these limits of human reasonings.

Limiting my plan in your mind to the level of your basic human reasoning is quelling my Holy Spirit. I am not limited by human conception, and it will be much easier for you to grasp these things if your hearts and minds are open to them. You must check your pride at the door. Think of the fear of many if I did not warn prior to these events. My transformed ones will bring comfort to those that remain in question and to those who are engulfed in fear. For many of these events will be inconceivable and beyond shocking. Hearts will be softened and prepared to receive My truth. I do nothing without a purpose, and I allow nothing unless it serves My purpose. If your heart is filled with fear, you must refocus, refocus onto Me. I promise, My children, open your hearts to My comfort, and you will surely receive it. Open your hearts to My peace, and you will surely experience it. These are My promises to you and I make no promise in vain. Not all of My children have received all that I have shared. Yet each one of My children have received what is pertinent to them. All who will experience My end time events will have an experience tailored to them and those around them. Your focus should not be upon not believing you need to experience certain things. Your focus should be on Me. Trusting in Me, believing in Me , and realizing that all that is to occur is leading to the manifestation of My Kingdom. Humble your hearts. Share what I share with you, after prayerful consideration. Do not be afraid of those who come against you. Do not engage with those who are set on sowing discord. And let yourselves not be deterred from doing so. Wait patiently. Watch carefully and, most important, love one another. I love you, My children. Yeshua HaMashiach.

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April 28th 2019 Rhema Transciption: My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear for these are the ones with eyes to see where we are on My perfect timeline. Watch events in Israel for they will go forward with their plans. They believe in their hearts that My Father will receive the sacrifice of animals as atonement for human sin. He receives no sacrifice but they must fulfill what is written in My Word and they will soon bring the temple and the sacrifice back to the forefront. This is coming soon My children, for this is spoken of in My Word. I will bring some to Me in due time but others will remain with blinders on moving forward with their plan as the fulfillment of My Word. Israel is the marker that has been set in stone in time since the foundation of your earth. You can watch the signs all around you but Israel is the true marker as to where you are on My prophetic timeline.

Many who believe in and follow Me believe that there will take place an all-encompassing snatching away of every single believer including every single child and even those with child. What a simple plan that would be but My children My plan is far more intricate than that and includes many things beyond your ability to understand.

Some will see far less than they expect to see going forward while others will see more than they expect. Realize that I have an individual plan for each child of Mine. Hearts will be refined and prepared and this will require different experiences for each. I do not relish in human suffering My children but I will allow some to face certain circumstances when it will bring them to a place of wholeness within Me.

Picture a field glistening in the sun, each stock of grain across the field is exposed to different amounts of sun, wind and rain. Therefore, the ripening process takes place at different times, even though the grain is planted within the same field. Just as My relationship is individual as with each of My children their preparations are individualized as well.

Some are ready to receive their marching orders and will be receiving them soon while others will receive My directives at different times. This has nothing to do with favouritism. It has nothing to do with how much I love My children. All of these things were set and known from the beginning and will play out exactly how and when I have chosen; as this has been preordained.

Remember My children, I AM a merciful Creator, a fair Judge and a Father that loves beyond measure each and every one I created. Do not look upon another and wish for what the other has. For each individual heart will receive all that it needs and all who have received Me will share eternity with Me in My kingdom.

When you keep in mind the big picture of your eternal salvation spent with your King, your earthly troubles will simply melt away. Every single person has a role to play and though you may not see it now you will be used as one of many in bringing in My harvests and bringing My plan to completion.

My sacrifice on the cross that was given freely to all that will receive Me, enables My plan to unfold. My death on the cross is the true cornerstone of all things past, present and future. When you trust in My finished work on the cross it is easier for you to see that My plan for you going forward is perfect as well. Rest in this now My children knowing that My perfection cannot be improved upon, My mercy cannot be added to and My love for you cannot be expanded upon.

Do not become angry when you see prophecy unfolding. This is anger resultant from your flesh and not understanding of the big picture. Just as My death on the cross was preordained these events taking place in Israel are preordained. And the contribution by the leader of your once great nation is preordained as well. Do not let these things anger you but embrace them. These things must occur. For little do they know My prophecy unfolds by their very doing.

Remain in rest. My perfect rest as you watch these things unfold. Rely not on your feelings or opinions but upon My wisdom. It will be granted to those who seek it. I see so much hate aimed at these plans of men. Restrain yourself from hating these plans as nothing will occur that has not been in the works since the beginning of time. All that I do is perfect and all that I allow is perfect. Rest in this. Be at peace with this and all that is to come. I love you My children.


Share with My Children now to remind them. Many need to be reminded, this scribe included. My Holy Spirit is a gift to be received by those that have received Me as their Savior. Once you have received Me into your heart, My Holy Spirit instantly resides within you. Some when they receive My Holy Spirit are immediately overtaken by Him – they bend to Him like a reed in the wind, and allow Him to direct their every thought, word, and deed. For others, His job is not so easy.

For some they are still so wrapped up in this world that He is quelled, kept at bay, and made ineffective within them. Though He is there, these children fail to recognize His power as their Helper and Guide. They continue on climbing their own mountains as opposed to walking on My easy path. Their fleshy pride wins out, and they continue in their own ways of thinking, believing they know best, stiff-necked and blind to the life that My Holy Spirit offers them. When you surrender to My Holy Spirit, My Loves, is when you actually become strong. Strong in Me and able to resist the enemy’s attacks against you. If you are failing to surrender to My Holy Spirit, you have a bullseye on your back, and you will not even see the poisonous darts coming when the enemy fires them at you. The minds of men fail to recognize My Holy Spirit because they are steeped in self-awareness. They repeat the same mistakes and their prideful way of living over and over again, never breaking free. They are slaves to this world, and even though their chains have been broken, they cluelessly remain captive to this world and the enemy within. They refuse to acknowledge My power and might to free them from the bondage of the enemy and remain trapped. What I offer to them sounds too good to be true. So even though they have received Me into their hearts, and they have in their hearts My supernatural power, they refuse to take even one step forward in this power. They remain under the curse of the enemy even though they’ve already been set free.

They continue to focus on their own circumstances, wallowing in the mud that My blood has already washed away. They deny Me when I long to carry them. They are more comfortable stuck in their own pride, stuck where they are. Is this you? Are you refusing to be set free from your own pride? Are you refusing to crawl forth out of the cesspool of the enemy and receive the freedom that I’ve offered you? There will be those that have received Me into their hearts in heaven, but they never let Me guide even one of their steps here on this Earth – those who never chose freedom from the enemy, those that were cleansed but never chose to leave the mire. Seize your freedom in Me, My Loves! Pray that your self will decrease so that I may increase in power within you.

Bend to Me to receive My power! You will lose every time if you do battle with the enemy on your own. He feeds upon your sinful nature, and will reduce you to rubble every chance he gets. I can lead you to this freedom, My Loves, but you must then choose to receive it, to allow any stubborn pride to be put aside. I wish for all of My Creation to receive My love, to receive My peace, and to receive the good gifts that My outcomes have to offer.

There is nothing in your world that will satisfy you more than a relationship with Me. Nothing! I love you, My Children. Yeshua Ha’mashiach

TRANSCRIPT: My Children, many feel as this scribe: parched and thirsting for My Presence, all while losing faith. Things must change, My Loves. For you to grow, you must weather these storms. To come out on top you must go through these preparations. You may feel as though nothing is occurring, but I promise you, things are occurring in My spiritual realm and within your hearts. I see many having difficulties even seeking Me now, a darkness so thick that it can almost be sliced with a knife. Are you placing My Armor on, My Loves? Allow Me to be your courage to carry on through this darkness, for if you give up, you will remain here. Do not give up, My Loves. I remain the same from the beginning to the end. It is the thief that attempts to convince you otherwise; he steals your joy, he steals your enthusiasm, and he saps your energy in the effect to keep you from finishing My race. It is not I that have changed, My Loves, it is you. Which of his lies are you choosing to believe? Oh, My Children, do not believe his lies. I am the I AM, and I AM here. I have not changed. When you need courage, seek Me, for with My courage alone, you will carry on. All that you face in this journey serves a purpose, but how much more do you face because you fail to remain faithful? Does more faith leave you each passing day? Some place their focus on this earthly realm, and you exist in its darkness apart from My light. Many of you search for My comfort in this darkness, yet there you will not find Me. You remain searching in your flesh for something that can only be found in the spiritual. You are allowing the darkness of this world to steal your joy. You are succumbing to this darkness, and therefore increasing the intensity and the distance of your journey. Have you forgotten My Promises? Where is your faith, My Children? I have repeated this to this scribe and so many others, time and time again. My time is not your time. What will be counted for you when you sleep on My path? What is a warrior with no armor to protect him? What will come of one who stumbles in the darkness, even though there is a lit candle within his reach? My Children, some of what you face is allowed but most of what you go through is self-imposed. This is a result of your doubt. These trials are due to unbelief. Faith is light and unbelief is darkness. Did time remove your faith? Does it not say in My Word, a day is like a thousand yeas, and a thousand years is like a day? I am not slow in keeping My Promises, My Children, and I have never broken even one. So what now? Will you remain naked in the darkness or will you place My Armor on and come in from the dark? Will you receive My promises full of faith or will you allow the enemy to capitalize on your doubt? My light cuts through any darkness, My Loves. Allow yourselves to stumble no more. My hand is extended for you to grab on to, and My light penetrates the darkness but only if you open your eyes to see it. I love you, My Children. I AM here. Yeshua Ha’mashiach

This 2015 word from Pikelk is very informative and delves into the coming false rapture/alien invasion when they will claim that they are our creators and have come to bring world peace.

Your duty to my church comes first. Put down the cares of this world and hear my message. Be still and know that it is I, the Holy Spirit of the Most High and your glorious Savior. Be still now, all of My children, for if you are not still, you will miss the things I am showing you. Many of you search and search, but you never find the answers. This is your futile selfwill and effort. Allow me to show you. You will know when it is I that speaks. Do not fall into believing the deceptions placed in front of you by the enemy. Ask for and receive the constant indwelling of my Holy Spirit so that you will not be swayed.

I am showing and will continue to show many of my children hidden treasures in my Word and the pathways to connect today’s headlines to ancient prophecies in My Word. I am also sending dreams and visions and messages to my children so they can share them with their brothers and sisters as they begin to unfold around them. Do not fear hearing these things. Do not shy away from being informed on the events that are surely to come. Some things I will show you to prepare your minds, and others I will keep hidden. Many must begin to recognize the closeness of my rescue of my innocents. It is difficult for some to see the signs. They keep their heads buried in the sand. They doubt my love and protection and allow fear in which, in turn, causes their avoidance. They fail to recognize the time you are in.

Fear is not of me, my children. There is coming a time when every eye will see and many will be deceived by the trickery of the enemy. A great deception will come upon your earth and many will fall for this lie. For many years, mankind has been conditioned and will believe the governments and the media hype surrounding this deception. These deceivers will be looked upon as saviors of your fallen planet. When they arrive on the scene, it will be during chaos, and they will be welcomed with open arms.  First, your economy will fail. There will be no way to access your bank account. Your money will be worthless. When they remove the cash system, they will mandate the mark, and that will be the only way people will be able to receive medicine, food and necessities. There will be no more commerce and business as there has been in the past. Everything will come under the control of a new multi-national leaders coalition with one primary leader promising new beginnings with a better outlook to the future, a promise of peace and worldwide community that will usher in a new age of love and acceptance, promises of no more judgment.

All people will be treated with respect and receive everything to meet their needs. Every single person will receive the same amount of money. The chip will regulate what each individual can spend. There will be the creation of a one world currency, and in doing this, it will ensure that no one can get ahead or save, but will be 100 percent reliant on their government to meet their every need. Once the collapse of the economies world wide begins, expect the arrival of the other “worldlies” on the scene. They will help to facilitate the one world currency and the government acting as helpful overseers only facilitating this new age agenda. Do not be fooled by the elite in your nations. Do not be fooled by the governments of this world. If you are not prepared for what is coming, you will surely receive this mark, and you will not withstand the hour of trial. Your earth is under siege right now. Watch as more and more earthquakes and volcanoes occur. The weather is across the world continues to spiral out of control with many lives lost. These patterns will worsen and will continue with death tolls rising and mass destruction across the globe.

The elites are prepared for this. They are ready, and they are already working with the other “worldlies” to orchestrate world chaos. People will long for peace and security, and they will long for safety, and they will be programmed to think on a global level as opposed to an individual one. The order of occurrences, I will not share, but I will share with you some of what is coming. Again, the economy will collapse, and there will be a shortage of food and water. America will be overtaken by strong forces from other nations, and the current elite and government will be in on this and allow these things to occur for your leader will rise to power when “the others” step in and elect him for, to them, he is simply a puppet. All the governments of the world will fall under this new one world economic system, and there will no longer be independent nations, but a multi-national coalition with a new world order under the false pretenses of peace and safety.